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Penny Wong

Australian politicians selling-out on Australia's water security

Without obtaining the prior mandate of the electorate, successive Australian governments have been seeking to establish a water-market in this country. For as long as the people of Australia are required to “buy-back” the nation’s water, especially during times of crisis, they will have no water security. Bidding-wars, as currently being waged by Senators Wong and Joyce, are now an unattractive and dangerous feature of Australian water policy: profits arising will be privatised but the impacts will be borne by the Australian public. The electorate of this country must be given the opportunity to indicate whether it wishes its water to be privatised and exposed to global speculation - or protected for future generations of Australians.

Albert Bartlett: Population Problems Downunder

World-famous physics professor, Al Bartlett, takes Australia's Climate Change Minister Penny Wong's figures apart on climate change emissions and population numbers, showing that Ms Wong is wrong. "To accommodate the projected population growth AND to reduce overall annual emissions by 60% would require an annual rate of decrease of per capita emissions of polluting greenhouse gases of 3.543 percent per year over the next forty years. The per capita annual emissions would have to be cut in half every 19.6 years!" Bartlett also says that at its present rate of growth, Australia’s population will double by 2050."

Wong sticks to guns on emissions target

One of the most important principles internationally when referring to greenhouse gas reduction schemes it that the polluter pays. This means that national targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions should be based on the historical contribution of each nation to global emissions. It is obvious that Australia's population growth policies have a enormous impact on our greenhouse gas emissions.

Question for Climate Change Minister Penny Wong

Penny Wong has started a trend in dieting in Canada, of all places. They call it, "Smart Gluttony". Using Penny Wong's approach to growing population and production whilst simultaneously reducing carbon gas emissions, Tim Murray expects to lose weight by eating more ice-cream, even though his doctor has predicted that his weight will increase by 65% just if he continues with his current one tub a day.

Depression forces MP Andrew Robb from the frontbench

Andrew Robb, Federal Opposition member for Goldstein is the latest amongst a series of Australian politicians to announce a battle with mental depression. Quark believes that this may have something to do with a cognitive dissonance between political policies and reality and looks at the example of carbon emissions policy. See also Letter to Australian Climate Minister Penny Wong re her claims about delinking growth from emissions

Letter to Australian Climate Minister Penny Wong re her claims about delinking growth from emissions

When the ABC put to her that a population trending to grow by 65% to a level of 35m people by 2035 was contradictory to a target of reducing Australian carbon emissions by 60% in the same time period, Penny Wong replied, incredibly, that we have to 'delink our levels of carbon pollution from economic growth and population growth, not try to reduce population. She did not say whether we would do this by using magic or religion, but a morbid fascination with my own survival, not to say scientific curiosity, has prompted me to write to her and ask for details. See also: "Depression forces MP Andrew Robb from the frontbench"

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