The destructive impact of the ABC on Australian Politics

The ABC is a driving force behind the corrupt agenda setting bias of Australian politics. A clear explanation of this is provided by the ABC News and Current Affairs, who seem confused about their role. They seem to think they can use agenda setting bias as a tool in their manipulative armoury, as if they are elected politicians rather than journalists with a Statutory Duty to act as objective critics of the political agenda. Instead the ABC News team seems dedicated to creating agenda setting bias to ironically reinforce the objectives of the major political parties.

This is best illustrated by the contrast between the Statutory Duty of politicians as described in the oaths or affirmations that are required of them, and the Statutory Duty of the ABC which is focussed on impartiality and the avoidance of deliberate misrepresentation:

I, [Minister’s full name], do swear that I will well and truly serve the Commonwealth of Australia in the office of [position]. So help me God!
I, [Minister’s full name], do solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare that I will well and truly serve the commonwealth of Australia in the office of [position]

Refer to the ABC Editorial Policy document and the ABC Code of Practice to understand what is required of the ABC.

A key driver of the sinking of Australian politics to such low levels in recent years has surely been the ABC's role in chaperoning public policy debate to where it pleases, which is often where politicians wish to take it.

The most important example of this in recent years has been the Carbon Tax debate incorporating the bias of ABC News. That pro Carbon Tax and pro population growth bias has taught us all an important lesson that only an open class action lawsuit can ultimately prove; because the ABC complaints process appears to be as biased and dysfunctional as the ABC's conduct of Editorial Policy.

By using unlawful tactics to support the passage of the Carbon Tax in November 2011 there have been real costs incurred by both industry and government.

This has resulted in many forms of injury to the Australian people. This injury has been inflicted on us all, and the ABC has acted unlawfully in supporting the perpetration of that injury on us all.