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Qld elections

About the Queensland state elections

The Queensland state elections were hurriedly called by Premier Anna Bligh on Monday 23 February after months of speculation, principally fueled by Rupert Murdoch's Courier Mail newspaper.

Electorates: Burdekin, Mount Coot-tha, Glass House, Mount Coot-tha, Mount Ommaney, Noosa, Redlands, South Brisbane

, Southern Downs

Links: Election results by electorate, "Queenslanders have correctly chosen the lesser of two evils" in forum discussion "My election night" of 22 Mar 09 on John Quiggin's blog,,,,, Ashley's guide to Queensland independents.

Why Queenslanders must demand new and fair state elections

In the March 2009 Queensland elections, called early and conveniently before the Auditor General's damning reports on Health and Transport, Labor clung to power by concealing the likely privatisation of publicly owned assets and promising to maintain the state fuel subsidy. Regaining office, the fuel subsidy went, charges for registration and public transport rocketed and a $15 billion public asset fire sale was announced - although opposed by 79% of the Queensland public


This is not democracy. This is not honest. It is not even polite. Help create a ground-swell by signing the e-petition calling for a new election. Not sure? Read why in this article.

Originally published: 8 Jan 10. Updated and revised: 12 Jan 10.
See also: "Anti-privatisation candidate confronts Queensland Treasurer" of 2 Jan 09, Open letter to Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser asking that any planned privatisations be put to the public at forthcoming elections of 17 Feb 09.

Anti-privatisation candidate confronts Queensland Treasurer

James Sinnamon debates Andrew Fraser on Privatisation and government encouragement of overpopulation in Queensland, proposing alternatives - Film. Filmed on Sunday, 30 November. Lasts 21 minutes. In three films on You-tube - links inside this article. 2nd & 3rd film of most interest. Please pass round to your Queensland contacts, but, since privatisation is coming up in other States again - notably in Victoria - this should interest people outside Queensland. See film inside

Queensland Rail workers strike against theft of public assets

The Queensland Government's $15 billion asset fire sale is but the latest salvo in a long undeclared war that it has been waging on trade unionists together with the rest of the Queensland public for years. With the strike by 1,300 Queensland Rail workshop employees against the fire sale, it is finally getting a taste of its own medicine.

Update, 11 Dec 09: A Brisbane Times poll question "Do you support rail workers decision to strike against the Queensland Government asset sell-off?" had

68% of respondents voting 'yes'.

ABC dismisses complaint claiming privatisation not 'newsworthy' in 2009 Queensland elections

Five weeks after I made my complaint, the ABC has responded. The reponse defends the ABC Brisbane local Radio journalists' failure to hold to account the Queensland Government over these issues: privatisation, encouragement of runaway population growth, housing unaffordabilty, plans to triple our coal exports as the polar ice caps melt, and the devastation of agricultural and wilderness areas by open cut coal mining, etc. The ABC deems these issues not to be newsworthy.

See also: "Brisbane ABC suppresses alternative candidates in state elections despite listener dismay with major parties" of 30 Apr 09, "Brisbane's local ABC radio fails to hold Anna Bligh to account over privatisation" of 28 May 09.

Dorothy Pratt slams Queensland Government privatisation deceit

Dorothy Pratt, Independent member for Nanango, exposes the deceit and shortsightedness of the Queensland Government's asset fire sale, announced not during the election campaign concluded on 21 March, but only only eight weeks afterwards.

See also: Dorothy Pratt's web-site at

Privatisation - let the owners decide : an open letter to Anna Bligh

James Sinnamon, who stood as an independent candidate in the 2009 Queensland state elections, put to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh that as she denied the Queensland public their democratic right to settle the issue of privatisation at the recent elections, in spite of his own hard efforts to draw her attention to the issue, that she either withdraw her privatisation plans, or put the issue to a referendum.

See also: Queensland Government has no mandate to privatise of 27 May 09,"Open letter to Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser asking that any planned privatisations be put to the public at forthcoming elections" of 17 Feb 09, "Brisbane's local ABC radio fails to hold Anna Bligh to account over privatisation" of 28 May 09, "Brisbane ABC suppresses alternative candidates in state elections despite listener dismay with major parties" of 30 Apr 09. Courier Mail Readers comments about privatisation, 299 so far, nearly all opposed.

What you can do to prevent the theft of your property:
Sign the petition against privatisation;
Attend protests against privatisation outside the state Labor Party conference this Queen's Birthday weekend including a protest organised by the ETU for Sunday at 11am.

Postscript: 'Reply' of 16 Jun 09 from Premier Anna Bligh. Update (5 June 09): Anna Bligh's own Labor Party branch votes unanimously for her expulsion.. See story in the Courier Mail.

Brisbane's local ABC radio fails to hold Anna Bligh to account over privatisation

Brisbane's local ABC radio morning presenter Madonna King failed to use knowledge that she had in her hands that would have demolished Queensland Premier Bligh's excuse for not raising the issue of privatisation during the recent state elections. When I tried to phone the ABC to put this knowledge directly to the Premier, I was cut off.

