George Monbiot

About George Monbiot

I was motivated to write the following as a disclaimer to a link to the Guardian article of  Dec 09, linked to from the article of  Dec 09 by David Spratt.

George Monbiot has written a number of very incisive and damning critiques of our corrupt corporatised New World Order including "How Did We Get Into This Mess?" of 27 Aug 07, which shows how the propagandists for the doctrine, referred to as economic neo-liberalism, including Milton Friedman and Friedrich von Hayek, began to organise at a meeting at a Swiss spa resort at Mont Pelerin in 1947, and, hence became known as the Mont Pelerin Society.

This article anticipated, albeit very concisely. by a few months, some of what was published in Naomi Klein's Towering a few months later.

Nevertheless, in spite of this, some serious questions hang over George Monbiot's head.