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I will govern for all Victorians (caveat: but only if you are powerful and connected)

Plug the Pipe media release

26th June 2008

Yesterday the people of country Victoria placed a full-page colour advertisement in the Herald Sun newspaper voicing opposition to the proposed North South Pipeline. When questioned in Parliament about the advertisement Premier Brumby said:

“I think the most striking thing about the advertisement today is that not a single major business organisation signed it – not a single local government association or council, not a single traders association, not a single employee association or union, not a single social service organisation and not a single economic development organisation.”

This statement is most telling and illustrates the Premier is out of touch with what mainstream Victoria is thinking and implies your voice does not matter unless you are powerful or connected.

Mike Dalmau said in response to the Premier's statement, “He just does not get it, the average Victorian just does not want or believe in the North South Pipeline. The Premier may be able to lock himself away from his backbenchers but he certainly will not be able to do that when the people speak at the next election. It is quite clear to me that the Premier's arrogance is reflected in today's poll results.”

Who was on that list? Average Victorians, a retiree, Victoria's largest family irrigation farm, one of Victoria's smallest family irrigation farms, an eminent scientist, a family trucking company, a small motorbike shop, a family milk processing company, a well respected environmental group and the list goes on. No doubt the Premier's comments will further enrage the anti-North South Pipeline sentiment in the country.

Recent and Related: More than 1,000 members of the Country Women's Association unanimously backed a motion urging the State Government not to proceed with the project at a recent conference. VFF urges Govt to rethink north-south pipeline. 8 May 2008 : At its State Council, the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) councils overwhelmingly supported a motion calling on the state to re-think the North South Pipeline. The Greens, Greg Barber MLC, Plug the pipe and make with the flow of water information.,25197,23923765-5006786,00.html Thirst for change in three states

Rick Wallace and Sean Parnell 26 June 2008 The Australian

Extract : The Victorian Government remains under pressure over public transport, and its water policies - pipelines and desalination - have come under attack from the Left and Right flanks.

Seymour, Victoria
Mike Dalmau
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Apalling. An appalling government. Thank you for this.