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Miscellaneous comments from 4 May 2010

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(Apologies that year 2009, rather than year 2010, was used in dates previously - JS, 3 Aug 2010)


Victoria could be facing a wave of extinctions following a dramatic crash in bird numbers in the Box-Ironbark forests of northern and central Victoria over the past five years.

A systematic study across northern and central Victoria (covering a 30,000 km2 region) over the past 15 years has shown that about two-thirds of bird species, including lorikeets, pardalotes, thornbills and honeyeaters, have declined dramatically.

The region had been largely cleared and the remaining woodlands poorly managed over many decades, making the system more vulnerable to the effects of climate change. This has compounded the already serious effects of broad-scale habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation. There was little evidence of successful raising of young birds even in the largest remaining forest areas. and most of the remaining large old trees in the region pre-date European settlement. Many are on private land and are likely to die in the next 50-100 years as they reach the end of their lifespan.

National Parks are not enough. the reserve system is unlikely to sustain biodiversity especially under the greater ecological stresses that will be experienced with a drying, warmer climate. Very large scale restoration of habitat is required to reconnect isolated bushland remnants.

The scientists, leading ecologists, concluded that the urgency and magnitude of remedial action required are many times greater than current practice.

See also: Victorian Woodland bird numbers collapsing (PDF 513K)

Currently research indicates that the Ice in the Artic and Antarctic will have melted by 2040, and at most, by 2100. This ice is melting so fast that ice sheets are rubbing against each other and internally collapsing, causing earthqaukes which can be detected as far away as Greenland in the North, and in Australia in the South.

Ice weighs a lot. One cubic metre of ice weighs nearly a tonne.
If all the ice in Artic and Antartic melt by 2040, apart from releasing large quantities of methane, it will cause a dramatic reduction in weight concentrated where this ice once was, hence causing earthqaukes and volcanoes as the underlying tectonic plates shift weight.

If one cubic metre of ice weighs a ton, and the glaciers at the arctic and antarctic are at least 4.8 km deep, and combined (14.2 million + 5.26 million sq km) are 19.46million square kilometers across, then that's 93.408 billion tonnes of ice that will have lifted off the tectonic plates in the Arctic and Antarctic by 2040.

The recent events in Haiti, Adelaide, Kalgoorie, the volcano in Iceland, and the Tsunami in Asia all indicate an extraordinary increase in the frequency of seismic activity. The progressive increase in earthquakes has already been directly correlated with the melting of ice in the Artic and Antarctic, but it seems as though there are not enough good scientists who are aware of and vocal about the issue, or that the media, in combination with the relative ignorance of the majority, has simply chosen to ignore the connection.

But they can't ignore it forever!
And if they do, it will only be at their peril, since things will only get worse, in a seismic sense, for at least another 30 years! If not 90.

Please correct me if Im wrong,
A post by Aaron.

Comments welcome:

Ice and Earthquakes

Serreze, Mc; Holland, Mm; Stroeve, J (Mar 2007). "Perspectives on the Arctic's shrinking sea-ice cover". Science (New York, N.Y.) 315 (5818): 1533–6. doi:10.1126/science.1139426. PMID 17363664.

Seasonality and Increasing Frequency of Greenland Glacial Earthquakes Ekström, G., M. Nettles, and V. C. Tsai (2006). Science, 311, 5768, 1756-1758, doi:10.1126/science.1122112

Analysis of Glacial Earthquakes Tsai, V. C. and G. Ekström (2007). J. Geophys. Res., 112, F03S22, doi:10.1029/2006JF000596

Mr Rudd has confirmed the ETS has been shelved until at least 2013 so the Government can "see what other countries do" is due to the contradictory nature of his own policies.

Other developed countries with large industrial sectors have reduced emissions since 1990 using a combination of energy efficiency, renewable and low-emission technologies and re-forestation. Norway has reduced emissions by 18%, Germany by 17% and the United Kingdom by 14%. We are a wealthy nation; we have plentiful renewable sources and access to world-class skills and technology.(WWF Climate Solutions report Download from

The Rudd government committed to reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emission levels to 60% below 2000 levels by 2050. Australia’s per capita greenhouse gas emissions are the highest of any OECD country and are among the highest in the world, and coal is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. Our coal contributes to other countries' greenhouse gas emissions. The Australian coal rush is fuelling global climate change and preventing us from transitioning to sustainable industries

Kevin Rudd's climate change scheme had to be shelved as his "big Australia" and rapid population growth agendas would require, according to the Australian Conservation Foundation, a massive 79% per capita reduction for a "forecast" (manufactured) 36 million people by then!

