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Qld elections

Department of Environment fails to act to save endangered Koala because of technicality

As images of koalas injured by the recent bushfires moves the world public to donate desperately needed money and material to animal carers, Peter Garrett's Environment Department has refused to list South East Queensland's koala population as endangered because "the form had not been filled in correctly." No doubt this will spare the Queensland Labor Government, whose reckless encouragement of population growth has largely caused the koala's threatened extinction, from much embarrassment in the midst of an election campaign.

See also: "Queensland Government killing koalas for developer dollars" of 12 Aug 09, "Wildlife also bleed, also feel, also lost their homes" of 13 Feb 09, "Development project threatens second largest Koala Colony in Tweed Shire" of 21 Feb 09,

One year later: no explanation from Queensland Health for falsified fluoridation data

One year after the Crime and Misconduct Commission advised Merilyn Haines that Queensland Health would respond in "due course" in regard to evidence that Queensland Health had falsified tooth decay data used by Premier Bligh to justify forced fluoridation, Queensland Health still has not explained its actions. Merilyn Haines, the spokesperson for Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc is standing as an independent candidate against Premier Anna Bligh in South Brisbane.

See also: Web site of Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc at

Ray Sperring Independent candidate for Burleigh

Ray Sperry, who has lived on the Gold Coast for 55 years on the Gold Coast is standing as an Independent in order to bring the Queensland Government back to Queenslanders. Specifically, he is campaigning against water fluoridation, water recycling, the indiscriminiate use of hebicides which are killing the Gold Coast's creeks and rivers.

See also: and

Open letter to Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser asking that any planned privatisations be put to the public at forthcoming elections

In an open letter to Queensland's Premier Anna Bligh and Queensland's Treasurer Andrew Fraser, James Sinnamon, the Independent pro-democracy candidate for Mount Coot-tha asks for assurances that any plans to privatise any more public assets be put to the Queensland people at the forthcoming state elections.

Government Ministers to be forced to justify adding toxins to Queensland's drinking water

Three Queensland Ministers including Premier Anna Bligh, who, in 2008, rushed through legislation to enable the addition of fluoride and other toxic substances to Queensland's drinking water against well-founded scientifically based objections, will be forced to properly investigate those objections and should they refuse to repeal the legislation, justify that decision before the Supreme Court.

Courier Mail misreports water recycling to demand early election

On 28 December Queensland's Courier Mail called for early state elections alleging that Anna Bligh's back down before "uninformed agitators" in shelving its plans to introduce water recycling has shown her government to be "timid" and "tired". However, the evidence shows that Bligh's backflip was soundly based. So, what is the real reason for the Courier Mail's own backflip on the question of early elections?

Contents: Why the sudden need for an early election in Queensland?, Courier Mail's misreporting of water recycling issue, Even the Australian sides with the 'uninformed agitators' against the Courier Mail, Courier Mail's misreporting of water recycling no aberration, Courier Mail seeks electoral putsch in Queensland, The Australian's attempt to manipulate the NSW Parliament, What can be done?.
See also: "Reclaim Our Democracy: Boycott Murdoch" (after) 6 June 08 in the Spring Hill Voice, the Spring Hill Voice's Media Page (including a promotion of this article), "Media contempt for facts in NSW electricity privatisation debate" of 18 Sep 08.
The title of this article was originally "Courier Mail manipulates reporting of water recycling to demand early election" - JS, 12 mar 08

Why the Brisbane Mayoral elections should not have been 'boring'

The Brisbane mayoral election should have been anything but boring. Four candidates declared policies against population growth, but received next to no press coverage. These candidates for fundamental change ran right up against the major vested interests in the outcome of the Brisbane Council election. Those vested interests are the property development industry and its upstream and downstream dependents, which include the Courier Mail. Many group under the Australian Property Council umbrella. Choosing to structure themselves around continuously increasing population growth, naturally these industries prefer mayors who won't seriously challenge their objectives. Greg Rowell is employed by the Australian Property Council and “Can Do” Newman has been giving them what they want and telling Brisbanites that this is what Brisbane needs, for years now, in what the APC calls “the cooperative relationship between the State Government and Liberal Lord Mayor Campbell Newman."

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