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Brumby's parliamentary circus only lacks Caligula's horse

Brumby's parliament is a circus of Dorothy Dixers and false positives. He shows no remorse for the pain and loss his policies have inflicted on Victoria. Reading his words one is reminded of some little emperor in the last days of Rome.

Victoria's overpopulation nets Big End of Town windfall while citizens pay heavy price

"The property developers are self serving and the government is reprehensible in catering to their greed by pushing for greater and greater population growth. They thumb their noses at the rest of us and treat wildlife whose habitat gets destroyed with total disdain."

Successful community campaigner calls on Queenland Government to outlaw recycling of sewage for drinking water

Snow Manners, a leader of the successful 2006 Toowoomba community campaign to defeat a plan to force them to drink recycled sewage, warned Queenslanders not to be fooled by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's apparent backflip on her Government's plans to impose recycled sewage aon all of south East Queensland.

See also: Bligh backflip on water recycling; Traveston dam delayed of 25 Nov 08.

Community activist blasts reckless plan to fill flood mitigation dam to capacity

Merilyn Haines, spokesperson person for Queenslanders For Safe Water questioned Queensland Premier Anna Bligh's apparent stated intention to fill to capacity the Wivenhoe Dam, which was built, not as water storage dam, but as a flood minitagation dam following the catastrophic Brisbane floods of 1974.

Merilyn Haines will be standing as an independent candidate against Anna Bligh in her seat of South Brisbane at the next state elections.

Rudd dodges hard questions at a Community cabinet

On Wednesday 5 November 2008, I attended a community cabinet at Launceston, where I asked Kevin Rudd when he was going to get realistic about population and economic growth. Report by Catherine Case:

Chilliwack's water supply threatened by overdevelopment

Norm Smith, who stood as an anti-growth grass-roots candidate for Mayor of Chilliwack, in elections held on 15 November, warns that Chilliwack faces a water crisis as growth and overdevelopment, encouraged by the City of Chilliwick, dangerously depletes the Sardis-Vedder Aquifer, one of the rare pristine water sources in Canada that requires no chlorination.

Public Meeting: "The Dark Side of Water Treatments by Queensland Government"

As the truth about the hazards that recycled water, undemocratically imposed by the Beattie Government in 2007 on the Queensland public, poses to our health, emerge, the community group Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation ( plan to hold a public meeting in which experts and activists describe these hazards and discuss what to do stop them.

Date: Saturday, 15th November, Time: 2pm–5pm 
Venue: Ahimsa House26 HoranStreet, West End, Brisbane

How not to resolve the Murray-Darling crisis

As the nation struggles to find extra water to revive our dying Murray-Darling system, South Australian River Murray and Water Security Minister, Karlene Maywald approves a marina at Mannum requiring an allocation of 520 megalitres.

See also:, "Lakes may go dry but Adelaide's gardens still watered" in Farm Online on 31 Oct 08, "Win-win?" in the Murray Valley Standard of 31 Oct 08, "New marina approved on Adelaide's Murray river" in the West Australian of 30 Oct 08.

National Water Commission holds out desalination to dodge responsibilities to fix Murray-Darling Basin

Instead of acting to end the endemic abuses by corporate water users now threatening to kill our fragile Murray-Darling Basin, Ken Matthews CEO of the National Water Commission, is diverting the attention of the Commission towards the expensive, technologically complex and fossil fuel dependent 'solution' of desalination.

See also:, "Groundwater use unacceptable, says report" in SMH of 23 Oct 08

Expert warns that recycled water poses unacceptable health risks

Australian National University Emeritus Professor, Patrick Troy, an authority on water infrastructure, on the 29th October was widely reported with advice that it was not possible to prevent potentially harmful organisms from entering southeast Queensland's water supply when recycled sewage is added to it in February.

See also: "Queensland Premier Anna Bligh tells water plan critics she will drink recycled sewage" in the Australian of 31 Oct 08 (including readers' comments),, "Disease expert warns on recycled sewage" in the Australian of 30 Oct 08, "Bligh says academic ill-informed on water claims" in the ABC on 29 Oct 08, "WA slow to recycle sewage as drinking water" in Perth Now of 29 Oct 08, "Recycled sewage 'will have bugs', Queensland Government warned" in the Australian of 29 Oct 08, "Flush then drink in the Sunshine State" in the Australian of 30 Oct 08, "Water talkfest simply a farce" by Bill Hoffman in the Sunshine Coast Daily of 15 Oct 08

The Murray-Darling and the Wall Street syndrome

Just as US taxpayers were recently blackmailed into paying, with over US$700billion, for the recklessness of the Wall Street gamblers, Dr Ian Douglas of Fair Water Use (Australia) warns that Australian taxpayers can expect to be made to pay to save our fragile Murray Darling eco-system from the conseqences of the reckless and environmentally unsustainable extraction of its water by Australia's agricultural corporations.

See also: Parliamentary process fails the Murray-Darling of 13 Oct 08, The virtual urban-rural water divide of 16 Oct 08, Transcript of interview with Maude Barlow, Canadian water rights activist on Background Briefing of 12 Oct 08.

The virtual urban-rural water divide

How rural communities and the environment will miss out in Victorian Premier Brumby's privatised water market.

Also published in Weekly Times Now. See also: Transcript of interview with Maude Barlow, Canadian water rights activist on Background Briefing of 12 Oct 08.