The "moral challenge of our generation" is being pushed aside in the "too hard" basket due to the contradictory policies of the Rudd Government.

Our Government recently made the appalling decision to flat out stop processing the asylum claims of people fleeing war in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Over 90 percent of Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum seekers are found to be genuine refugees fleeing persecution, and the situation is still dangerous in both countries. Furthermore, the Government's recent targeting of Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum seekers is discriminatory and violates the Australian values of tolerance and fairness.

The so-called 'boat people' are not 'jumping a queue' - they're entitled to seek protection from persecution like the rest of us.

Kevin Rudd's "big Australia" idea is unsustainable and cruel. Why discriminate against the most needy when the educated and wealthy are welcome? With such a heavy economic and "skill-shortage" immigration, there is little room or compassion for the needy.

Over the years, Australia has resettled thousands of refugees fleeing horrible situations in places like Vietnam, Ethiopia and Iran. We should build on this proud history - not stop it.

As we approach a Federal election, we should expect leadership from our politicians, not cheap political point-scoring at the expense of the world's most vulnerable people.

Australia's place in the world stage should be one of integrity, compassion and leadership - not arbitrary discrimination, imprisonment and fear-mongering.

Amnesty International:
Tell your MP: put people before politics

Australia receives a very low number of asylum seekers compared with other nations.
We have a capacity to receive and resettle refugees in Australia. The 2000 or so on Christmas Island and elsewhere is really a minor issue for Australia to cope with. Refugees comprise less than 1% of the immigration pressure annually impacting upon Australia's economy and society, yet because it is a newsworthy topic, more than economic immigration, Australia's media allocate a disproportionate about of media space to the issue.

Successive Australian governments continue to ignore the root causes of asylum seeker problems in our region - the civil unrest in the origin countries, like in Sri Lanka. How is the ‘internal affairs’ excuse morally acceptable by neigbouring countries, when those internal affairs comprise genocide, mass murder, rape and mass displacement and persecution of a people?

The Australian Government should call on the UN to have the International Criminal Court indict both Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Sarath Fonseka for genocide.

That neighbouring countries of the region stood back idle and in some cases fueled and supported Sri Lankan President Rajapaska's atrocities knowingly and willing has been genocidal complicity. Sri Lankan neighbours of the Indian Ocean community - India, Bangladesh, Burma, Australia, Indonesia, Maldives, Malaysia, Pakistan, Madacascar, etc have not only reneged on their responsibilities to act to prevent Tamil genocide, they have been genocideal complicit and thus criminal.

That many of these nations are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, shows this organisation to be a meanlingless farce. The Commonwealth of Nations, which includes Sri Lanka and Australia, is "an international organisation through which countries with diverse social, political, and economic backgrounds are regarded as equal in status, and co-operate within a framework of common values and goals, as outlined in the 1971 Singapore Declaration."

These so called common values and goals "include the promotion of democracy, human rights, good governance, the rule of law, individual liberty, egalitarianism, free trade, multilateralism, and world peace, and are carried out through multilateral projects and meetings."

What a hypocritical farce. In the wake of the Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka culminating in mass murder of Tamils in May 2009, the Commonwealth of Nations ought to be disbanded.

Tamils continue to be persecuted by the Sinhalese dictatorship in Sri Lanka. So Tamils are fleeing persecution to safe havens like Australia. For the Australian Government to reject Sri Lankan asylum seekers and indeed return them to Sri Lanka is inhumane and genocide-complicit.

Australia's economic migrants on the other hand, are Australia's root problem impacting on society. The 300,000 per year are driving multiple overload stresses in Australia's capital cities (where the jobs are, or were) -housing, public utilities etc. The Australian government seems selectively blind to this elephant in the room.

Editorial comment: We understand that the author of the comment below is angry but we feel that we must point out that generalisation about the motives and characters of people arriving in boats is simply not fair on those people. More than this, it plays the government and opposition's own game, which is to deflect attention from the undemocratic huge legal immigration program that they both support, onto asylum seekers arriving by boat. We recognise that the system is unweildy and expensive but we also recognise that people who are persecuted must have some international outlet, and that we in Australia theoretically do as well, although in reality the international community is failing us terribly by classifying us as a rich democracy, when any activist knows that our country is being suffocated by the soft boot of corporate plutocracy and media spin.

