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Possum slaughter as bad as Kiwi Birds slaughtered for sleeping bag down

A profiteer in New Zealand is culling the Australian Brushtail Possum for commercial yarn export. It calls itself the Merino Possum Consortium and has no ethical issue culling native animals from Australia, so what would prevent it seeing potential gain from culling Kiwis for down for sleeping bags?

Urgent moratorium on ALL AUSTRALIAN NATIVE ANIMAL KILLING needed (due to fires/floods)

There are far too many threats to our native animals' existence. The recent bushfires and floods have decimated wildlife in two states. It's time for our government to change its policy of giving licences to kill 'protected' wildlife and regarding them as 'renewable resources to harvest sustainably.' We call for a moratorium on the killing of ALL Australian native animals. Australia has the worst record in the world of wildlife extinctions. Time to change our attitude and our laws before we lose them all. Without biodiversity we will perish.

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