Save the kangaroo

Belconnen Roos - Current herding method

At 11.30 this morning I received a phone call from Greg out at BNTS who said they are now herding the kangas with vehicles, and also using the security guards. The security guards are pushing the kangas down towards the lake area from off the hill by shouting and clapping their hands.This is now an occupational health and safety issue as the security guards would have no kangaroo handling skills and what they are doing (as anyone who handles kangaroos knows) is inhumane.

Plight of Somerton kangaroos captured on flim

Recorded on film in 2006 and 2007 - The shameful case of the Somerton kangaroos, boxed in by industrial estates and their daily worsening fate callously ignored by officials and ordinary people all around them - but for the perseverence of wildlife activists - highlights the hopeless inadequacy of laws to nurture and protect biodiversity and wildlife in Victoria and Australia. It also exposes the severe disconnection with reality and responsible values of the developers and politicians who force "Melbourne 2030 'planning'" on Victoria with its completely unjustified aim to impose another million people on this the most cleared state of Australia. The Premier of Victoria, the Minister for Environment and the Minister for Planning are held responsible. Sociologist film-maker . The video can be on .