Here is the original comment, published in the spirit of free speech:

How about all you boat people lovers have them move into YOUR homes, at YOUR cost! You can feed, clothe, shelter and provide their medical, at YOUR cost! Given you feel so strongly about making us all wear the financial burden of YOUR guilt I propose you can get all the atonement you want by YOU paying for it, eh.

Because I don't feel an ounce of guilt towards these cowards, often young Iraqi and Afghanistan men who fled their countries, when our bravest and best diggers are in their countries fighting for their freedom!

THE Anglican Church wants Australians to have fewer children and has urged the federal government to scrap the baby bonus and cut immigration.

Congratulations to the General Synod of the Anglican Church for issuing a warning that current rates of population growth are unsustainable and potentially out of step with church doctrine. Blindly and rigidly adhering to a quote in Genesis about reproducing and being "fruitful" and "multiplying" is totally inappropriate in our times and in the present world's condition.

We need to look at the planet and see the suffering, the loss of major species and habitats, climate change, peak oil, food and water shortage threats, terrorism, and make an intelligent choice about how we view the dominance of the human species.

Religion or Faith shouldn't make us impervious to intelligence, observation, or rational thinking about the precarious 21st century we are in now. The anthropocentric attitude is that the world was made for humans and that it will expand, miraculously, according to our whims, or self-centred interests, and non-human species losses and subsequent damage are simply irrelevant! However, God gave us reasoning, and responsibility for the world and it's creatures as being chosen to "top" Creation, and we should be bound by it.
The global runaway population growth needs to be faced locally, and soon.

The report calls on the government to cut total immigration levels, although it says there should be a higher proportion of refugees and family reunion migrants included in Australia's intake. It also recommended scrapping of the baby bonus but more paid parental leave.

Adhering and preaching obsolete ideals, even when those ideals fly in the face of the mathematical and scientific reality, will cause people to discard the church as irrelevant and archaic.
It is not about "Thou shalt not breed" but about not worshipping malignant anthropocentric growth.

Citizens Electoral Council of Australia says: Anglicans put their faith in genocide

Editorial comment: Vivienne has changed this into a brief article. Please see "Anglican Church accused of paganism, advocating genocide".

VicRoads makes special vanity plates for AFL team supporters, horse clubs, etc.
I am discussing With VicRoads making vanity plates that have the words :
rather than the words --

If they say no, then it would be fairly simple matter to make a small vinyl bumper sticker to cover THE PLACE TO BE with a sticker saying OVERPOPULATED. Check any car, you see this is the flat lower section of the number plate.

Legality revolves around obscuring the number plate, but as the alphanumerics would not be obscured, it can be argued the modified plate is completely legal.

Traffic jams are a crude measure of overpopulation. Most drivers are then at some level of annoyance. Iit seems a good idea to hit them (the driver behind) when they are hurting.

The idea about the number plates and the idea that most people are pretty angry already in traffic.
Victoria Overpopulated. And why wait for a real numberplate? What about a window or mudguard sticker in the shape/size of a numberplate? "Victoria Overpopulated"!

John Brumby is fueling this Hong Kong congestion, but what should he care? He is driven by a chauffeur and lives in a leafy uncongested suburb.

'Let then eat cake!'

Yesterday, the 19th May, was two years since over 500 kangaroos were brutally slaughtered at Belconnen, and then later another 4000 or so kangaroos were also "culled" at the Majura Army Base.
Kevin Rudd or Environment Minister Peter Garrett declined to stop the killings. It was supported by the RSPCA's Micheal Linke. Strangely, kangaroos don't fit into any of "all creatures great and small" categories!
As a result of the slaughter, many people now work together to campaign even more strongly for the kangaroos.
The environmentalist who were so concerned about the endangered species that were being "threatened" by the kangaroos are now silent about the land where once these gentle native animals once roamed. The land cleaners are there now, and no voice for the legless lizards, endangered sunflowers and native grasses?
Bulldozers have moved in and the area is being razed for houses, with scant concern for the small endangered animals that the kangaroos were supposed to be threatening. Having hypocrisy revealed is a great silencer!
The real threat to native species are livestock grazing, infrastructure and population growth, but kangaroos don't have political or economic power! They are easy targets to "manage" and eradicate.
There are shifts and changes in thinking towards our environment, including attitudes towards native animals, that are positive and constructive. However, our politicians are driven by economic growth, quantitative measures of "success" and our native animals don't "fit" into their agenda, their modus operandi, their paradigm.
The easy way to solve perceived wildlife problems is with firearms, but the treatment of and concern for animals is increasingly becoming a social and legal issue, as well as a political force.
We must not forget the shameful slaughter of Australian wildlife in such a large-scale and brutal manner, in Australia's heart-land "Bush Capital".

