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Community Bushfire Shelters - Considerations Outside the Square

Previous so-called 'community refuges' were not purpose-built bushfire shelters, and most were no safer than a house or any other building. Many were potential death traps. They were buildings with raised, rubbish-littered sub-floors, holiday camps consisting of small, separated timber huts surrounded by metre-high grass, car parks and football grounds reached by narrow, bush-lined tracks.

See also: "How misconceptions about bushfire bunkers may cost lives" of 21 Jun 09, and "Fire bunkers could have helped in the Victorian fires" of 10 Feb 09.

Victorian Bushfires - Government gross neglect of emergency management

The way in which governments, to whom we pay taxes in order to safeguard our welfare, then expect individuals to then shoulder much of the responsibility of dealing with natural disasters is analogous to passengers on the Titanic being required to bring aboard their own liferafts.

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