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French Riots prove that Permaculture is the only viable future

We like to blame politicians for the lack of action on climate change. But how prepared are people to really pay the price of change? We like to imagine that all politicians need to do is cleverly tax carbon and magically renewable energies will arise to take their place. The situation in France shows the fault in this thinking. Renewables cannot possibly replace fossil fuel - not on the scale needed to avert environmental disaster. Someone must pay the price - and it is the poor who get hurt most.

Frankston Council - Climate Change Deniers?

So in the week before school children around the world protested about government inaction on climate change, Frankston City Council voted to expend fossil-fuel resources to enable increased recreation also based on fossil fuels.

Council on Nov 19, 2018 voted in favour of further pursuing a breakwater at Frankston Beach. This is after the Frankston Beach Association requested modelling to determine the impacts. The modelling report was released and the community given only three days to read, understand and respond to it before Council made its decision.

The break water will require regular fossil-fuel driven dredging to keep it navigable. This will allow more recreational boaters and jet skiiers (already despised by most locals) to launch and roar around Frankston and Seaford beaches.

Why is the US Media and Foreign Policy Establishment Targeting Russia?

The antagonism towards Russia by U.S. media and foreign policy elites goes far beyond allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. elections. Paul Jay of The Real News interviews
Larry Wilkerson, retired United States Army Colonel and former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. Wilkerson was the 2009 recipient of the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence. This hour-long interview goes much further and wider than most on this issue. You won't agree with every idea expressed here, but you will be stimulated by many of them, because Wilkerson is intelligent, learned, and unfettered. I have not previously seen a debate cover so much history and geography. They look at the Middle East, Syria, of course, and at petro-politics and climate change. Russia's motives, attitudes. Bill Clinton's incursion into Georgia. Nazis in Ukraine and US encouragement of them. They look at the rise of China and the one belt road. At the reasons for conflict within Saudi Arabia. And they worry about the United States and MSN beating the war drums for Iran. At the end Wilkerson says what strategic advice he would give Trump, if he had the opportunity. Part of that advice is that America has too many enemies and how Trump might reduce the amount. And, finally, how the US, which is trillions of dollrs in debt, with about 20% of the productivity it had in its heyday, might go about partly sharing with and partly relinquising power to China.

Melbourne Heat Island Effect by Kelvin Thomson

Last year I did research into, and gave speeches about, the public health benefits of public open space. [See also, "Kelvin Thomson: Too few trees make high-density Coburg and Glenroy risky during heat waves"] My view about the importance of this is reinforced by recent statements in the Moreland Leader by University of Sydney Associate Professor Tonia Gray that research shows that neighbourhoods with more green spaces are much healthier and socially cohesive. She says, "Nature has a calming effect, it recalibrates your body. Australian kids spend an average of 52 hours a week in front of a screen but an average of 40 minutes outside". (Originally published at

California Population growth increases climate fear: Lessons for Australia


California has 157 endangered or threatened species, looming water shortages, eight of the 10 most air-polluted cities in the country and 725 metric tons of trash 1 washing up on its coast each year.

California also has 38 million people, up 10 percent in the last decade, including 10 million immigrants. They own 32 million registered vehicles and 14 million houses. By 2050, projections show 51 million people living in the state, more than twice as many as in 1980.

Thank you, Geoff from AussieBushTrek, for e-mailing this.

Doomsday Auction

The joke is on you, you green fool! You and your idiot faith without evidence! Your techno-optimism and cornucopian denial! Renewable technology? What a laugh! Who did you think you were kidding? Mr. Jevons? What a paradox! Smart growth? Ha! What's next, "Smart" cancer? "Smart" extinction? "Smart" deforestation?

Recipe for Nuclear Winter

Has the prospect of global temperature rises between two and six degrees centigrade got you down? Don’t worry, for the world might well be in for a cooling trend. The kind that comes after the planet is enveloped in a canopy of ash and debris following a thermo-nuclear war.
See also: The myth of renewable energy of 22 Nov 11

Will there ever be a real debate on sustainability?

