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Bulk water entitlements: There's a hole in the bucket, Mr Brumby

"It will be interesting to see if the exact matters we have argued through the legislative process end up being argued in a court somewhere, where perhaps some of the facts we have been so desperately trying to expose can for once be tested. Perhaps the people in the community can be offered not just an environmental and social future but some answers to the questions they have been so regularly and constantly asking." Greg Barber, Greens MLC 12-8-09

Globalisation of Victoria's water supplies will be funded by the users, Victoria's citizens.

Multinational company Suez Environnement estimates the Victorian desal plant will generate more than $2 billion in revenue over the next 30 years. With GDF Suez’ existing record of environmental destruction in the Amazon, their submission to build Wonthaggi's desalination plant should be dismissed.

Democracy, not Desalination for Bass & Victorians

"I was on the front steps of Parliament House when yet another rally was conducted by Victorians who came to the Parliament to complain about the excesses of the Brumby government. The organisations involved in yesterday’s rally were the Coalition of Concerned Councillors, an organisation called Planning Backlash, and another organisation called Watershed Victoria. I was presented with about 3000 letters in relation to issues to do with the desalination plant." (Mr Ryan, Leader of The Nationals, Victoria). See also: Desalination Project Bass Coast - Public Disquiet and Environmental impact statements too late for the environment

Madden backs down on site of Cardinia desal infrastructure

No-one wants desalination plants and the overpopulation and loss of democracy that brings them. But the Victorian government has gone ahead and forced these expensive, fuel-intensive artificial water plants on the citizens it should consult. Catherine Manning conducted a brilliant battle to have her community's objections heard when the Minister for Planning, Justin Madden, simply ignored the EES panel's recommendation that plant infrastructure should be located elsewhere. Unfortunately Bass itself still cops a desal plant.

Desalination Project Bass Coast - Public Disquiet

"The State Government has [...] turned the EES [Environment Effects Statement] process on its head and undermined the value and integrity of the EES process itself. The process has been
manipulated to achieve a pre-determined outcome [...]"

Environmental impact statements too late for the environment

Twelve months after the Brumby Government announced plans to build a massive privately operated desalination plant in the midst of the Bass Coast community, the environmental assessments have been released. Now the public, who stand to have their quality of life destroyed by this project, have all of five weeks to, in their own time and at their own expense, review the 1600 page report, produced by lavishly paid consultants, for which they are expected to pay $250 a copy.

Originally published on on 20 Aug 08.

Bass Coast community assembly continues in new location

Bass Coast residents, fighting to prevent their coastline being scarred by a massive privately operated desalination plant, have relocated their community assembly having been evicted by the Victorian Government claiming that the assembly posed safety risks.

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