A new ALP funded ‘enviro group’ called the Melb Water Catchment Network is currently out there campaigning to have some of the Central Highlands protected. It’s a long story, but please don’t be sucked in. This is the exact same tactic the ALP used previously.

Former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser has quit the party, allegedly over a belief it has tilted too far to the "right". He allegedly told friends his replacement, Tony Abbott, was "all over the place" on policy and disliked the "racist" overtones adopted by the party in the debate on immigration.
Fraser was a champion of immigration and a high population. Any suggestion that those who oppose our high immigration rate are "racist" is confusing the issue and are being politically manipulated. It is wrong to assume that our migrants are the ones who want a continued high population growth rate. Surveys show that the majority of the population are against our high immigration rate - including immigrants. They are being disadvantaged like the rest of us.
What about the racism in India, China, Africa and the Middle East?
We are more and more feeling the costs of our government's socially-engineered population growth rate, and the squeeze is being felt my even professionals and the middle classes. We need a more compassionate and just approach to asylum seekers, but while we have such as high population growth rate, driven by immigration, the "racism" is against these people, and existing citizens, as our resources, and ability to accommodate the needy, is being overtaken by economic migrants.
Co-author Mark O’Connor of Overloading Australia said that: “Both as PM and since, Malcolm Fraser has been a persistent advocate of levels of population growth that our book shows are irresponsible. He claimed to be leading Australians to a better future. Yet our current shortages of oil, water, housing, electricity, and amenities are closely related to such policies, as are our increasing emissions and deteriorating environment".
Fraser claimed that reducing the rate of population growth "would have little impact on sustainability if governments perfected their policies on climate change and efficiency measures." It seems that he can't draw the dots between our present environmental threats, costs of living, eroding liveability and that Australia is the world's highest per capita in greenhouse gas emissions, are all about over-loading Australia with too many people? Just who is too far to the "right"?

Malcolm Fraser - he is the man who sent young Australians to the Vietnam war - before they were even old enough to vote.

I remember well the five years of hell my family spent waiting to see if my brother's birthday marble would come out of that hated barrel. We worried night and day. He was and is a gentle soul, totally unsuited to fighting a civil war in a foreign land.

My mother's life was stolen for those years.

My brother missed the ballot but too many of those kids we knew weren't so lucky. And kids they were. Males are always a few years less mature than females of the same age. It was a very cruel time. It felt like their youth was plundered and I wished Malcolm Fraser and all the sycophants following his leadership would have fallen into a big black hole in the ground, suffocating in their own vomit.

My boyfriend was blown up in Vietnam. They used to crawl through tunnels where snakes and other deadly creatures were waiting for them. So many stories of jungle warfare. Kids - conscripted and ripped from their homes and families. Soon after learning how to stab a bayonet into a pretend "gook", they were shipped off to do the bidding of Malcolm Fraser's government. The old man from posh Nareen.

My regular army cousin told many stories. Some about soldiers taking the enemy up in helicopters and pushing them out at the point of a bayonet after they extracted the required information. My cousin died at a very young age.

Malcolm Fraser later reinvented himself as a "humanitarian". I feel sick.

I cannot look at Mr. Fraser. That self-righteous manner - and I ask myself, does this man feel no shame. How does he sleep at night. Now there have been other old men since then who have sent our fine young Aussies to die on foreign soil, but the difference is that Malcolm Fraser conscripted those youths before they were even eligible to vote. They were not volunteers.

It worries me greatly of late to see our servicemen returning to their homeland in caskets at the same time as televised pictures show hundreds of fit, healthy military-age men arriving on boats, fleeing the same destination that is going to damage the minds and bodies of our soldiers. Some of these newcomers are paying their way into Australia while our people of similar age are sacrificing their lives and those of their families. I feel as uncomfortable about these latest events as I did during those Vietnam war years.

