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The 'politically incorrect' issue of whether or not a society such as a Australia has the right to control its population levels through immigration controls

World Population Day - what helps keep populations sustainable?

July 11 was World Population Day, marking the day in 1987 when the world’s population passed five billion. This year’s theme is ‘Fight Poverty: Educate Girls.’ Most people think of overpopulation as something that occurs primarily in the 'third world', or if, as in Australia, it occurs with high immigration, they see this process as different from the one that caused the problems in the third world. In fact what is happening in Australia, Canada and the United States, is just what happened to India and Africa and every other now-third-world country.

Australia's optimum population threatened by misguided UK political upstart - Ed Miliband

If "Australia was a big country well able to absorb a bigger population" [Ed Miliband], then we would have full employment, public infrastructure and services would have excess capacity ready to cope, federal and state governments would be in surplus and there would be no undue pressures on our economy, society or ecology.
But this is clearly not the case.

Flood gates of overseas migration to Australia highest on record: ABS

A media release from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) last September (2008) reported:

'Net overseas migration to Australia highest on record: ABS'

"Australia's net overseas migration is at an all time high, according to figures released today from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). In the year ended March 2008, net overseas migration to Australia of just under 200,000 people accounted for over half (59%) of Australia's population increase.

Australia facing loss of its language, culture and environmental sustainability to mass immigration

Incomprehensible forces push for more population additions in both our countries. Those ‘growthists’ at the power positions operate in a mindless vacuum. They create a Faustian Bargain with the only outcome manifesting in Hobson’s Choice.

Original article published on News.

Unusual lost cat found by Japanese students

Subject: Lost Cat found........... posted by Japanese students renting in Brunswick, Victoria. And feeding it cat food too! More inside on this amazing story.See also: Living with wild animals

Australians have until 15 June 2009 to complain about their declining human rights

Did you know that Australians have until 15 June 2009 to complain about their declining human rights?
There are avenues for people concerned about the government's big population policy and its effect on human rights to safe clean water, a healthy wild biodiverse envelope, kind treatment of farm animals, functioning democracy not overwhelmed by commercial interests, the right to local self-government, to affordable housing etc to get demands on public record via the National Human Rights consultation.
It could be our last chance. UPDATE 7 Sep 2009: Note that a submission based on this article has been published as Submission # AGWW-7SM63S on the National Human Rights Consultation pages. Please support its content if you agree with it.

Frosty Wooldridge reviews 'Overloading Australia'

In his review of "Overloading Australia" by Mark O'Connor and William Lines, Frosty Wooldridge author of America on the brink who has cycled 100,000 miles across six continents in the past 25 years, refutes commonly held misconceptions that the Australian continent is underpopulated.

Also published on News and in American Chronicle as part 1 and part 2.
See also:

Italian matron speaks out about overpopulation

Sir David Attenborough: “There are three times as many people in the world as when I started making television programmes 56 years ago. It is frightening. . We are seeing the consequences in terms of ecology, atmospheric pollution and in terms of space and food production.” Another great article from Marisa in Italy stalks the wild taboo

Why maintaining high immigration so Canada can be ready for the recovery makes no sense

In Canada, as well as in Australia, the Government has kept open the immigration floodgate in the midst of the recession. One supposed justification is that this is all necessary so that their economy can be ready to take off when the recession ends. In reality, this is a self-serving lie to allow the profits that the Canadian growth lobby gains at the expense of their fellow Canadians, the environment, and the Third World, to continue.

Original article by Dan Murray published on Immigration Watch Canada on 11 Apr 09.

Obama's promised drive for amnesty threatens millions of jobless Americans

Just five months ago, as Barack Obama became the president-elect and the economic slump began turning into an avalanche, the chances that the incoming president would make "immigration reform" a priority in his first year registered somewhere between zero and none. But a lot of hard-to-imagine things have come to pass since November, ...

See also: "Why U.S. immigration reformers can still remain hopeful" of 24 Nov 09 by Leon Kolankiewicz, "Is it game over for immigration reformers in America?" of 10 Nov 08 by Tim Murray, "An immigration policy bought and paid for?" of 24 Feb 08 by Tim Murray, "Is it reactionary to oppose Immigration?" of 17 Dec 07 by Tim Murray, "American Unions and their about-face on Immigration" of 30 Sep 07 by Tim Murray, "How illegal immigration into the US harms poor US Hispanic citizens" of 9 Oct 07.

