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bush fires

Are Victorian governments trying to get rid of Victorian wildlife on purpose?

Video inside. This article is about the effects of 390,000 ha of native vegetation targeted to be burned every year in Victoria, Australia's most cleared state. The video inside this article documents how vast numbers of Australian wildlife are burned alive in scientifically dubious prescribed burns, mandated by the Victorian Government. It asks whether the cruel and avoidable fate of many wildlife in prescribed burns is really protecting human lives and assets or merely a way of meeting an arbitrary target. Others would be much harsher and say that this may be a calculated strategy to rid the state of wildlife in addition to an apparently deliberate failure to cooperate with wildlife activists in making easily protected wildlife corridors to connect viable habitat.[1]

Recreating Eden - saving orangutangs, reversing deforestation, climate change, and economic failure: Willy Smits Borneo project

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Biologist Willie Smits has found a way to re-grow clearcut rainforest in Borneo, save and house local orangutans, reverse climate change, stop forest fires and give sustainable income and justice to the locals. It all started because he rescued a baby orangatang from a rubbish heap...
We could do the same thing in Australia on all our degraded land. Only our government is stopping us.

Community Bushfire Shelters - Considerations Outside the Square

Previous so-called 'community refuges' were not purpose-built bushfire shelters, and most were no safer than a house or any other building. Many were potential death traps. They were buildings with raised, rubbish-littered sub-floors, holiday camps consisting of small, separated timber huts surrounded by metre-high grass, car parks and football grounds reached by narrow, bush-lined tracks.

See also: "How misconceptions about bushfire bunkers may cost lives" of 21 Jun 09, and "Fire bunkers could have helped in the Victorian fires" of 10 Feb 09.

Victorian Bushfires - Government gross neglect of emergency management

The way in which governments, to whom we pay taxes in order to safeguard our welfare, then expect individuals to then shoulder much of the responsibility of dealing with natural disasters is analogous to passengers on the Titanic being required to bring aboard their own liferafts.

How misconceptions about bushfire bunkers may cost lives

Joan Webster, author of The Complete Bushfire Safety Book and Essential Bushfire Safety Tips believes that some information, contained in the article "Fire bunkers could have helped in the Victorian fires" of 20 Feb 09, is wrong and may put lives at risk. In this article, she explans why.

See also: "Bushfire bunkers strategy an 'after-the-fact' dead end" of 21 Jun 09.

Bushfire bunkers strategy an 'after-the-fact' dead end

As an alternative to the enormous ecological and economic costs entailed in building the kind of bunkers that may be necessary to guarantee the safety of residents of bushfire-prone, we should instead consider adopting more proactive measures to prevent fires in the first place and to detect them and fight them effectively should outright prevention prove impossible.

See also: "How misconceptions about bushfire bunkers may cost lives" of 21 June 09 and "Fire bunkers could have helped in the Victorian fires" of 10 Feb 09.

The real cause of Victoria's raging bush fires

While people blame greenies, global warming and arsonists for the fires devastating Victoria, there is a more obvious cause that for some reason, people don't want to admit - European farming techniques are turning our country into a desert ..... time to change our diets, or we can expect more fires until there is nothing left!

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