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Redland City

Redland City Council

Redland City Council on Moreton Bay to the east of Brisbane. It once was a market garden for Brisbane but most of its former agricultural land has been subdivided into housing. In March 2007 it's residentsvoted against a pro-developer council and voted in a council committed to retaining the character of Redland.


Heather Steinberg - Independent for Redlands

Heather Steinberg is standing as an Independent for Redlands. She is standing on a platform of tougher penalties for sex offenders, in particular child sex offenders.

See also: "Protesting police officer runs for politics" in the Brisbane Times of 10 Mar 09,

Redlands to host Queensland launch of "Overloading Australia"

Redland City will host the Queensland launch this month of Overloading Australia by Mark O'Connor and William Lines, a groundbreaking new book that reveals "how governments and media dither and deny on population".

Where: Redland Performing Arts Centre Auditorium
When: 20 February at 4.30pm (refreshments served from 4pm)
Cost: Free (bookings not required)

See inside for other appearances by Mark O'Connor.

See also: "Growthist responses to Overloading Australia" of 27 Jan 09, "Overloading Australia - new book about Australia's overpopulation problem" of 23 Jul 08, "Andrew Bolt: Why add 1.5 million when Victorian infrastructure can't cope with current population?" of 31 Jan 09, "How the growth lobby threatens Australia's future" of 24 Jan 09 (also published on Online Opinion with forum discssion).

Queensland Government killing koalas for developer dollars

Queensland Labor Premier Anna Bligh, in a letter published in the Courier Mail on 8 August, claimed concern at the decline in South East Queensland's koala population. However, it was her Government which only recently legislated, against community and local council objections, to fast-track the destruction of much of the remaining koala habitats in South East Queensland to make way for residential development.

What you can do: Email Premier Anna Bligh (premier [AT] ministerial qld gov au) and Deputy Premier Paul Lucas (deputypremier [AT] ministerial. qld. gov. au) to demand that they act now to end Queensland's economic dependency upon population growth, which threatens the koala and other native species, including the lungfish, with extinction.

See also: Locals join koala 'crisis' taskforce in the Bayside Bulletin of 7 Aug 08 including readers' comments.

Redland City to pay with increased water charges for population growth

In 2007 the Queensland Government forcibly acquired the water assets of South East Queensland local governments. Now, in 2008, having lost control of their water assets, residents in these areas face hikes in their water bills.

See also: Water prices to surge of 19 June 08 in the Bayside Bulletin, The Australian's April fool's joke of 20 May, More chickens of population growth come home to roost in Queensland of 13 May 08, The Australian laments outcome of Queensland local government elections of 29 Mar 08, Water prices to soar of 15 May 2008

Massive increase in heavy truck movement supported by Redland Shire

Only days away before the calling of Local Government Elections the Redland Shire Council appear set to approve a massive increase in quarry trucks on local roads, posing a major threat to both people and wildlife.

Purchase properties for people and koalas

"In a landlord-tenant arrangement, Council could effectively manage koala food trees and through a tenancy agreement, condition restraint of dogs which under Council's current Local Law only applies to properties larger than 2000sq m in koala management areas. "

Our Brave Redland Shire Council and their Quest!

... Golden Cockerel goes back to Council and asks for an extension to the working hours, 3am-10pm 19hrs a day they cry. They are concerned that the Company cannot make enough profit in 12hr days, six days a week. If the People want cheap Chickens, then that is the price Residents of Mt Cotton must pay for the benefit of us all, and Rightly So! I don't want to pay more for my chicken! Who does? ...

Protest Sunday 12 August to save Mount Cotton

A demonstration will be held 9am 12th August and will meet outside Bayside Bulletin Office, Queen St, to then march and distribute leaflets through the market to give a firm message to the pro-development councilors that the residents have had enough of the destruction of Redlands & Mt Cotton.

Where: Outside the Bayside Bulletin Office, Queen Street Cleveland.

When: 9.00AM Sunday 12 August

Help us put final nail in coffin of Mount Cotton Superquarry Wed 9am Cleveland

According to the Bayside Bulletin Newspaper, the vote of two councillors who had formerly favoured approving the expansion of the existing Mount Cotton Quarry into a rainforest-destroying superquarry, may change in response to concerted community oppostion. Nevertheless it is still important that the pressure be maintained.

Koala Preservation Society warns: Koala endangered in South East Queensland

Deborah Tabart, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Koala Foundation has written to the Queensland Environment Minister (see below) asking the the status of Koalas in the South East Queensland bio-region be upgraded from their current listing of 'vulnerable' to 'endangered' as a result of the alarming recent increase of Koala deaths. Deborah Tabart wrote:

Mayor's 'bunkum' misleads and disturbs

Redland Shire Division 3 Councillor Debra Henry is challenging the Mayor's dismissive remark that rapid population growth in the Redlands is 'bunkum'.

Mount Cotton community backlash against Super Quarry

Angry residents have arranged for a public meeting to draw attention to a new 40 million tonne super quarry development planned for the iconic Mt Cotton in the Redlands. The new quarry will result in 70,000 to 90,000 truck movements per year through the Redlands and Logan shires.

Media Release - 29th September is Save the Koala Day but what is there to celebrate?

29th September is Save the Koala Day but what is there to celebrate about?

Since the beginning of the twentieth century we have placed koalas survival at risk. In Queensland there was several open hunting seasons, 1915, 1917 and 1919, with one million taken in 1919. In 1927 the Queensland government allowed 584,738 koalas to be taken for skins. By the 1930s the koala was extinct in South Australia and since then we have had tollways and now urban expansion, with the SEQ koala declining from Common to vulnerable.

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