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The 'politically incorrect' issue of whether or not a society such as a Australia has the right to control its population levels through immigration controls

Anglican Church accused of paganism, advocating genocide

As was reported in the Melbourne Age of 9 May 2010, the Anglican church has rightly called for both a decrease in natural population growth and a decrease in Australia's current record high rate of immigration. The Citizens Electoral Council, which believes that not only Australia, but the whole world, is underpopulated, responded, on 11 May 2010, with one of its typical hyperbolic media releases.
The Anglican Church General Synod paper can be downladed from here (pdf 277K), See also the original paper released for comment by the Anglican Church.

Vancouver Re-visited----Multicultural Balkanization as the cart, not the horse

In urban Canada, we have imported a slave labour caste and condemned them for their apparent inability or unwillingness to assimilate. The truth is, they want to become Canadians, but are too exhausted and pre-occupied with survival to become full participants in mainstream society. The irony is, they are victims of their own arrival. Immigrant-driven population growth has inflated housing costs to the point that they must run even faster and longer than other Canadians to eke out an insufficient living. The solution is cross-cultural solidarity, but higher wages for shorter hours is its prerequisite.

Stop Population Growth Now Party (SPGN)

Michael Lardelli, who is on the governance committee of the new Australian party, Stop Population Growth Now, says why he agreed to help form the new party, which is based in South Australia. The party seeks "to reduce Australia’s population growth to zero as a matter of urgency." Other Australian anti-overpopulation parties.

High post-war immigration blamed for today's economic problems

A graph from "Australian Population Scenarios in the context of oil decline and global warming" at shows that the bulge in the Australian population pyramid which growth economists say will cause a larger number of aging people than the economy can cope with, was obviously caused by high levels of post-war immigration. Dr Jane O'Sullivan has quantified the enormous cost in new infrastructure and maintenance of population growth.

What Mother Nature Doesn't Care About

Mother Nature doesn't give a crap about our moral imperatives. She doesn’t care if people we judge to be worthy (the poor, the persecuted, the people of colour, the handicapped, the fashionably oppressed) should be lifted on to our lifeboat, only if it is overloaded. And whether the passengers live together without class barriers or in feudal subjugation is of no concern to nature either. The laws of physics trump the laws of any Holy Text, ethical system or left-wing manifesto. If we want to survive, we will have to play by nature's rules, not ours.

Prioritise Australia's unemployed ahead of immigrants for unskilled jobs

Why is it that Australia's unemployed number 611,000 in March 2010 just gone, while thousands of unskilled jobs are being filled by new immigrants? Invariably, taxis in the capitals cities are driven by new migrants and how many taxis do we have?

Rudd's 'Big Australia' driving up costs of living and creating poorer Australians

Rudd's penchant for a 'big Australia' is behind his absurd record immigration policy. Population growth and congestion is out of control and is the common denominator driving up Australian land prices, electricity, water, inflation, consumer demand, interest rates and the costs of living of ordinary Australians.

Our state and federal public infrastructure cannot cope - roads, public transport, health, education, housing, you name it! The cost of living for ordinary Australians is becoming desperate!
See also Cost of housing and cost of dependency in Australia

Mark O'Connor to feature on "Australia Talks" program on immigration

It's about time! On the rare occasions that population has been discussed on Australia Talks, articulate and knowledgeable opponents of population growth have been conspicuously lacking from the panel, but tonight Mark O'Connor, co-author of "Overloading Australia" will be a panel guest.

When: Tonight (Mon 12 Apr) after the 6PM news Ph: 1300 22 55 76

Auto deportation of immigrants convicted of serious crimes

In 2002, Senior Constable McEnally, 26, was murdered point blank by Tongan national, Sione Penisini.

More foreigners in Australian gaols? Australian laws need to be immediately changed to automatically deport immigrant criminals back to their originating country once found guilty of a serious crime (indictable offence) in Australia. Then judges won't have an option to allow foreign criminals remain here. Conversely, Australian nationals in foreign gaols should be sent home to serve out their time here. Australia ought set up bilateral quid pro quo for prisoners. Our gaols would then only have Australians in them.

Swan’s growth fetish belies the LibLab's stale 20th Century baby-boomer ideology

Today Treasurer Wayne Swan has tried to justify another rise in interest rates by claiming in true 'polly-speak' that such an impost is a sign of a stronger Australian economy. Swan’s growth fetish belies the Lib/Labs stale ideology. Last month Swan's fettish for strong economic growth and strong population growth for Australia was reaffirmed at the Population Summit in Brisbane held 30th March 2010.

But Swan's growth fetish and consequential rising costs of living do not augur well for most Australians with mortgages.