Australia's Immigration Policy could learn from a Mackay Regional Model

Australia's unsustainable reactive policy of coping with immigration is failing Australians, Australia's environment and Australia's cultural way of life.

The naive open flood gate policy does just that - floods thousands of new people onto an existing society, existing land use, existing resources, existing infrastructure and existing services. The federal policy has no sense of ownership of the impacts of immigration, it just issues the visas, savours its sense of international cred, but handballs the consequential problems to states, who don't know what's hit em.

This article originated as a comment to the article "Exposing Queensland Government population growth duplicity" of 1 Apr&nbsp09.


GDP per person falls in every state of Australia because of population growth

The Treasurer, Wayne Swann, says that "the Government is doing everything in its power to cushion Australians from the worst impacts of the global recession," but the figures show that growing the population is the worst thing the Rudd Government can do. Using per capita GDP as a measure of well-being in Australia, Tasmanians fared best in the downturn.

Politically addicted to immigration - ALP rejects push for migration rate cut

"Can someone get Gillard to specify where the skills shortage is now that the resources industry and construction industry are beginning to majorly shed jobs?"

Update: Immigration Minister Chris Evans 'expects' skilled immigration numbers to drop 'next year' due to the global economic crisis. See "Australia to cut skilled immigration" in the Age of 23 Feb 09

Murdoch media contradicts itself on immigration

Rupert Murdoch never misses an opportunity to loudly preach to his captive Australian audience his message that this country must continue its rapid immigration-driven population growth. However, even his own media outlets have implicitly acknowledged that because governments have followed this very advice in the past, England and even parts of Australia have become intolerably overcrowded.

See also: "English expats make Moreton the only Bay in the village" in the Courier Mail of 10 Jan 09, "Rupert Murdoch urges Aust to open door to migrants" in the Courier Mail of 5 Feb 09, "Honour for Frank Lowy, king of the malls" in the Australian of 6 Feb 09, "How the growth lobby threatens Australia's future" of 24 Jan 09 (also published on Online Opinion with forum discussion).

Redlands to host Queensland launch of "Overloading Australia"

Redland City will host the Queensland launch this month of Overloading Australia by Mark O'Connor and William Lines, a groundbreaking new book that reveals "how governments and media dither and deny on population".

Where: Redland Performing Arts Centre Auditorium
When: 20 February at 4.30pm (refreshments served from 4pm)
Cost: Free (bookings not required)

See inside for other appearances by Mark O'Connor.

See also: "Growthist responses to Overloading Australia" of 27 Jan 09, "Overloading Australia - new book about Australia's overpopulation problem" of 23 Jul 08, "Andrew Bolt: Why add 1.5 million when Victorian infrastructure can't cope with current population?" of 31 Jan 09, "How the growth lobby threatens Australia's future" of 24 Jan 09 (also published on Online Opinion with forum discssion).

How skills migration has denied careers to Canadian engineering graduates

A report by Engineers Canada (Ingenéurs Canada) found that in 2006, well before the current economic crisis, Canada's seemingly thoughtless policy of acquiring practically unlimited numbers of engineers from all over the world had caused a massive glut of engineeers in Canada. As a consequence, "Two thirds of persons with a Canadian university degree in engineering were employed outside engineering occupations." Yet, in spite of this and in spite of the global financial meltdown, Canada, like Australia, continues with its high immigration program.

Originally published as "New jobless figures should drive the last nail into high immigration's coffin" on 6 Feb 09 on

Immigration during economic collapse

It is an historical phenomenon, common to all Western nations, but also to any nation, which is perceived by the outsider as offering more opportunities for survival than its own. The whole world is a common, a place of free exchange for hungry and dispossessed people. Most of us are concerned with our land-base, our nation, our corner, which seemed secure and where we had the illusion of absolute control. We do not see the wood for the trees.

The Demographic False Alarm

Why encouraging a baby boom and more immigration to pay for the cost of supporting older people in developed countries is entirely misguided and dangerous for our economic and ecological future.

