The effects of human population size on our standard of living, our environment, and our prospects for long term sustainability


A PUBLIC DISCUSSION ON POPULATION This month of February a new mass initiative will kick off marking the event of The Global Population Speak Out 2010 (GPSO 2010), a public discussion on the Issue of Population. see:? Associations, organisations and concerned individuals of many countries, will join in promoting this world initiative. The Italian association Rientrodolce a major participant, will develop myriad communications, in support of the initiative. Rientrodolce has always been aware of the connection of Overpopulation and Growth as main engines of the unsustainability of a healthy social and economic metabolism.? To mark its own debut, Rientrodolce’s contribution to the GPSO 2010 will advocate this specific interpretation of the present ecological predicament,by launching an online periodical publication titled: “Overshoot”, which gathers informations, news, articles and opinions on population and resources, whose first number is downloadable at: . News of further initiatives will be published on the above Site and through the Social Networks Channels. Paolo Musumeci (President of Rientrodolce)? Luca Pardi( Secretary) ?Stefano Bilotti (Treasurer)? Maria Luisa Cohen (collaborator)? reply