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Going Green in the World's Greenest City

Vancouver’s young generation embraces higher density: “Micro suites” planned for Vancouver-area development

Noble Intentions And Stupid Actions

The late Michael Crichton was partially right. The environmental movement in an increasingly secular society has assumed the mantle of Christianity. This is most particularly true, I would submit, in its obsession with motivations and intentions, as if nature gave a damn what we "intended". Too often those in the "environment justice" coalition choose politically correct pursuits and ignore their ecologically incorrect consequences.

The World Needs Fewer Canadian Consumers---Not More "Green" Ones

There is now a surfeit of "green living" tips that adorn the websites of environmental NGOs and corporations alike, all eager to tell the carbon-obsessed how much more responsible they can be by changing their consumer habits. Conspiculously absent, however, is any suggestion that you might limit your family to one child or that the Minister of Immigration might change his lifestyle of opening the floodgates to incoming footprints from other lands so that they can multiply their ecological impacts upon arrival. The whole exercise is classic displacement behaviour---a feel good distraction from the nasty task at hand: keeping our numbers down.

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