I thought our military is supposed to be protecting our shores. I thought our government was training our soldiers to fend off any attack, to watch for and push back any enemy from our beaches, from our skies. It's called the Australian Defence Force.

I know that there have been times when our men and women have willingly stood up to evil, and for that we are eternally grateful, we never forget. The circumstances of all conflicts are different, but conflict is not always equal and every conflict is not everyone's responsibility.

Malcolm Fraser. I just wish he would have shown the grace to have left the public stage many, many years ago.

You do not know what You are talking about. I am a farmer in Cathcart, NSW. In recent years the number of Kangaroos increasen 10 times. I am talking about the big Easter Gray ones. They are not affraid anymore. My wife was checking the fences along Big Jack Mountain Road couple of days ago. Was suddenly kicked in back by a huge male; lackily our 3 Kelpies were nearby and saved her. She got 11 sutures, due to come off tomorrow.
Do not get into subjects You have no idea about!

Gotta luv ya 'Slav of Cathcart' (your comment above).

The Jim Beam must be flowing freely up there in them thar Monaro hills, lol.

You say "in recent years the number of Kangaroos increasen 10 times." Must be plague proportions them varmints god damn! lol
Wholly Molly! Them big greys now mug farmers wives from behind while check'n the fences along Big Jack Mountain Road out back?
A huge male too! She got 11 sutures by crike!

So we can expect to see her huge roo scar in the Monaro Post or The Land?

If you go down to the woods today,
You're in for a big suprise.
If you go down to the woods today,
You'll never believe your eyes.
For every bear that ever there was,
Is gathered there for certain because,
Today's the day the teddy bear's have their picnic.

Tiger Quoll
Snowy River 3885

My friend, you let the cat out of the bag. Had your wife not had three dogs running loose on the kangaroo's territory (sorry, I realise you think it's your territory but the kangaroo was here first), I'm 100% certain the kangaroo would not have attacked. He did so because he was afraid of the dogs. In every case of a human being attacked by a kangaroo that I have heard of there was at least one dog off leash nearby. When will people learn to control their dogs? Dogs kill so many kangaroos either directly or by stress myopathy after being chased. I have seen it first hand so I do know what I am talking about. He was only trying to protect his family who would have been nearby. Put yourself in his shoes for a change instead of looking at kangaroos as if they are monsters. They are not. WE ARE!

"It’s embarrassing for Australia that we eat our own wildlife ....I’m here to tell you it’s just not right. Simply do not buy, use or eat kangaroo products”
~ Steve Irwin
Sign the most important petition ever created to help kangar

On Sunday, CEC activists stood up for the people against the genocide lobby, in a public forum in western Sydney which is one of the many forums of this kind being held around Australia. The CEC is fighting back against the well-publicised and "well-funded" (by who?) campaign fronted by “Kill-them” Thomson, Dick Smith and Bob Carr, to lay the blame for the visible crisis in Australia’s economy, such as run-down infrastructure, water shortages, on the number of people in Australia -rather than where the blame really lies, which is their globalisation policies.
This campaign aparently is accused of seeking to impose “solutions” to the manufactured crisis, such as health care rationing, shutting down the Murray-Darling Basin, blocking development of Australia’s northern region, etc. by killing people! Really! There's a difference between the problem and the solution, and cause and effect.
Of course, globalisation has caused a loss of jobs and training, but the problem of excessive population growth is multi-dimensional, and the financial implications of having to provide infrastructure, and artificially supplying water, means that the public ultimately have to pay for it, whether it is supplied by private or public enterprises.
See the web page with the video of the disruption
"“Whether you directly cull people like cattle by killing them en masse, or indirectly by denying economic development, infrastructure and industry, it’s all genocide." The second part is not a definition of "genocide" but one of their own creations! You can't kill people who don't exist!
Their interruptions were crude, inappropriate and showed a lack of intellectual input.
Do they really want to liquidate our natural biological support systems, and our biodiversity, in the quest to crowd as may people into Australia as possible! This idea would be the most foolish and misanthropic plan ever!
One would have to query their true intent, their true agenda?

