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save the planet

If 'planet cost' was embedded in consumerism...?

If full environmental costs were embedded into consumer product pricing, then the price of high environmental cost consumer products would rise, making them less affordable and so consumption would fall and so reduce the impact on the planet.

Conspicuous consumption and decadence deserves taxing, because its real costs are destructive on the planet and need to be curbed for the planet's health and ours.

Kangaroo Meat: Why it's Not Good Bush Tucker!

If you don't think there is a health risk involved in kangaroo consumption (for yourself or your pets); think that the solution to livestock-caused greenhouse gases is eating kangaroo meat; haven't considered the reasons why in fact kangaroos could NEVER be farmed; still believe the myth that there are plagues of kangaroos out there that need to be 'culled'; and that it's a humane, well-regulated industry involving no suffering to kangaroos, you need to read this article.....

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