Most objections to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's Carbon Tax are founded on the apparent belief that it is possible for human society to continue its wasteful consumption of non-renewable natural resources and destruction of our natural environment without posing any risk to the life support system which exists in this tiny corner of a Universe, mostly barren of life.

However, compared to what can be done and what must be done if human civilisation is to hope to further endure for a period which even remotely approaches the 32,000 years since our ancestors left evidence of intelligence probably equaling our own in the in the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave of the Ardèche department of southern France, the proposed Carbon Tax is a joke in extremely poor taste.

This article was adapted from a comment I made in response to A long time coming … an article by Professor John Quiggin written on 13 October. It has yet to draw a response there. If any visitors to decide that this article is more worthy of a response than visitors to have so far indicated, comments, whether critical or supportive, are most welcome.

Misguided Progress

Unless there's economic growth, we're not making progress
Unless the trucks rumble along the roads, we're not making progress
Unless the engines of industry are turning, we're not making progress
Unless the factories and mills belch out smoke, we're not making progress
Unless our armies are on the move, we're not making progress

Until we respect the planet, we won't progress.

Who's Shilling for Whom?

This not, repeat, NOT, an argument for or against AGW theory. It is about green hypocrisy and double-standards. If we are to follow the corporate money trail, we must follow it wherever it leads, even if it leads to the door of a CBC-annointed demi-god so beloved internationally by those who know him even less than Canadians do.

Global warming melts Peruvian peaks

Heavy rain triggered the slides and swept away roads, leaving the tourists stuck in Aguas Calientes, a small town near the Inca ruins. Peru has the most tropical glaciers in Latin America and has already lost 20 percent of the 2,600 kms of glaciers running through its central and southern Andes in the past 30 years. By the end of the 21st century, the tropical Andes may experience a massive warming on the order of 4.5–5 °C.
(photos courtesy of Wikimedia commons)

Pine Island glacier loss must force another look at sea-level forecasts

New research suggest that just two collapsing West Antarctic glaciers could add another half a metre to sea levels this century making the Victorian and Queensland governments' "upper boundary" sea-level rise estimates of 0.8 metres by 2100 already obsolete.

Article originally published on on 24 jan 10.
See also: How the Murdoch press got it wrong on the Himalayan big melt of 21 Jan 10, A climate con: Analysis of the "Copenhagen Accord" of 24 Dec 09, ...

"Glacier gate" How the Murdoch press have got it wrong on the Himalayan big melt

Recently, the Murdoch press have continued their campaign of climate denial and delay by giving front-page prominence to a five-day-old story attacking the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predictions of glacial melt in the Himalayan-Tibetan ranges by 2035.

Originally published on
See also:,, Signs of change in the Himalayas as Copenhagen summit begin in the Guardian of 6 Dec 09, The Tragedy of the Himalayas in Time magazine of 7 Dec 09, Vanishing glaciers jolt smokestack China in The Sunday Times of 8 Nov 09, Himalayan sherpas bugged by the sight of house flies at 5,000m in the Guardian of 12 Oct 09, Tibet most harmed by global warming in the China Daily of 7 May 09, Black soot and the survival of Tibetan glaciers by James Hansen, GISS brief, Dec 09.

The 2009 Copenhagen Conference “took note” of Accord, but it did not progress beyond a talk fest

The 2009 Copenhagen Conference “took note” of an 'Accord'.

Well, what a hell of an expensive note taking exercise that was!

The full cost of the Copenhagen Conference should be disclosed including all return flights, accommodation, livestock killed and A4 paper printed off, etc. Given that green house gases are their specialty, the conference hosts (the UN) should also disclose the total tonnage of greenhouse gas emissions of this latest Conference of the Parties (COP15). This then must become the decadent standard never to be exceeded in future.

See also: "A climate con: Analysis of the 'Copenhagen Accord' of 21 Dec 09.

Illusions on the edge of a climate precipice

David Spratt, co-author of Climate Code Red, shows that the Rudd Government's climate change policies are a hollow pretence at doing what is urgently needed to prevent the looming global catastrophe.

