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Turks rally against NATO missile deployment near Syrian border

Residents of Turkish province say no to NATO’s Patriots

Part of the NATO Patriot anti-missile complexes, which were requested by Ankara from the Alliance, has already arrived in Turkey. They are planned to be deployed near the border with Syria, ostensibly to protect Turkey against possible missile attacks from the Syrian side.

Published earlier on Global Research on 24 January and on Stop NATO on 23 January. See also: Syria War Preparations: NATO Selects Patriot Missile Sites In Turkey of 5 Dec 2012.

French colonisers have not accepted the loss of their colony

by Elena Gromova. Originally published on VoltaireNet on 5 Dec 2012.

History stutters: the new leader of the Syrian National Coalition, knighted by the West, is none other than the grand-son of one of the chief collaborators of the French occupation of Syria in the 20s. Formerly, the French colonial power resorted to religious leaders to teach submission to the people under its domination; today it relies on clerics to overthrow the secular regime of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Australian sponsored genocide against Iraq 1990-2012 killed 3.3 million, including 750,000 children

Syria has given refuge to a vast number of refugees from wars extending back to the creation of Israel by the expulsion of Palestinans in 1947. According to Wikipedia, "Syria hosted a population of refugees and asylum seekers number approximately 1,852,300. Of these, "the vast majority of this population was from Iraq (1,300,000), ...", that is, from wars in which the United States and its allies, including Australia, illegally participated in commencing from 1990.

Adapted from article, previously published on Global Research, UK Progressive on 5 Dec 2012 as US Sponsored Genocide Against Iraq 1990-2012 ...

Global unrest causing persecution and religious extremism

The co-founder of the medical charity Doctors Without Borders, Jacques Beres, discovered some interesting information while treating Syrian rebels in the besieged city of Aleppo. He says the fighters aren’t focused on the fall of the Assad regime. Instead, they have their eyes on a different kind of prize – implementing Sharia Law throughout the country. Overpopulation, draconian monotheism, rising enforcement of Sharia laws, declining democracies, and religious intolerance is an awakening deep set powers and rebellion, and spreading the dis-ease of unrest. It fosters rebellion, hatred, suffering, division and persecution.

The Western onslaught against international law

A new film, "Compliance," examines "the human desire to follow and obey authority."

Liberal institutions, such as the media, universities, federal courts, and human rights organizations, which have traditionally functioned as checks on the blind obedience to authority, have in our day gone over to power's side. The subversion of these institutions has transformed them from checks on power into servants of power. The result is the transformation of culture from the rule of law to unaccountable authority resting on power maintained by propaganda.

Also published on Global Research, on 28 Aug 2012
See also: Carr tries to justify Australian support for NATO war against Syria of 12 April 2012.

Australians for Syria protest in Sydney against foreign intervention

This is a fascinating video of a huge protest in Sydney on 5 August 2012 and we have put up a video of it with a number of interesting interviews from marchers, with comments from what they think of the Bashar Assad Government to how they don't like the Australian Greens policy on this matter and believe that we are risking World War Three by backing intervention in Syria. There is also some background on how Syria has been the long-term host one of the largest refugee populations in the world, which makes you wonder why it doesn't receive more support from Greens and Refugee activists. It must seem ironic that some EcoMalthusians are more inclined to give Syria that recognition! Please let us know if you have views on the democratic status of the Syrian government; we find it hard to judge. All comments and greetings welcome.

Transcript: Syrian resident Female Cleric asks Foreign powers to leave Syria alone

Attention Avaaz, Amnesty International, NATO, Hilary...
"Let the Syrian people alone. Let the Syrian people alone! Leave us alone! You are not bringing anything else but death, fear, chaos, instability, with your big declarations and with your big assemblies, and, also, with your big powers."

