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Native Australian nurses face discrimination, unemployment

In recent decades, objection to the high immigration has been smeared by the "politically correct" and phony left political groups as "racist" and loudly denounced. This has helped make it possible for governments to impose record high rates of immigration. As a result, native Australian workers have suffered higher living costs, particularly for housing, and reduced wages as a result of more competition for work. One group that has suffered more than most is nurses and nursing assistants. Already, thanks to 'reforms' by 'Labor' governments beginning in 1983, they were forced to train at their own expense at university or TAFE, where they had previously been provided with on-the-job training and career structure. Their circumstances have since been made even worse by having been discriminated against in favour of ever larger numbers of immigrant workers. The included article by one currently unemployed nurse's assistant (AIN) was first posted here as a comment.

Call for Conditional Citizenship Bill

Australian Citizenship Pledge:

'From this time forward I pledge my loyalty to Australia and its people, whose democratic beliefs I share, whose rights and liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.'

When new Australians pledge their loyalty to Australia, it is not some token spiel, it is a solemn oath! Many proudly respect this oath, but evidence from our gaols demonstrates that also many do not.

Australian citizenship is a privilege, highly valued and sought after globally. It is not a right. Citizenship comes with prerequisite conditions and performance conditions.

Move over Mr Legrain, the floodgates are open

Philippe Legrain's puerile veneration of globalization and free market economics is, for its outrageous simplicity, alluring to some in the same way that Ayn Rand's uncompromising fantasies drew a cult following.

Do claims of higher immigrant wages answer objections to record Australian immigration levels?

Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspaper in an article "Migrant workers scoring top pay" has made use of figures which which purportedly show that immigrants earn more, rather than less than their Australian equivalents, as if to answer any possible objection to Australia's current record high rate of immigration. ...

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