See also: ABC's response in "ABC dismisses complaint claiming privatisation not 'newsworthy' in 2009 Queensland elections" of 10 Jun 09, "Brisbane ABC suppresses alternative candidates in state elections despite listener dismay with major parties" of 30 Apr 09, "Queensland Government has no mandate to privatise" of 27 May 09.

Queensland Government has no mandate to privatise

In response to the Queensland state Government's threat to conduct a "Shock Doctrine" style asset fire sale, James Sinnamon, who stood as an independent anti-privatisation candidate in the recent Queensland state elections sent an e-mail to the Murdoch-owned Courier Mail newspaper, which pointed out the Queensland Government had not gained any mandate to sell any publicly owned assets. Copies were sent to every state member of Parliament including Treasurer Andrew Fraser and Premier Anna Bligh.

Update: (27 May 09) (1) A Courier Mail online poll, published on 27 May had 91% of respondents answer 'No' to the question, "Should the state Government sell public assets to help the Budget?"
(2) Although the Courier Mail published a number of letters concerning privatisation, all opposed, mine was not included.

See also: "Open letter to Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser asking that any planned privatisations be put to the public at forthcoming elections" of 17 Feb 09, "Brisbane's local ABC radio fails to hold Anna Bligh to account over privatisation" of 28 May 09, "Brisbane ABC suppresses alternative candidates in state elections despite listener dismay with major parties" of 30 Apr 09.

Brisbane ABC suppresses alternative candidates in state elections despite listener dismay with major parties

Brisbane's local ABC radio station 612 disregarded its own listeners' expressed dissatisfaction with both the major parties when, during the 2009 Queensland state elections, it refused any air time to local independent candidates. Instead, virtually all the available time was given over to candidates from the governing Labor Party or the Opposition Liberal National Party, who even according to the ABC's own listeners, provided little useful information.

Courier Mail, ABC back Department of Main Roads land grab

On 25 March Madonna King, the morning presenter of Brisbane's local ABC radio station gave her listeners a small glimpse of how the Queensland Government's frenzy of road construction is destroying the lives of many ordinary citizens. However, the case of those standing up to the Government was undermined when she stated that 'you can't stop progress', a view which curiously echoes what was stated in the previous day's editorial in the Courier Mail, which her husband is editor of.

How second Brisbane runway threatens massacre of migratory birds

During the recent Queensland state elections, environment medicine specialist Dr Andrew Jeremijenko, who stood as a Greens Candidate for Clayfield, explained how the second planned runway for Brisbane Airport, as well as being a scandalous waste of the world's diminishing stocks of natural resources and threatening to destroy the quality of life of many residents of his electorate, poses a deadly threat to migratory birds in the world heritage protected RAMSAR wetlands in the flight path of the new runway.

What you can do: Urgently send to info [AT] a submission advising of your objection to the new runway by Monday 30 March.

Includes appendix "Wildlife body attacks airport bird shooting"

What was achieved by my election campaign?

The recently concluded Queensland elections were massively rigged against independent candidates like myself and the Greens. So too were the Brisbane City Council elections of a year ago in which I stood for Lord Mayor. Not entirely unexpectedly, my vote was low. Should such a result dissuade a candidate, who offers a real alternative to the two major parties, from standing again?

Does it matter whether the Liberal National Party or Labor win Queensland elections?

There are very many good reasons for voters to vote out the Bligh Labour Government. This is reflected in an opinion poll published in today's Courier Mail which shows that 57% don't believe that Labor deserves to win. However 57% of voters also don't believe that Lawrence Springborg's Liberal National Party deserves to win either. My own view is that electing a Springborg Liberal National Government would be leading Queensland out of the frying pan and into the fire.

How Queensland Government addiction to poker machine revenue has destroyed local live music

The Queensland Government's over-the-top enforcement of noise pollution laws has driven live music from your local pub. Consequently youth have to travel long distances to music venues plagued with drugs and violence to obtain their entertainment.

Historic Yungaba to become a gated community of luxury apartments - candidates' responses

Whilst hopes to save the historic Yungaba migrant hostel have been dashed by Minister for Infrastructure and Planning Paul Lucas's decision to use extraordinary powers to 'call in' the development application for Yungaba. Nevertheless, the Yungaba Action Group believes that the responsible politicians, including those now standing for re-election, should be held to account for their defiance of community wishes.

Media release: Lawrence Springborg out of step with the public on privatisation

Media Release, Thur 19 Mar 09

During an interview on Brisbane ABC local radio's Madonna King show, on 19 March, Lawrence Springborg told listeners that he has 'no objection' to the further sell-off of publicly-owned assets. I responded with an e-mail which challenged Mr Springborg to justify that view before the Queensland voters in a public debate.

Survey of candidates' stances on privatisation, population growth, the environment, etc.