Catholic nun in Syria says Media Coverage of Syrian Violence Partial and Untrue

It is great to see two politically engaged women speak out about Syria. On the one hand we have Syrian Girl Partisan, who has reported in around 20 home-made films. Now a Catholic nun based in Syria has stood up and denounced Western reporting on events there. What she and others seek in Syria is “reform, no violence, no foreign intervention.” She hopes for “a new, third way, a new social pact where the right to autodetermination without outside interference” would be respected. It is great to see two politically engaged women speak out about Syria.

West recruiting thugs to crush Syria: Analyst

A political analyst says the West is hypocritically recruiting the same thugs it supposedly waged the bloody and costly ‘war on terror’ against a decade ago, to topple the Syrian government today.

by Finian Cunningham

Originally published on PressTV on 20 August

Censored Tehran Peace Conference and Media Disinformation

If anyone needs additional proof of the tremendous censorial control wielded over corporate and alleged  "independent" media regarding Western powers' imperialist projects they need look no further than the thorough news blackout of the August 9 Tehran Consultative Conference on Syria.[1] As this censorship ensued, "progressive" news outlets continued their barrage of dubious and misleading information on the continuing turmoil within Syria.

by Professor James F. Tracy. Originally published on Global Research, 16 August 2012.

Syrian Journalists' Union Calls for more Struggle in Defense of Free Speech

In a statement on Wednesday on the occasion of the Syrian Journalists' Day, the Union called for more struggle in defense of free speech.

"Syria is targeted by a conspiracy that aims at fragmenting the Arab nation ..."

The Union said that the Syrian journalists are shouldering their responsibilities in defending Syria, indicating that they paid a heavy price to reveal the truth about what is happening on the ground.

Republished from article of 15 Aug 2012 on SANA.
See Syria defends itself against NATO sponsored terrorism of 15 August 2015 for latest developments or click on 'Syria' tag for other stories about Syria.
Editorial comment: Whilst the Syrian people have shown remarkable courage and astonishing resilience in their fight against the terrorist proxies of the US, NATO, Israel and the Arab dictatorships since March 2011, there has to be a limit to how much violence and killing any people can endure. It is vital that the criminals who have subjected the Syrians to these attacks are made to pay a political price for what they have done.

Insurgents' cold-blooded murder of Syrian postal workers captured on video The cold-blooded murder of Syrian postal workers, hurled to their deaths from the top of a three story building, has been captured on a YouTube video broadcast by the Syrian Girl embedded within this article. Any possible doubt about the criminality and savagery of the Syrian 'rebels' and their US, NATO, Israeli and Arab sponsors will surely be dispelled by this chilling video. A more uplifting video of an interview of the Syrian Girl by Alex Jones is also included.

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See Syria defends itself against NATO sponsored terrorism of 15 August 2015 for latest developments or click on 'Syria' tag for other stories about Syria.
Syrian Terrorists Bomb UN Observers in Damascus of 16 Aug 2012.

Turkish Labor Party Deputy Chairman: "We Have Clear Evidence That Turkish President Incited Terrorism and War on Syria"

ANKARA, (SANA) – Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Labor Party Hasan Basri Ozbey denounced the position of Turkish Abdullah Gül who is encouraging terrorists to commit crimes in Syria, saying that the Labor Party will file a complaint against Gul to try him in the Higher Court.

He said that Gül’s statement after the terrorist bombing that targeted the National Security HQ in Damascus was shameful and disgraceful to Turkish citizens, affirming that Gül didn’t fulfill his duties and responsibilities as a statesman towards an act of terrorism against the officials of a neighboring country.

by H. Sabbagh, published in Global Research, 25 July 2012
See also: Turkey's Intervention In Syria Could Backfire of 3 Aug 12 by Ilya Kharlamov.

BBC Rides with Al Qaeda in Aleppo, Syria

Earlier this evening, Australia's Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) television news featured a chilling report by BBC journalist Ian Pannell who rode with a group of Syrian rebels as they attacked the town of Alleppo in Syria. The report featured groups of captives being threatened at close range with automatic rifles. At one point a gun seemed to discharge and wound one of the captives. Ian Pannell did not inform his viewers of the fate of the captives. Shortly after I found on Land Destroyer a comprehensive dissection of the deception and hypocrisy in Ian Pannell's report. It is republished here.

