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Japan's bogus "scientific whaling" continues - under a "new" plan?

The “new” plan sets a target of capturing 333 minke whales annually as part of a 12-year-long research effort "to achieve conservation of [Antarctic marine ecosystem] resources while pursuing their sustainable utilization and to understand and predict the effects of factors such as climate change."

Japan needs to have more "sampling" of whale demographic data, so they must kill more widely and extend their illegal whaling program!

"After giving serious scientific consideration, it has been concluded that age data at the annual scale can be obtained only through lethal sampling methods, and thus lethal methods need to be employed under this program," the plan said.

Broken Promise to send Customs Vessel to monitor Japan's illegal whale killings

Environment Minister Greg Hunt justified the downgrade of a customs vessel to a plane to monitor Japan's illegal whaling, saying that "we want them to be aware that there will be monitoring – independent monitoring which from an aerial position can take independent vision of what occurs.''

There's no scientific or economic justification for Japan's whale slaughter in the Southern Ocean, where they are internationally protected. We already know what Japan plans to do in the Antarctic.

Whale ecology means enrichment of the oceans and carbon dioxide reduction

Studies have found that whales increase the population of plankton which bolsters the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. If Japan is justifying their illegal whale slaughter under the smoke-screen of "scientific research", then their junk science must be exposed to enforce their removal. Clearly, it is erroneous to claim, as the three whaling countries tout, that whales compete with their commercial fisheries. Rather, they enhance them.

Champion of anti-whaling at mercy of Japanese court

Japanese whaling pirates raiding Australia's southern whale sanctuary every year poach all the whales they want, spin their exposed lie of scientific research to a complicit whaling commission bureaucracy that must exist only for the club sandwiches at meetings.

And what has Rudd-the-Dudd done to protect Australia's southern ocean and indeed its sovereignty from raiding Japanese poachers arriving from some 10,000km to the north? Squat, except publicly froth and bubble yet with no action like all his other core and non-core populist empty promises.

Now Peter Bethune is paying the price of Australia's bending over for Japanese whaling pirates to plunder and kidnap foreign nationals on the high seas as they please.

Australia's Antarctic Territory is being flouted by Japan

According to the Antarctic Treaty, it shall be used for peaceful purposes only. There shall be prohibited any measure of a military nature, such as the establishment of military bases and fortifications, the carrying out of military manoeuvres, as well as the testing of any type of weapon.
Australian Antarctic Division guidelines for visiting the Antarctic include ensuring that "wildlife and vegetation are not disturbed". 

Scientific research has revealed that whaling is not a ‘harvest of a sustainable resource.’

Whaling is threatening newly-discovered deep-sea creatures with extinction, according to research by biological oceanographer Craig Smith. He is sounding the alarm that whaling continues to be a threat to these ecosystems. 'We must recognise that the oceans consist of a group of tightly connected ecosystems – over-fishing or pollution in surface waters is bound to cause problems hundreds of metres below.'

Denmark's shame.... what an atrocity, a sad shame!

Denmark's shame.... what an atrocity, a sad shame. Around 950 Long-finned Pilot Whales are killed annually, mainly during the summer. During the cut of a pilot whale's spine, their main arteries also get cut. Because of this the surrounding sea tends to turn a spectacular bloody red. Entire schools of whales are killed on the shore and in the shallows of bays with knives which are used to sever the major blood supply to the brain.

Krill harvesting adds to global warming

Why the over-exploitation of krill from Antarctic waters threaten global warming as well as the health of the endangered Minke whale.

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