Andrew Bolt: Why add 1.5 million when Victorian infrastructure can't cope with current population?

Andrew Bolt, who works for the right-wing Murdoch-owned Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper, has political views, which, in many, ways conform well to those of his employer. However, he rightly condemns the ongoing idiocy of the policies of the federal and state governments to encourage population growth when, during the heat wave of the previous days, the infrastructure of Melbourne failed abysmally to meet the needs of Melbourne's current residents. By speaking the truth about population growth and immigration he may well be serving the public far better than many of his 'politically correct' detractors who still won't openly question population growth.

See: "Melbourne is wrecked and full" by Andrew Bolt of 30 Jan 09.

Growthist responses to Overloading Australia

Mark O’Connor and Bill Lines’s Overloading Australia has only been out for a short time and the growthists are becoming hysterical. Their arguments are as hopeless as ever. Tim Blair, (Murdoch Press) has even attacked Mark O’Connor for being a marriage celebrant and Brigid Delaney (Fairfax) is wheeling out old-fashioned cultural cringe, iced with neo-Macarthyism.

How the growth lobby threatens Australia's future

Why is it that the Australian government, and other governments, principally in the anglophone world, deliberately encourage population growth when common sense and intuition, not to mention the hard evidence, tell us that a larger population cannot possibly be in the interests of the current inhabitants of this country or of the rest of the planet?

Republished on Eye on Immigration and Online Opinion (in a slightly abridged form) together with forum discussion.

Migration - a 21st Century Challenge

Month by month, immigration chaos at the UK Home Office reveals new depths of incompetence. After more than 11 years in power UK government claims that it is tackling the issues will do little to reassure a worried public. The safety valve of migration is part of our collective history, but large-scale migration now raises vital social, environmental and economic questions about where the world is going and how we deliver reform and a better life for people wherever they are born.


Europe's Immigration Challenge

The United States, Australia and Canada have long seen themselves as lands of immigration with endless frontiers, but the space is getting crowded and the US has a major problem with illegal entry. Now Europe is facing similar challenges.


Is Europe still European?

Should the people of Europe, as a consequence of misplaced feelings of guilt over crimes such as Auschwitz and those of the colonial era and ongoing outrages such as the so-called "war on terror", allow their unique histories and cultures be overwhelmed by large and ongoing influxes of people from the Third World, particularly from the Middle East and Africa?

Is the home-building industry the prime mover of our ecological ruin?

The former Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr, once offered Australia a choice. It could sustain jobs and economic security by using its brains, by being a smart economy, by adding value to the products it produces and by transforming manufacturing. Or it could continue to be a “lazy Australia” that depends on job growth simply by driving up population numbers and depending on the growth you get by building homes and shopping malls. ... That the home building industry is the prime mover and catalyst of our ecological ruin was never more clearly illustrated than by statements recently made by University of West Florida economist Rick Harper, director of the UWF’s Haas Centre for Business Research.

Immigration Links - Keeping a critical eye on immigration-related issues in Australia.

Fruit rots on vine for want of seasonal workers of 21 Jun 08 by John Stapleton in the Australian newspaper. More propaganda in favour of immigration and the guest worker program. Read what Mark O'Connor has to say on this.

More workers are a positive force editorial in The Australian of 19 May 08

Workers welcome editorial in The Australian of 16 May 08

Open door of 17 May 08. The Australian's editor-at-large Paul Kelly praises Federal Immigration Minister Chris Evans' decision to increase the annual immigration intake to 300,000

Mark O'Connor on the ideology of "immigrationism"

Australian Poet Mark O'Connor, author of Overloading Australia, describes in a talk given back in 1993 the various dishonest debating ploys used by immigration advocates.

See also: Immigrationism, Racism And Moral Monopoly (pdf 27K) from Winter 1993-1994 edition of The Social Contract.

Federation for American Immigration Reform : Illegal immigration costs Georgia US$1.6 billion annually

A new report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) demonstrates why Georgia has taken a lead in adopting state-based policies to control the costs of illegal immigration. - 24 Oct 08

See also: "Costs of Illegal Immigration to Georgians", full pdf report (460K).


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