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Third World

World Population Day - what helps keep populations sustainable?

July 11 was World Population Day, marking the day in 1987 when the world’s population passed five billion. This year’s theme is ‘Fight Poverty: Educate Girls.’ Most people think of overpopulation as something that occurs primarily in the 'third world', or if, as in Australia, it occurs with high immigration, they see this process as different from the one that caused the problems in the third world. In fact what is happening in Australia, Canada and the United States, is just what happened to India and Africa and every other now-third-world country.

Population key to global food crisis

Vermont writer David Grundy argues that it is well past time that religious extremists in the United States were disregarded so that desperately needed family planning aid could be sent to the Third World in order to stop the current food crisis from getting worse.

Original article published on 5 Jun 08 in

See also Why is the UN so complacent in the face of over-population peril? of 2 Jul 08 by Brian McGavin, Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis of 4 Jul 08 by Aditya Chakrabortty.

“Better to have children in Ethiopia than UK”

Doctors' advice to Britons: have fewer children and help save the planet from The Guardian, Friday July 25 2008

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