By Tony Cartalucci. Originally published on Land Destroyer

An open letter to ABC Melbourne Local Radio's Jon Faine

On Tuesday 24 of July I phoned Jon Faine's ABC local Melbourne Radio 774 program in an attempt to put a view about Syria to his listeners that was different to what had so far been put to them by Jon Faine and the corporate newsmedia. I was eventually told to ring back tomorrow. I intend to do so, but have decided to also put this letter to Jon Faine on the public record on the Internet. Updates: Jon Faine does not have a view on Syria!? does not consider Syria important!?

US Prepares For Direct Intervention in Syria

As the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) proxies fail and psychological operations falter, US prepares more direct approach for long-sought regime change. Tony Cartalucci reports on how the government of Syria, under attack from terrorist proxies of Arab dictatorships, Israel, the US and its NATO allies has, not for the first time, defied Western media pronouncements of its imminent collapse following the recent terrorist killing of four senior government ministers. Embedded in this article is a moving tribute by French journalist Thierry Meyssan (pictured) to the heroism and fortitude of the Syrian people that allowed them to keep the government operating almost without interruption following the latest terrorist outrage.

Previously published on Global Research and Land Destroyer on 22 July 2012.
See also: The battle of Damascus has begun of 25 Jul 2012 by Thiery Meyssan

Miscellaneous comments from 19 July 2012

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Saudi Princess seeking political asylum in Britain

Saudi Princess Sara bint Talal bin Abdul Aziz (pictured) is seeking political asylum in Britain, alleging physical and mental abuse at the hands of Saudi authorities.

Editorial comment: The Saudi Arabian monarchy, from which Princess Sara is seeking asylum, is one of the Arab dictatorships which is supplying weapons and funds to the terrorist mass-killers of the so-called "Free Syrian Army". Should these Saudi/Israeli/NATO proxies win in Syria, the conditions from which Princess Sara fled will be the conditions that Syrian women will also have to endure.

Republished from PressTV. See also: Saudi Arabia's Princess Sara claims asylum in the UK of 8 July in The Telegraph, Russia should demand regime change in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, ... of 8 July, of 8 July in , Kofi Annan: International Community Has Failed Syria of 8 July by Tony Cartalucci in Land Destroyer, Saudi regime forces kill two demonstrators in Eastern Province, Bahrainis rally to support Shia cleric detained in Saudi Arabia, Protesters to gather outside Saudi Embassy in London of 9 July in PressTV.

Michael Moore pushes NATO propaganda against Syria

Michael Moore, producer of Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), Sicko (2007), and Capitalism: A Love Story in his YouTube broadcast of 20 March 2012 entitled WHAT IS GOING ON IN SYRIA? has shown himself to be an apologist for NATO military aggression.

Michael Moore, producer of Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004), Sicko (2007), and Capitalism: A Love Story in his YouTube broadcast of 20 March 2012 entitled WHAT IS GOING ON IN SYRIA? has shown himself to be an apologist for NATO military aggression and a phony progressive. Michael Moore lies about Syria on YouTube. Broadcast dated 20 March is entitled WHAT IS GOING ON IN SYRIA?. Note how there is no mention of Libya in which more than 30,000 were killed during NATO's invasion last year in this broadcast, nor any other broadcast on YouTube by Michael Moore which concerns Libya.

Miscellaneous comments from 26 June 2012

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Amnesty International, Avaaz helping to kill Syrians

Amnesty International, which covered for NATO's 2011 invasion of Libya in which at least 30,000 died, and another 50,000 were wounded has also been covering for NATO's current proxy war against Syria with fabrications and distortions. Amnesty's lies can easily be seen by comparing their reports with the facts of the Syrian conflict such as which are to be found on alternate news sites such as Global Research, Veterans Today and and even a leading German newspaper.

The embedded Youtube report from the Syrian Girl shows how Amnesty and Avaaz are only demanding that the side to the conflict, which which happens to enjoy the support of the overwhelming majority of Syrians, ceases violence.