Parliamentary process fails the Murray-Darling

"If the federal Government fails to hold a full Royal Commission and to declare a State of Emergency to save Australia's dying Murray Darling system, the Federal Government will be remembered as the regime which oversaw the greatest preventable environmental catastrophe thus-far encountered by this country," warns Dr Ian Douglas of Fair Water Use (Australia).

Desalination Project Bass Coast - Public Disquiet

"The State Government has [...] turned the EES [Environment Effects Statement] process on its head and undermined the value and integrity of the EES process itself. The process has been
manipulated to achieve a pre-determined outcome [...]"

Why 'market forces' cannot save Murray-Darling

Ian Douglas of Fair Water Use ( shows how the 'reform', commencing in 1994, which promised to rectify the Murray-Darling's chaotic piecemeal water management structure by making water allocations a marketable commodity separate from the land titles, has, instead, only help bring the Murray-Darling system to the brink of collapse . In accord with our national constitution's provisions for such national crises, he calls for the declaration of a state of emergency.

Originally published as Ending Australia's water torture on the ABC News web site on 16 Sep 08

See also: Environmental group calls for declaration of State of Emergency to save dying Murray-Darling system, Water stolen from dying Murray-Darling by technicality.

Water stolen from dying Murray-Darling by technicality

Federal Environment Minister Garrett is to allow water savings predestined to revive the dying Murray-Darling system to be used by the Brumby government for the yet-to-be-completed North South Pipeline. At some yet-to-be-determined future date that water is to be handed back to the Murray-Darling system at the discretion of the Brumby Government.

See also: Coalition pledges to shun pipeline in the Age of 19 Sep 08,

Darling Downs community threatened with open-cut mine and coal-to-liquid plant

Whilst the Bligh Government has scrapped the environmentally damaging shale oil mining project in the Whitsundays, a rural community further south faces the threats of an open cut coal-mine and coal-to-liquid plant in their midst. These projects could devastate one of this country’s most beautiful & fertile valleys, pollute the Murray Darling river system, destroy nationally significant populations of rare & endangered species, and produce huge quantities of Greenhouse gases.

See also:, Qld farmers want new rules for mining in Sunshine Coast Daily of 2 Sep 08.

Murray-Darling water - It’s time to use the P-word

Whilst John Corboy, co-convenor of the misnamed Foodbowl Unlimited held out hopes 12 months ago that Australia may stand to gain from the impending collapse of China's and India's irrigated agricultural sectors, our fate may be little different should we fail to stand up to the corporate interests who gain from the over-extraction of water from the Murray-Darling system.

See also Fair Water Use media releases. For information on a related topic, see articles about the threatened privatisation of NSW's electricity assets.

Oz Turtles pay horrible price of mindless market-focus: S.A. Murray-Darling

Oz Turtles' crushed under weight of bristle-worm parasite are quickly cured by fresh water bath, but hundreds die in absence of life-giving flow, for water-guzzling agribusiness - uglier than bristle-worm

Snowy Hydro CEO uses shareholder funds to push privatisation in defiance of shareholder wishes

In spite of the fact that only on 11 July Mike Kelly Federal Labor Member for Eden-Monaro seemingly quashed speculation that the Government was preparing to privatise the Snowy Hydro scheme, two pages of the Snowy corporation's July newsletter was devoted to pushing the case for privatisation.

Bass Coast community assembly continues in new location

Bass Coast residents, fighting to prevent their coastline being scarred by a massive privately operated desalination plant, have relocated their community assembly having been evicted by the Victorian Government claiming that the assembly posed safety risks.

See also:

Brumby's water hypocrisy (or Spin running dry)

Victorian Premier John Brumby said prior to the recent COAG meeting, "There's just no water around; whether it's water for farmers or water for cities or water for irrigators or water for the environment, we're all short of water." Yet, Brumby is resolved to press ahead with his plans to steal the water that he acknowledges is scarce from the Goulburn Valley in order to meet the needs of the added population he intends to impose upon the residents of Melbourne and outlying rural communities in blatant disregard of the wishes of all of those communities.

See also: I will govern for all Victorians (caveat: but only if you are powerful and connected) of 26 Jun 08, Melbourne protests mass population growth and its profiteers of 7 Jul 08, Grave concerns: new state residential zones and loss of council planning powers in Melbourne of 7 Jul 08, Brumby ready for stoush over water by Peter Ker and Paul Austin of 3 Jul 08 in the Age, original media release at

Melbourne 2008: Life in a destruction zone

Word is that Melbourne is getting its 1 million more ten years early and that the Vic Government is in a panic because it has no idea how many permanent new guests have taken up its foolhardy invitations to come and stay. Who the hell is responsible?

I will govern for all Victorians (caveat: but only if you are powerful and connected)

Victorian ‘Labor’ Premier John Brumby attempts to dismiss groundswell community opposition to the theft of water from the Goulburn Valley on the grounds that no organisation deemed important by himself signed a newspaper advertisement against the North South Pipeline.

See also:

Poet pens a plea to stop population push - new book due out

“The UN Population Fund regards 1.1 per cent population growth as too high in Asia,” says Mark O'Connor, author of forthcoming book, Overloaded Australia, "Yet Australia’s annual population growth is 1.5 per cent."

Canadian author warns of looming global water supply catastrophe

On Radio National's Breakfast Show of 16 June 2008, Canadian Maude Barlow, author of "Blue Covenant - The Global Water Crisis And The Coming Battle For The Right To Water" (RRP AU$29.95), broke more alarming news of yet another aspect of humankind's combined problem of resources scarcity and overpopulation

See also: Against the flow of 7 Jun 08 in the Melbourne Age,

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