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South Morang

Why are bullets preferred over translocations of kangaroos?

The kangaroo habitat in Mill Park/South Morang was, not surprisingly, earmarked for development, and there was no “suitable habitat” left in Victoria for translocation!
Over 21 kangaroos were shot by shooters, employed by the DSE. Is it reasonable to keep comparing studies on possums, tiger snakes, rock wallabies to eastern grey kangaroos?
(photo: courtesy of Wildlife Victoria)
On what scientific basis, or body of experience, do our official “experts” conclude that a mass slaughter of kangaroos is more humane than translocation?

The Victorian Government's War against Wildlife

Late 2008 a school teacher helped worried children in Epping write to the Minister for the Environment, Mr Jennings, asking him to help kangaroos marooned by development and battered by traffic. Why did DSE allow Wildlife Victoria to spend time and money on a plan to relocate the 21 remaining kangaroos to safe territory, but then secretly kill the kangaroos in a unilateral decision in January this year? Why did DSE, which is also responsible for planning, allow development to trap the kangaroos? A memorial protest will be held for these kangaroos on Sunday 28 March at 2pm at Oleander Drive off McDonalds Rd in South Morang.We the People can do more about this - see inside!

Open letter to Gavin Jennings regarding the stranded kangaroos at Mill Park and South Morang

These animals are victims of planning failure, and our governments now are only interested in the economy! More than ever we have to recognise that we need green wedges, conservation corridors as buffers against further biodiversity losses and climate change.

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