Originally published in the Age of 19 Oct 09. See also:

The Deceptive Green of "The Age" newspaper

Robert Nelson's "Deceptive green of suburban gardens," is another of those insidious articles that keep on coming out of The Age newspaper. Here we are presented with the false dichotomy of the continued existence of the evil - but green - suburbs OR the necessity of greatly increasing population density by destroying them to 'save the environment'. Neither is true; in the article people's private gardens are quite unfairly blamed for our environmental problems and the cause of those intensifying problems is actually presented as if it were a solution.

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Rebuilding after the bush-fire holocaust

"I am fast starting to think that all the things that make a house energy inefficient also make it more prone to bush fire destruction." Mike Stasse, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consultant, and qualified Building Energy Rating Assessor, writes about the pit-falls of design-fashion in homes. Mike designed and built his own house and is entirely self-sufficient.

See also: "Fire bunkers could have helped in the Victorian fires" of 10 Feb 09

Kangaroo Meat: Why it's Not Good Bush Tucker!

If you don't think there is a health risk involved in kangaroo consumption (for yourself or your pets); think that the solution to livestock-caused greenhouse gases is eating kangaroo meat; haven't considered the reasons why in fact kangaroos could NEVER be farmed; still believe the myth that there are plagues of kangaroos out there that need to be 'culled'; and that it's a humane, well-regulated industry involving no suffering to kangaroos, you need to read this article.....

Darling Downs community threatened with open-cut mine and coal-to-liquid plant

Whilst the Bligh Government has scrapped the environmentally damaging shale oil mining project in the Whitsundays, a rural community further south faces the threats of an open cut coal-mine and coal-to-liquid plant in their midst. These projects could devastate one of this country’s most beautiful & fertile valleys, pollute the Murray Darling river system, destroy nationally significant populations of rare & endangered species, and produce huge quantities of Greenhouse gases.

See also:, Qld farmers want new rules for mining in Sunshine Coast Daily of 2 Sep 08.

Old-growth carbon findings cause forest protection schism

Earth's Newsdesk argues that major environmental groups like Greenpeace, the Rainforest Action Network should fight to prevent any further logging of ancient old-growth forests rather than focussing merely on establishing a few protected areas, given recent reports which show that these forests have a far greater potential to prevent global warming than had been previously realised.

Discuss this article :

Minister Garrett can stop massive Shoalwater coal port this week

Demand that former protest singer and former President of the Australian Conservation Society Peter Garrett use his ministerial powers to prevent the tripling of Australia's coal exports by 2030 and prevent the destruction of Shoalwater Bay.

Krill harvesting adds to global warming

Why the over-exploitation of krill from Antarctic waters threaten global warming as well as the health of the endangered Minke whale.

Australian aid to preserve overseas rainforests does not absolve it from domestic rainforest destruction

Australia's show of concern for forests in the Asia Pacific region, whilst welcomed by Ecological Internet is in stark contrast to its domestic tolerance of the destruction of ancient primary forests.

Originally published on on 21 August 2008.

Immigration to U.S. increases global greenhouse gas emissions

Once again Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May was wrong in her contention that immigration was a "trivial aspect of the world's and the country's environmental problems", as only 3% of the global population was on the move. So "stop beating up on immigrants." Well this report by the Centre for Immigration Studies reveals that immigration to the United States is putting the whole world, not just the US, in deep trouble. There is a message for Canada and Australia here too.

Capricornia Conservation Council fights expansion of Queensland coal industry

A public meeting is to be held at Yeppoon Town Hall at 7PM on Wed 30 July to save Shoalwater Bay and fight Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's plans to expand Queensland's climate-changing coal industry.

See also, About Coal

Green Paper dumps Garnaut to deliver for Costa on compo

In a last ditch attempt to rescue NSW Treasurer Michael Costa's electricity privatisation push, the Rudd government has ignored Professor Ross Garnaut's opposition to compensating power stations for the costs of emissions trading, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

Desperate Costa launches counter-offensive against Garnaut

NSW Treasurer Michael Costa's misleading attack on climate change reviewer Professor Ross Garnaut's emissions trading proposal is a last-ditch attempt to rescue the Iemma government's electricity privatisation push, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.


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