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Snowy Hydro privatisation

Snowy River - selfish Murray River irrigators downstream continue to castrate the Snowy River

The Snowy River was one of the wildest rivers in Australia. But political ambitions destroyed the legend and now 99% of the Snowy is diverted by the Snowy mountains scheme. By the time it reaches the sea it has only 5% of the flow because of the Jindabyne Dam and other major dams.

The Snowy River Alliance is right. Australia's most famous wild river, the Snowy River, deserves to have its natural flows restored. The Alliance argues that if Snowy Hydro schemers releasing 28% of the Snowy's original flows, its ecology could be restored. But the current life sucking 5% dished out by the Snowy Hydro is exploitative, selfish and wrong.

Snowy Hydro CEO uses shareholder funds to push privatisation in defiance of shareholder wishes

In spite of the fact that only on 11 July Mike Kelly Federal Labor Member for Eden-Monaro seemingly quashed speculation that the Government was preparing to privatise the Snowy Hydro scheme, two pages of the Snowy corporation's July newsletter was devoted to pushing the case for privatisation.

Garnaut to provide cover for privatisation of Snowy Hydro?

Professor Ross Garnaut claimed in his Climate Change Review Draft Report that public ownership of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority could restrict future development and competitiveness in the national electricity market. This appears to have been seized upon by Kevin Rudd as an excuse to privatise the Snowy Hydro in spite of the fact he promised before the 2007 elections to keep it in public hands.

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