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The 'politically incorrect' issue of whether or not a society such as a Australia has the right to control its population levels through immigration controls

Gillard right to rule out importing teachers

Julia Gillard is to be congratulated for ruling out the recruitment of overseas trained teachers to fill deficiencies in the training of Australian teachers, according to Sustainable Population Australia inc (SPA).

Overpopulation, immigration, multiculturalism and the White Australia policy

On December 4, 2003, Australia’s population was estimated at 20 million and projected to reach about 30 million by 2050. Slightly less than 50 per cent of this growth rate resulted from net overseas immigration. By 5 November 2007, Australia’s population had ballooned by more than one twentieth of itself (or 5.66 per cent) to 21,131,216 and was projected to reach 34 million by 2050. In fact, with that growth rate of 1.5 per cent per annum, it is on course to double within less than 50 years. Annual immigration has been responsible for more than half this growth, even though the birth-rate had increased in a context of misleading pronatalist propaganda.

Canadian Socialist and Green Icons contest multiculturalism

Multiculturalism is Canada's Ingsoc, a state ideology so powerfully pervasive that few in the media, in the educational institutions or the political parties would dare challenge it.

Argument with a socialist zealot

Arguing with socialists about population growth or immigration is as futile as debating these issues with the Vatican. Fundamentally, they have no understanding of limits. They would have us believe that growth can go on forever, that we need only manage it and share its fruits equitably, and if driven by the right technology, that we can open our borders to the world without ecological consequences.

Is it reactionary to oppose Immigration?

Andy Kerr, former president of Alternatives to Growth Oregon, posed these questions, "To those who support generous immigration, I ask you this: ... How can you support a policy that helps ensure that our existing poor will never be adequately valued for their labor."

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Nations are like elevators. They have a limited carrying capacity. There are more people in the lobby than there are spaces to accommodate them. If the elevator has taken on its safe limit of people, the fact that there are deserving people left outside is irrelevant. It is not how many refugees a human rights activist thinks we have a moral obligation to accept, but how many our environment can sustain. Our moral obligations are to obey the biophysical limits of our nation, just as it is the moral obligation of elevator passengers to ensure the safety of existing passengers by obeying the laws of physics.


The ball is in your court: Hard questions for Soft Greens

Soft Greens are in denial. They refuse to accept the role that population growth plays in environmental degradation, for to do so, in the Anglophone world, would be to acknowledge the role that immigration plays in population growth. Hence their maniacal focus on reducing consumption. But population and consumption are interchangeable qualia. Ignore one, you have ignored both.

Closing our borders can't mean turning our backs

Whilst measures to stop the current unprecedented global levels of immigration are a necessary precondition to save the world's environment, they can only ever work as stop-gap measures. Unless accompanied by a concerted international effort to redress the inequities, established by colonialism and, in recent decades, exacerbated by the waves of neo-liberal inspired globalising 'reforms', closure of borders of industrialised nations to immigration from Third World nations cannot succeed in the longer term and cannot hope to prevent world-wide environmental calamity.

Illegal aliens burn precious forest while Sierra Club is mum

Funny, I never read about THIS in any Sierra Club publication or newsletter. I wonder why? Environmentalists have had much to say about the damage a Mexican border fence would do to wildlife movement. But precious forests being torched and they say nothing?

Bush's legacy

Here are some startling immigration numbers from the US since George Bush took office, according to Edwin S. Rubenstein of

Greenpeace Diesendorf: Carbon emissions reflect population numbers - Reduce immigration

Mark Diesendorf, ex of Australian Conservation Foundation, now speaking for Greenpeace, tells Australians that Greenhouse gases are proportional to population numbers and advises Australia to reduce immigration (which is now more than 50% of population growth) in order to reduce growth in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

How illegal immigration into the US harms poor US Hispanic citizens

As an argument supposedly for further migration whether legal or illegal they will argue that if middle class US citizens need live-in nannies, cheap fast food and cheap construction cost then they have no moral right to oppose immigration. However, this ignores the fact that it is not ordinary poor Americans who need these supposed 'benefits' from migration. In fact the evidence is that poor Americans, including Hispanic US citizens are gravely harmed by the influx of illegal immigrants.


New technology won't save us from the population bomb

Researcher Brishen Hoff of Massey, Ontario made some interesting calculations. He found that the benefits of much touted 900 acre solar panel "farm" planned near Sarnia, Ontario would be wiped out by the normal flow of immigrants admitted to Canada in just 22 days.

