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Alliance for death (aka “Life”)

The growth lobby appears in new guises every day, constantly trying to make itself out to be the good guy. Now a new alliance of religious groups pretends we can go on growing indefinitely, the same way that the Citizens Electoral Lobby, the Australian Property Council, and the Prime Minister of Australia do. But Tim Murray asks, "If each one of God’s 214,000 miracles born each day is precious, what of the tens or hundreds of thousands of non human life forms that are murdered that day by our expansion? Yes, 100 species are lost each day. But many more life forms are killed than that each day. How many? Who knows? Each and every day we are breeding our life support system into the ground."

Big Brother Internet proposal - Questions for Conroy

How will Government stop tech tools like proxies, Virtual Private Networks, the Tor service and encryption from circumventing this filtering regime without compromising the ability of Australian businesses and residents to do business on-line safely and securely?

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