Rudd's new Population Ministry

The gap between the policies of the Liberal/Labor (Liboral?) party elites - that are politically addicted to massive population growth and mass-immigration - and the wishes of the electorate has never been greater. It’s a bipartisan problem. But Rudd appears like a deer caught in headlights.

Bernard Salt, Murdoch media insult the memory of Second World War Australians

In 1946, US President Truman said, of Australia's contribution to the Allied war effort, "On balance, the contribution made by Australia, a country having 7 millions, approximately equalled that of United States." Yet, in 2010, Bernard Salt, a supporter of the record high immigration rate being imposed undemocratically by the Rudd Government has, in an article written for Rupert Murdoch's "Australian" newspaper, misrepresented history in an apparent attempt to belittle and diminish this country's proud achievements. Why?

See also: "Bernard Salt and Murdoch press cook up recipe for invasion" of 2 May 09, "Madang landowners fight ecologically devastating Chinese mining invasion" of 1 Apr 10.

Greens to put Senate motion for an independent inquiry into population growth

Decades overdue, but, nevertheless, welcome, the Greens are to introduce, into the Senate, a motion calling for the establishment of an independent National Inquiry into Australia's Population to 2050.

What you can do: contact your Senators (Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic, Tas, SA, WA, NT) and ask that they support this motion. Please let us know of any responses or lack of. Join, campaign and vote for, a party opposed to population growth. Put pro-growth parties last on your ballot form. See also: "Greens call for population inquiry" of 14 Mar 10 on ABC news Online, Greens' Senate media page, "Are the Greens a real alternative?" of 9 Mar 10, the Stable Population Party of Australia, the New Australia Party, Animal Justice Party.

How South East Queensland Regional Plan gives developers power to trample upon residents' rights

In a Parliamentary speech, Glen Elmes1 warned how the vast discretionary powers, given to the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Stirling Hinchliffe (pictured), with his past history as a property development industry insider, would add to the consequences of SEQ's already shambolic urban planning and environmental management and runaway population growth.

Speech from Queensland State Parliamentary Hansard of Hansard of 12 Feb 10, linked to from Hansard page, See also: "SEQ Regional Plan a travesty against the people of South East Queensland" of 9 May 09 by Dr Jane O'Sullivan, "The downward spiral of hasty population growth" of 8 Mar 10 on Online Opinion by Dr Jane O'Sullivan.

Please attend public forums against population growth, featuring Kelvin Thomson, Mark O'Connor and others. Brisbane: 8:30AM - 12:30PM, Saturday 13 March, Sunshine Coast: 2:00PM-4:30PM, Sunday 14 March.(See article "Sunshine Coast environmentalists condemn sham population debate" for more details.)

Dirty work: In-sourcing American jobs with H2-B guestworkers

The combination of economic 'reforms', globalisation and high immigration have dramatically worsened circumstances for working Australians in recent years. However, the situation is vastly worse in the United States. David Seminara's exhaustively researched article describes the effect of the H2-B visa system for unskilled non-agricultural temporary workers. Australia does not (yet) have such a direct equivalent for non-agricultural workers, nevertheless, the general conclusions about the effects of one aspect of the high rate of immigration into the US remain highly relevant to the consideration of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's plans to dramatically increase Australia's population through immigration.

Original article, by David Seminera, published in February 2010 by the US Center for Immigration Studies. Also published there as a pdf file (400K).See also: Will Rudd Government's high immigration program turn Australia into Argentina? of 19 Jul 08.

Mythical need for skilled labour cannot justify social and economic harm of high immigration - a reply to Michael Danby

Michael Danby, chairman of Federal Parliament's joint committee on migration, in recent newspaper articles, expresses support for Australia having a population of 35 million by 2050.

See also: "It's better for us to sustain skilled migration" by Michael Danby in The Australian of 8 Feb 10, "Refugee lobby's 10 commandments" by Paul Sheehan in The Age of 16 Oct 09, "More people does not equal trashing our environment" by Michael Danby in The Age of 14 Jan 10, "Rudd's policies make us a soft target" by Paul Sheehan in The Age of 14 Oct 09, "Greens want immigration cut" by Cathy Alexander in The Age of 1 Feb 10.

Mark O'Connor's take on Bernard Salt's Ageist article

The Australian has run yet another beat-up by KPMG corporate partner, Bernard Salt, trying desperately to justify continued high immigration. Mark O'Connor, author of Overloading Australia comments.

There is really only one kind of sustainability

(Ed. The subject of this article may seem hackneyed, but it is well worth reading.) The word "sustainable" or "sustainability" has been rendered meaningless and oxymoronic by its attachment to the most invasive development proposals and economic activity. But authentic sustainability does not lend itself to semantic pluralism. It can only mean the viablility of the whole, not its constituent parts. There is really only one kind of sustainability.