Population growth:where is the environmentalist community?

When SPA National President Dr. John Coulter responded to ABS figures showing record population growth by denouncing political leaders for continuing to promote such a suicidal policy, he could have used the same speech, with minor editing, to attack Canada's parliamentary leaders. Delete references to water shortages, but add some other insuperable challenges.

Book Review: Immigrants: your country needs them by Philippe Legrain

Some angst was caused in February 2007 when Philippe Legrain (with this book in tow) was featured at Perth Writers Week. The problem was not that a debate on migration was irrelevant to a literary festival but that there was no debate---and that the supposed expert (Legrain) seemed ignorant of Australian conditions.

American Unions and their about-face on Immigration

In his deposition to the Subcommittee on Immigration of the U.S. House of Representatives, delivered on May 24, 2007, Vernon Briggs demonstrated that for more than a century, until the late 1980s, organized labour either directly initiated or strongly supported every legislative effort to restrict immigration or "enforce its policy provisions."

Why conservation efforts will not survive mass immigration

On Friday September 7, 2007, the venerable Canadian environmental author Farley Mowat made a boldly generous but stunningly futile gesture. He donated 200 acres of his Cape Breton land to "Nova Scotia Nature Trust".

Racist-baiting of immigration reformers is left-wing McCarthyism

Everyone gets in a lather when we propose an immigration moratorium for Canada. We are racist xenophobes with a fortress mentality who think that a national "gated" community will seal off CO2 emissions from China and India. Instead we should drop our fence, welcome newcomers, and thereby send out a message of friendship so as to gain global cooperation in our plan to fight global warming, and yes, over-population, which after all are global problems that Canada can't solve alone.

Koala Preservation Society warns: Koala endangered in South East Queensland

Deborah Tabart, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Koala Foundation has written to the Queensland Environment Minister (see below) asking the the status of Koalas in the South East Queensland bio-region be upgraded from their current listing of 'vulnerable' to 'endangered' as a result of the alarming recent increase of Koala deaths. Deborah Tabart wrote:

On housing affordability

The government-owned Housing Trust of South Australia never cost South Australian taxpayers a cent, yet for decades was able to provide affordable good quality housing to all sectors of South Australian society. Money that would have been unproductively invested in property speculation in the Eastern states was, instead, directed towards establishing viable manufacturing industries in South Australia.

Are nuclear fusion, fission and 'renewables' viable alternatives to fossil fuels?

On top of the hazards of nuclear fission electricity generation, even more environmental threats are posed by mining of uranium, enrichment, reprocessing and disposal of nuclear wastes. A likely consequence of the expansion of uranium mining in Central Australia is that the Eastern seaboard stands to be exposed to clouds bearing poisonous radioactive uranium and other toxic metals blown from the mine tailings dumps (see David Bradbury's film "Blowin' in the wind" for a graphic illustration of this threat).

Populate and Perish

"Today has been designated World Population Day by the UN, but you will not see any of the big environment and development groups mounting a campaign on population. Indeed, you will be lucky if they even mention the P-word."

Mayors of South East Queensland seek help from developers to push growth plan

A recent publication of the Council of Mayors South East Queensland highlights that the mayors of SEQ are seeking help from developers to push the Local Growth Management Strategies (LGMS). These are legal planning documents that force each local government area in South East Queensland to accept unsustainable growth.

Stop the Queensland growth treadmill!

The Queensland Government does not pursue its environmently reckless course of encouraging endless population growth with the support of Queensland's existing population, who are overwhelmingly opposed. Rather it is being done to suit the interests of property developers and land speculators and dependent industries who are able to paradoxically exploit circumstances, in which all members of society must necessarily, on average, become poorer, in order to enrich themselves.

Response to Roger Bezdek Peak Oil interview on "The National Interest"

I think, whilst Roger Bezdek's message, that we need to prepare well in advance for Peak Oil is a good one, I think we need to do so with a much greater sense of urgency. I am surprised that he dismissed the suggestion you put to him that we should cease forthwith the expansion of our road, bridge and airport infrastructure.

NZ Government drops immigration numbers

The Government is taking a cautious approach to immigration, pushing down the numbers of incoming migrants while seeking further advice on the impact of immigration on inflation.



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