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CBC Discussion On Overpopulation Has Ego-Socialists In A Fit

No sooner did Madeline Weld finish her CBC interview about human overpopulation, when the Green-Left brigade swung into action trying to douse the flames ignited by truth. But this time they were too late. The truth got out.

7 Billion and counting - Podcast from Quirks and Quarks, Canadian Broadcasting

On October 29, CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks featured two guests to discuss the world at 7 billion people, Robert Engelman, President of the Worldwatch Institute in Washington and Madeline Weld, President of the Population Institute of Canada. See inside article for podcast.

Canadian media gushes when couple has 18th child

On Saturday July 26th, 2008, in a story that was repeated in many other news outlets, The Canadian Press reported that a Romanian immigrant couple in Abbotsford, British Columbia had their 18th child in 23 years, 13 of whom have been born since they came to Canada in 1990.

See also: Pronatalist Policy in Australia: 1945-2000 of 28 Jun 08 by Sheila Newman

Emigration as a safety valve for tyrants

The politically correct coverage of the South African anti-immigrant riots by the CBC (and Australia's ABC) fails to consider how the true long term interests of the poor of both South Africa and the countries from which the immigrants come, such as Zimbabwe, may not be best served by unlimited immigration into South Africa.

See also: CBC condemns South African rioters of 25 May 08, Will the great immigration debate take place of 21 May 08

Paul Watson puts case against high immigration

A broadcast debate on the Canadian Broadcasting Commission between, on the one hand, Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and, on the other hand, Elizabeth May, now leader of Canada's Green Party showed two poles of North American environmentalism, one authentic and one counterfeit.

See also: Sea Shepherd appeals for Greenpeace's cooperation in fight against whale slaughter
Were "Intact Aboriginal Cultures" really good custodians? of 19 Jun 08.

How growth has degraded the quality of life in Canada

Whilst economists misuse indicators such as the GDP to ”prove“ that an increase in real in come has coincided with massive population growth in Canada in recent decades, the reality is, as intuition and common sense should have warned, that Canadians on average are worse off as Brishen Hoff, President of Biodiversity First shows.

See also: Living standards and our material prosperity 6 Sep 08 concerning the quality of life in Australia

CBC condemns South African rioters

“He might have just as well stayed in Toronto or better still, huddled with his former journalism professor of political correctness at Carelton to compose the right storyline. You know, xenophobic rioters take out their misery upon poor foreigners who have a right to displace their jobs.”

Can the impact of rampant population growth be overcome by individual ecological lifestyle choice?

Tim Murray of Immigration Watch Canada asks of what overall benefit are personal lifestyle choices made to lessen our individual impact on the environment, when the good achieved is far less than the harm done by the population growth actively encouraged by our governments.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation airs prejudices against white Canadians

People with dark skin or from Asia are not the only people who suffer racial vilification these days.
In arguing for more immigration a Maltese immigrant complained on the "Sounds Like Canada" program of Friday, January 25/08 that one or two maritime provinces were mostly white and that others were "even worse".

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