Wong sticks to guns on emissions target

One of the most important principles internationally when referring to greenhouse gas reduction schemes it that the polluter pays. This means that national targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions should be based on the historical contribution of each nation to global emissions. It is obvious that Australia's population growth policies have a enormous impact on our greenhouse gas emissions.

Australian national anthem is deceptive advertising - Population-reform group SPA says

National President of SPA, Sandra Kanck, says “If we pause on Australia Day to reflect on our identity, our thoughts should turn to reforming the anthem. It is an absolute nonsense to say that this continent has boundless plains to share, as is claimed in the second verse of the anthem."

Immigration to Australia - more the better... according to Growth Lobby submission on Wikipedia

The Growth Lobby seemed to have gone to some trouble to justify encouraging more immigration to Australia by making a detailed case on Wikipedia under the search heading: "Immigration_to_Australia"

Typically the arguments are the same old tired justifications that rely on historic success and links to economic growth, but they are shallow, unsupported and rely on claims by the biased Productivity Commission.

See also: "How the Growth Lobby threatens Australia's future" of 24 Jan 09.

Easter Islanders blocked airport against immigration-fed overpopulation this year

Easter Islanders blocked their airport for 24 hours recently to demonstrate their right to say how big a population the island could have, and to save their natural environment. Amazingly the Chilean Government listened.

What is a racist?

"Agent Provocateur" asks, "What is the definition of a racist?" I will give him a North American definition.

The "Free Surface Effect" of Mass Immigration

It is a common assertion, even among those who oppose global overpopulation, that immigration, or the migration of people between regions and nations, is irrelevant to the issue. As one blogger here put it, it is really just a question of "shuffling people around." This is dead wrong. Not only does emigration stimulate fertility and typically multiply ecological footprints, it is enormously destabilizing in its impact. In effect, migration lowers our global carrying capacity.


No More Admissions Required: Australia Is Full!

Are Australians being patriotic or simply bigoted, for wanting to contain immigration numbers?What is the definition of racist? What is the definition of patriotic? Do Australians have a right to be patriotic.. and concerned & protective of their dwindling assets, namely land and water?

Queenslanders to pay for privatisation, population growth with further electricity price increases

The Courier-Mail reports that the average annual houshold electricity bill will rise nearly 14% or $276 next year, on top of the huge increases Queenslanders have already copped since the privatisation and deregulation that former Premier Beattie assured them will result in reduced charges. In spite of acknowledging this and population growth to have been the cause, the Courier-Mail editorial failed to argue against the continuation of either.

See also: "Exposing Queensland Government population growth duplicity" of 1 Apr 09, "Courier Mail spins news of 79% opposition to fire sale to reveal its privatisation colours" of 11 Dec 09, "The Courier Mail beats the drum for more Queensland population growth" of  Jan 07.

What you can do: Queensland citizens can sign the e-petition calling for the resignation of the Queensland Government and new elections. See "Anti-privatisation e-petition calls on Queensland government to resign" for further information.

The Rudd-led Decultural Invasion of Australia

When Australia has an annual record 383,000 net migration this last year we have what is tantamount to foreign invasion by stealth. It is an 'immigration invasion'.

Howard started it and Rudd has perpetuated it. Australians are being pacified and re-educated into believing misleading justifications like economic growth, addressing skills shortages, multi-culturalism, being a world citizen, etc.

[This article was initially a comment to Sheila Newman's article 'Australia's governments are coordinating an unarmed invasion without your permission']

Ad hoc population growth is on-going colonisation

60% of our population growth is due to immigration. This is basically on-going colonisation!
The best estimate of the First Fleet, that we celebrate on Australia Day, is 1373 people.  Today the numbers of permanent and long-term migrants arriving in Australia to more than 500,000 a year. 
The Roman Empire, built by controlled immigration, perished under an onslaught of uncontrollable barbarian migration.
( photo source )

The problem is not the boats arriving off Ashmore Reef, it's the arrival gate at Kingsford Smith bloody Airport!

The media froth and bubble over recent asylum seekers arriving by boat near Ashmore Reef mid ocean between Timor and the west Kimberley coast pales in comparison with the daily arrivals at Kingsford Smith Airport in the middle of Sydney.

The Australian newspaper on 2nd November 2009, tallied the total number of Christmas Island detainees at 1165. Yet Australia receives 776 new immigrants per day and most arrive into Sydney by plane. This is where the media should have their cameras - at Kingsford Smith Airport's International Arrivals gate on the ground floor.


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