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Can Brisbane become livable again if its population is not stabilised?

The West End Community Association ( is fighting the state Government and the Brisbane City Council to prevent their neighbourhood from being turned into a crowded, congested, and polluted high-rise slum. Darren Godwell, a leader of WECA, believes that this can be prevented if more a more thoughtful approach to planning is adopted and decisions are left in the hands of local communities.

Orwellian Waterworks: big-agribusiness and Victorian Gov

The Foodbowl group describes among its aims "To support the transition of small farming enterprises to world-competitive, sustainable agribusiness enterprises with a variety of models that maintain and enhance community cohesion." But were they invited? Were they asked? Apparently not.

Update, 2 June: Country Womens Association (CWA) Reject the North South Pipeline

What you can do: visit and join their mailing list.

Redland City to pay with increased water charges for population growth

In 2007 the Queensland Government forcibly acquired the water assets of South East Queensland local governments. Now, in 2008, having lost control of their water assets, residents in these areas face hikes in their water bills.

See also: Water prices to surge of 19 June 08 in the Bayside Bulletin, The Australian's April fool's joke of 20 May, More chickens of population growth come home to roost in Queensland of 13 May 08, The Australian laments outcome of Queensland local government elections of 29 Mar 08, Water prices to soar of 15 May 2008

Victorian Government's past neglect of its water infrastructure

Whilst building “centres” and generally spending on “things to get me elected” the Victorian Government neglected the Murray River irrigation infrastructure.

Water or Votes: Victoria vs Howard & the Murray-Darling Basin

Are State/Federal politics over water really about water?

Or are they about votes?

Let's face it; the irrigated parts of the MDB are the most densely populated areas of inland rural Australia and water for irrigators is a handle on a substantial voting population.

Does anyone in power give a dam(n) about water itself?

Murray-Darling takover may not be legal: Tony Windsor

We need to be sure that a transfer of control over the Murray-Darling water is constitutional, Independent MP Tony Windsor said today.


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