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housing price spiral

Immigrant demand denying Australia's Gen-Y of urban housing

A SENIOR Treasury official has sounded the alarm over Australia's property market.
He has warned that the prospect of a sudden and dramatic drop in prices is "the elephant in the room" and should not be ignored by the federal government.

George Soros on world recession, housing prices, oil prices - May lecture

George Soros: There is a "need to improve the quality of regulation. It is not enough to regulate the money supply; you also have to regulate credit."

High-immigration lobbyist blames high immigration for housing crisis on April Fools Day.

In yet another bizarre twist in the property development lobby's constant pushing for high immigration, one of the strongest advocates of constant immigration increases over the past decade, Ron Silberberg, Managing Director of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) appears to have come out blaming immigration for the housing crisis which his own push for immigration helped to create.

"There has been an uncontrolled expansion of the immigration program," Dr Silberberg told a Senate committee in Canberra, according to an AAP sourced article, "Immigration blamed for housing crisis," in The Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday April 1, 07:01PM.

Analysts were still unsure whether this was an April Fools joke.

THE UBIQUITOUS RATIONALE OF GROWTHISM Vancouver and Melbourne victimized by the same sophistry

The language of growthism is universal, as are its arguments. A comparison of the sophistry of Vancouver developers and planners with that employed by Premier Brumby of Victoria makes one realize that we are dealing with a ubiquitous rationale. Growth is inevitable, Growth is good, Move over and make room for more and more growth and screw sustainablility because our kids need affordable housing.

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