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One year later: no explanation from Queensland Health for falsified fluoridation data

One year after the Crime and Misconduct Commission advised Merilyn Haines that Queensland Health would respond in "due course" in regard to evidence that Queensland Health had falsified tooth decay data used by Premier Bligh to justify forced fluoridation, Queensland Health still has not explained its actions. Merilyn Haines, the spokesperson for Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc is standing as an independent candidate against Premier Anna Bligh in South Brisbane.

See also: Web site of Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc at

Government Ministers to be forced to justify adding toxins to Queensland's drinking water

Three Queensland Ministers including Premier Anna Bligh, who, in 2008, rushed through legislation to enable the addition of fluoride and other toxic substances to Queensland's drinking water against well-founded scientifically based objections, will be forced to properly investigate those objections and should they refuse to repeal the legislation, justify that decision before the Supreme Court.

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