If the CEC are not working for the government, they should be on the pay-roll.
Like the Socialist Alliance and the Greens, despite claims of wanting big changes, the CEC always seem to support the government of the day's overpopulation agenda and the suppression of democracy.

Dear People of Australia ,

Due to the current financial situation caused by the slowdown of the
Economy, your Government has decided to implement a scheme to put
Workers 50 years of age and older on early retirement. This scheme
Will be known as RAPE (Retire Aged People Early).

Persons selected to be RAPED can apply to the government to be eligible
For the SHAFT scheme (Special Help After Forced Termination).

Persons who have been RAPED and SHAFTED will be reviewed under the
SCREW program (Scheme Covering Retired Early Workers). A person may be
RAPED once, SHAFTED twice and SCREWED as many times as the government
Deems appropriate.

Only persons who have been RAPED can get AIDS (Additional Income for
Dependants & Spouse) or HERPES (Half Earnings for Retired Personnel
Early Severance). Obviously, persons who have AIDS or HERPES will not
Be SHAFTED or SCREWED any further by the government..

Persons who are not RAPED and are staying on, will receive as much SHIT
(Special High Intensity Training) as possible. The government
Has always prided itself in the amount of SHIT it gives out. Should
You feel that you do not receive enough SHIT, please bring this to the
Attention of your local MP. They have been trained to give you all the
SHIT you can handle.


Kevin Rudd

PS: Have a nice life. . . . .

In an Address to the Western Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Workforce Summit in Perth, Senator Chris Evans claimed that the Governments Immigration reform is "designed to provide workforce solutions for the business community".
As a result of previous reforms, the current Government has increased the rate of state-sponsored skilled migration from 29% in 2007-08 to 55% in 2009-10.
At the same time, foreign students are cheating and getting special treatment to ensure they get their degrees, according to evidence gathered in a secret investigation by the Ombudsman. Victorian universities chasing a bigger slice of Australia's $17 billion a year foreign students industry have also been accused of pressuring staff to "dumb down" courses.
Ironically, we have a multi-billion dollar export education industry, but at the same time have "skills shortages" that require immigration to fill!
Perhaps if our universities and colleges had less prohibitive fees and there was more support for domestic students, our own young people, we wouldn't have to import "skills" from overseas! We are being bypassed by foreigners, with lower standards, instead of tax-payers and their offspring having access to good educational standards, training and secure employment.
Our "workforce solutions" should be first and foremost about training and employing our own citizens, many who lack opportunities and jobs, not look overseas!

Re: Vivienne's "Skills shortages" in Australia? comment above (10th June 2010):

In response:

You know anytime Australians call on our governments to consider the needs of those at home before those of foreign lands, Australians are labelled 'protectionist.' Such stereotyping has become a standard kneejerk one-liner response intended to silence dissent over what has become a 'migrants first' policy.

Yet take a look at the contrasting neglect by Australian governments of the first Australians. Many Aboriginal people across Australia in 2010 continue to subsist in in Third World poverty, have Third World infant mortality rates, have Third World life expectancies, and Third World hope. No wonder family breakdown and substance abuse is chronic in many Aboriginal communities.

And take a look at the contrasting neglect by Australian governments of rural Australians. Yes these are the Australians living beyond politicians short-sighted urban and coastal growth focus. Inland rural Australia has a litany of disadvantage. Rural hardship has been compounded by the vagaries of unpredictable weather and other environmental conditions (drought, floods and bushfire); weak commodity prices and deteriorating terms of trade (exacerbated by globalisation and 'free' trade policy); rising farm costs relative to farm prices resulting in declining farm incomes, putting pressure on farming families; and microeconomic reform and the withdrawal of services by both the private sector and governments from rural and remote communities with consequent unemployment.

But the big populations are in the cities, and the more people the more votes, so party politicians focus taxation spending and investment in the cities where the votes are - like wasteful billion dollar desalination plants, more urban motorways, and extravagant events to rival those of aristocratic days of yore. In this way politicians get to stay in office longer to qualify for that big parliamentary pension.

The bush is ignored by our urban-centric governments and so Australia is steadily becoming a class society of 'two nations' of wealthier cities turning their backs on a more impoverished bush.

Local and indigenous rights come naturally before the rights of new comers. First in first served! And I am not talking charity. I am talking real investment in housing, health, affordable living and education.

