John Quiggin's failure to grasp the resources shortage crisis

The following was originally -85242">posted as a response to an article by Social Democratic economist Professor John Quiggin on his blog site on 5 June 2006. In the article he stated “Most natural resources have actually become cheaper, but even in cases where prices have risen, such as that of oil, the economic impact has been marginal, relative to the long-run trend of increasing income”. Professor Quiggin places himself somewhere between the extreme of 'deep brown' (i.e. for full steam ahead with economic growth) and the other supposed extreme of 'deep green'. However, the practical implications of his approach have been shown to have been disastrously short of what was, and is, required.


Wayburn contra Hanson

Peak Oil, Overshoot, Crash, and Dieoff No one has done more or better work than Jay Hanson to acquaint interested persons with Hubbert’s concept of Peak Oil. On his website{1}, Jay has described Overshoot, Crash, and Dieoff well enough for all of us. This work does not need to be repeated. However, there is another side to Jay: Authoritarianism and Intolerance It seems that, corresponding to egalitarian tastes and authoritarian tastes, there has been a right and left wing of every political movement: Nazis, Communists, and, now, Peakers. Apparently, Mr. Hanson is almost completely self-taught. I cannot find any reference to a university background of any type. Like many such people Jay made money in the computer business and, probably, considers himself a self-made man. Regrettably, some people of that description are given to right-wing tendencies. Presumably, they imagine that, since they “made it”, everyone can make it; and, it’s their own fault if they don’t. Jay belongs to the right wing of the Peak Oil movement whereas I belong to the left wing.