I am conducting a survey to inform Queensland electors of the intentions of candidates on a number of critical issues, which are getting little coverage in the newsmedia. Issues dealt with include privatisation, population growth, immigration, coal exports, the threatened destruction of farming land and natural habitat by mining companies, housing unaffordability and full employment through the expansion of the public sector. More detailed responses can be found here.

To go straight to survey results for any electorate, click on the letter from those following, with which the name of that electorate begins: A B C D E F G H I K L M N P R S T W Y

Independent candidate responds to water policy Questionnaire

The Save the Mary River Brisbane Group has contacted all candidates contesting the Queensland elections to ask for their views on the proposed Traveston Dam and related issues such as water recycling. I sent my responses almost immediately. I cc'd my responses to a number of other candidates and invited them to send me their responses for publication on this web site.

Update: 17 Mar 09: Response from Mount Coot-tha candidates published.
Briefly: Candidates in favour of damming the Mary River and driving the lungfish to extinction: Andrew Fraser
Candidates against damming the Mary River: James Sinnamon, Larissa Waters, John Pollard.

See also:

Questionairre to candidates in Mount Coot-tha electorate.

Andrew Fraser's three different responses to a question on privatisation

James Sinnamon, independent candidate for Mount Coot-tha, has attempted to get the Labor and Liberal National Parties to make a clear commitment to Queensland electors, who are overwhelmingly opposed to privatisation, to block any further sell-off of state government owned assets, but has yet to get a clear response. So, far state Labor Treasurer, against whom James Sinnamon is standing, has given three different responses.

See also: "Open letter to Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser asking that any planned privatisations be put to the public at forthcoming elections" of 17 Feb 09, "Independent candidate seeks categorical assurance against privatisation from Laurence Springborg" of 11 Mar 09, "Why I am contesting the Queensland state elections as an independent" of 9 Mar 09,

Moreton Bay fishing Green Zones

Heather Steinberg, Independent candidate for Redland explains the pitfalls with the Moreton Bay fishing Green Zones.

Heather Steinberg - Independent for Redlands

Heather Steinberg is standing as an Independent for Redlands. She is standing on a platform of tougher penalties for sex offenders, in particular child sex offenders.

See also: "Protesting police officer runs for politics" in the Brisbane Times of 10 Mar 09,

Burdekin Greens candidate: break neck industrialisation threatens Bowen region environment

A letter sent by Independent candidate for Mount Coot-tha, James Sinnamon to Greens MP Ronan Lee, asking for his support in his efforts to raise the issue of privatisation as an elections issue, has drawn a sympathetic response from some Green candidates. One response came from Maria MacDonald, a resident of Bowen, who is contesting the seat of Burdekin. In her letter, Maria also describes how a planned Chinese owned aluminum refinery, imposed by the Queensland Government without any consultation with the Bowen Community, threatens nearby wetlands with devastation.

See also: "Impacts of the Chalco Aluminium Refinery if located near Bowen" of 2007 on Mackay Conservation Group web site, forum discussion of 31 Mar 09 on Larvatus Prodeo.

Qld Greens: 'competitive' market a calamity for electricity consumers

Robert Huston, Greens candidate for the suburban Brisbane seat of Mount Ommaney, describes how the inefficiencies caused by the corporatisation of the electricity sector, the privatisation of the retail arm Energex and the supposedly 'competitive' market have cost Queensland electricity consumers dearly.

Jenny Fitzgibbon, Greens candidate for Glass House

Standing for Green Jobs, renewable energy technologies, preventative health, sustainable livelihood and culture. Check out the Queensland Greens Green Jobs, Energy and Sustainable Water Policies here.

Original statement on Queensland greens web site. See also:

Independent candidate seeks categorical assurance against privatisation from Laurence Springborg

This letter is the second part of my response to Lawrence Springborg's answer to an e-mail I sent to him and a number of other candidates. That initial e-mail included my response to a questionnaire from the Save the Mary River Brisbane Group I recently sent him. (This letter has also been published on

(now archived by Australian National Library's Pandora service).)

"Meet the candidate" night - Mt Coot-tha electorate

The Brisbane Inner West Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a "Meet the candidate" Night on Monday 16 March at 6.30PM at the Brisbane Workers' Community Centre in Paddington.

Cate Molloy corrects Noosa hospital

The Candidate for Independent Noosa today dismissed the critical comments made about her by Noosa Hospital community Spokesperson Mr Rusty Fraser (The (Sunshine Coast) Daily 7/3/09) and argued that his comments were not only misleading but also mischievous in themselves.

See also:

Lawrence Springborg responds to Brisbane Save The Mary River Questionnaire

On 8 March I responded to a questionnaire from the Brisbane Save The Mary River group and sent copies to other candidates contesting the seat of Mount Coot-tha, as well as to Premier Anna Bligh and to Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg. Lawrence Springborg replied almost immediately that same day. I responded to ask that he act against the principle driver of .Queensland's water crises, namely population growth now actively encouraged by the Bligh Government.


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