But Australian governments have been hijacked by increasingly powerful immigrant lobby groups that demand more rights and higher priority for new migrants. They claim they are minority groups and so more worthy.
Well my response is get in the queue! Indigenous have been neglected the longest. They come before newcomers.

So Labor's Immigration Minister Evans is labelling more unsustainable immigration as a 'reform'? But Australian immigration is at record levels. The only 'reform' would be to slow immigration and let Australia's capacity catch up!

So Labor's Immigration Minister Evans is justifying more immigration "designed to provide workforce solutions for the business community". This is a cheap bandaid to make the government's economic data look good. It is a defeatist approach to our own education system for government to claim that we cannot skill up Australians to suit Australian business needs, so therefore we invite in foreigners to take Australian jobs.

Such corrosive thinking is usurping indigenous and local Australians into an increasing under-educated poorer underclass, while migrants get the training and become the new wealthy.

Such anti-Australian policy is a slap in the face to both indigenous and local Australians. It fuels ethnic discontent. It neglects local education and vocational training needs. It views education as an export revenue earner - encouraging our schools and universities to skill and train foreigners who bring new money into the country. They the government labels it a 'foreign students industry' Is this Gillard's phoney 'education revolution'?

I wholeheartedly agree with you...'Our "workforce solutions" should be first and foremost about training and employing our own citizens, many who lack opportunities and jobs, not look overseas!'

This is not protectionism. This is not xenophobic. This is not racism.
This is getting Australian priorities right. This is looking after our own first, then once Australians are out of poverty, out of their Third World living standards, and regained equal opportunities again, any spare capacity can then be channelled to helping new Australians seeking a new life in Australia.

Anyone would think our Australian Government was being run and directed by immigrants.

Our leaders, and so many of our "diverse" community, do not love Australia. Instead of serving the interests of Australians, and the long term interests of Australia, our governments are forcing globalisation onto us, and regional concerns.
Kevin Rudd is a symptom of lack of leadership and patriotism in Australia. This is the sad reality. He has helped the job situation in China with all their exports flooding Australian markets, and helped their economic growth through mining resources, and even helped their "skills shortages" by being able to access our educational institutions. As for climate change, our world-record level of greenhouse gas emissions is being boosted by all our coal reserves, and we are actually exporting climate change around the world!
Our workforce "solutions" should be about investing in Australians instead of outsourcing jobs and manufacturing overseas. We have "students" undercutting the wages and jobs of Australians. Instead of exporting our tertiary education institutions as degree factories, many local potential students are locked out of professions due to lack of course places or excessive HECS/HELP fees. Then more people are imported due to "skills shortages"!

I think its about time Australia woke up to what the useless Rudd Government is up to.This morning it was stated that 189 more Asylum Seekers were being moved to the mainland.Not long ago another load were moved from Christmas Island to the mainland,with the Government spouting that Christmas Island is full.Well if its full send them back.Personally I believe the Australian Government has a plan behind this,to flood Australia with Asylum Seekers,the same as the UK,USA etc.
There are alot of Australians struggling financially now,and their hard earned taxes are paying for all the Doctors,nurses,wide screen TV,s,playstations etc that are placed in these new Asylum Centres.And still the boats keep coming day after day.These Asylum Seekers will be harder to remove now that they are on the mainland..Oh thats strange isnt it?.But the Australian public continue to meander along like nothings wrong.Only concerned with who may win the Footy at the weekend or if the SoccerROOS,will win the world cup,or their huge mortgage dept.The Australian Government doesnt give a hoot about the Australian public and is ripping them off blind,but not a complaint or whisper from anyone.Wakeup Australia before its too late..What a bunch of hypocrits they name their soccer team after our beautiful national icon the Kangaoo,but they slaughter them in their thousands,and now they want to sell their meat to the Parasitical Chinese...What hope is there for this once great nation?

The mayor of Dalby has given a less than enthusiastic response to news Canberra is considering his small Queensland town as a site to house asylum seekers. The federal government is seeking more mainland sites to house asylum seekers because Christmas Island is full. Last summer, the Mayor Ray Brown said the town was in real danger of running out of water and restrictions may be increased to their highest level if the situation doesn't improve.
Cr Brown said the weir is empty and the town's been drawing its water supply from bores.
Queensland towns of Dalby, Toowoomba and Maleny, running out of water Although there were ``some cowboys'' in the town, according to Cr Brown, by and large residents had been extremely frugal in how they had conserved water.
Recently there was the debate on population growth and the need for increased food production. The time comes when flooding some of the most productive farm land in Australia with more people is NOT good idea, and these asylum seekers, no matter how desperate and genuine, will not be given the "welcome mat"!
Australia is already stressed by our world-standard population growth, and adding asylum seekers will not improve our already maligned "racist" image.

Underpinning debate on the Mining Super Profits Tax is the principle that: ALL AUSTRALIANS OWN EQUALLY ALL THE MINERALS BELOW THE EARTH.

I'm a 4th generation Aussie - no big deal. But one of my great-grandfathers came from a tin mine in Cornwall to the Gympie gold rush.
One grandfather worked on the railways. I myself once worked in the assay laboratory at Mt Isa Mines. My brother and his wife have worked as medicos in remote WA towns. In a way, I feel that over 130 years my family has "contributed" in some way to the mining industry and the infrastructure that supports it. We have earned our share of Australia's mineral wealth.

Why then does a new migrant, or a new refugee get given an equal share of all those present and future minerals?

After a few homeless years, I live in a South Melbourne community boarding house. The management has given the room next to mine to an overseas student. The 40-yr old tertiary educated Australian alchoholic who used to live in that room, is now on the streets. If SouthPort Housing starts to give rooms to Indian students, affordable inner-city housing will become even rarer than hens teeth. And us old Aussies will all be out on the streets.

To RichB -
You won't have to wait very long to see stricter border protection policies implemented. The Rudd outfit is going to be thrown out in an election rout like you have never seen. If it is closer than most expect, just pray that Gillard does not replace Rudd - her extreme left-wing ideals will INCREASE immigration. However, if you read the online newspaper comments, it's reasonably apparent that the Rudd-Gillard Labor government is finished.
What astounds me is that the incompetent Kitchen Cabinet (Rudd, Gillard, Tanner and Swan) ignored adverse public feedback on the issue of illegals forcing their way into our country until there has been so much damage there is no time to rectify it before the election. It is all too fresh in voter memories.
Why they have not learned any lessons from the UK open order experience is beyond most of us.

Ellen, the signs of hope are there. With Penrith paving the way for the outcome of the Federal election, those of us who want Australia's borders protected may achieve what has so unjustly been denied.

I don't want to see Gillard as Australia's Prime Minister. Now or ever. She would be even further out of her depth than Rudd.

Our country has lost its character under Rudd/Gillard Labor - under our very noses we have been taken in directions that we did not expect. We do not have endless resources, our Centrelink benefit system cannot continue to absorb cost of assistance for long-term, self-invited reliant newcomers.

Rudd/Gillard Labor's arrogance in refusing to respond appropriately to the public's concerns about open borders is the major reason they will go. On top of all other things, what we are most concerned about is the preservation of Australian culture and the right to determine who comes here, and when.

My other hope is that Australia will not acquiesce to what now appears to be a passing affair with globalisation. I hope to see our beautiful country remain independent, to make our own decisions, and not be pressured or over-influenced by outfits like the United Nations.

What we have is unique. I just pray that we can stay wise.

In response to the two above comments,

1. 'Lack of fervour and patriotism for Australia' by Anonymous 12th June 2010,
2. 'Asylum Seekers' by RichB 13th June 2010.

Australia is the free-est and most liberal nation on the planet.
Alternative democracies like Britain and the United States don't come close.
But that is not to say we cannot learn from comparable democracies like Canada and Switzerland.

What Australians are slack about is recognising our special culture, values and living standards and then realising these are all under threat by privileged politicians living an aristocratic life and by wealthy newcomers from abroad demanding they import their preferred customs and lesser standards that are incompatible with Australian best practice.

Never give up on the hope of our great nation! Australia is without doubt world's best practice for humanity. This is not a biased comment. Test it and simply travel overseas!

Travel to Gundagai and witness first hand the many rural ordinary Australians from the bush that sacrificed everything for their country - tragic memorials survive in the traditional town of Gundagai from not just WWII, but WWI, and indeed from the Boer War.

These Australians fought for Australia to be a free and liberal nation not to be overrun by foreign cultures. My great uncle was 'killed in action' at Mont Brehain, France in October 1918, a month short of Armistice.
Australians need to stop being complacent!