See also: Michael Moore pushes NATO propaganda against Syria of 28 June, Young Syrian patriot fights corporate media lies against her homeland of 10 May.

Death of Spanish mercenaries in Syria revealed

The participation and death of Spanish mercenaries in armed actions in Syria was revealed by local media today. By Claudie Gomez. Originally published on Global Research on 16 June 2012.
See also: Syrian Intervention Matter Of When And Not If of 17 June by Rick Rozoff. (Let's hope that this pessimistic outlook is not realised. - Ed)

Syrian girl video warns West may intend to start WW3 by support of terrorist insurgents

Syrians despair as chemical weapons, advanced Javelin surface-to-air missiles and depleted uranium rifles have been smuggled in to the 'rebels'. The Syrian government says it now has no choice but to do what it has been deceitfully accused of in the past by the Western newsmedia. It has given the terrorists 24 hours to disarm or else face artillery bombardment in urban areas. This article benefits from the modern-day phenomenon of serious real-life observers reporting via the Internet. Have you heard Syrian Girl yet? She is a major credible independent source on Syria.

NATO plans for dirty tricks in Syria and a global disinformation campaign

According to a report on, at two recent meetings in Qatar and a further meeting in Riyadh, operatives of the Arab dictatorships and NATO met to coordinate a disinformation campaign including interference with satellite broadcasts to conceal a coup against the Syrian Government. As the article notes, the actions proposed, including the planned complicity of the international newsmedia violate intentional law. Nazi German propagandists were tried at Nuremburg for committing similar crimes.

Previously published in Land Destroyer as URGENT: Expose NATO Dirty Tricks in Syria BEFORE They Happen and originally on as NATO preparing vast disinformation campaign on 11 June 2012.
Includes an appendix, War propaganda from Australian newspapers which violate international law.

British journalist set up by insurgents to be killed by Syrian government forces

On 9 June Russia Today reported how Alex Thomson, the Chief Channel 4 News correspondent accused Syrian insurgents of having deliberately set him up to be killed by Assad government forces.

See also: Syrian rebels tried to get reporter killed in anti-Assad propaganda bid of 9 June on RT, VIDEO: US-NATO "Humanitarian Intervention" in Syria: Towards a Regional War? on GRTV- by Michel Chossudovsky of 8 June, New Round of Civilian Massacres: US-UN Maneuvers Against Syria Upon Baseless Activist Hearsay
of 8 June by Tony Cartalucci on Global Research.

Miscellaneous comments from 1 June 2012

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Shameless defence of lying to achieve US/Israeli geo-political goals in Syria

Those who want to know the truth about the recent Houla massacre, blamed by the corporate newsmedia on the Syrian government, should consider these chilling words said in 2005 by Ziad Abdel Nour, a corporate-financier and founder of "Blackhawk Partners" as well as chairman of the Neo-Conservative run "United States Committee for a Free Lebanon" :

Young Syrian patriot fights corporate media lies against her homeland

Syrian Girl Partisan

On the You Tube channel, Mimi al-Laham, an articulate young English-speaking Syrian has taken on the lying corporate and phony left newsmedia which is providing cover for NATO's proxy war against her homeland as they did last year when NATO bombed and invaded Libya. James Corbett[1] has interviewed the Syrian Girl on his Channel. We have also embedded this interview on candobetter.

Carr tries to justify Australian support for NATO war against Syria

Australia's new Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr continues his predecessor's enthusiastic volunteering of Australia in the Coalition of the Willing, this time against Syria. Between 1991 and now, the Coalition caused the deaths of possibly 1,500,000

Syria -70% vote to end one-party state - why aren't we celebrating?

70 per cent of Syrians voted in referendum to end one party rule and to have elections but have been hit by EU sanctions anyway. Aljazeera reported that no-one would vote, but it seems that a lot did. Basically the world is dividing into an Eastern and Western bloc over this, with Russia and China supporting Syria's right to settle its own affairs and the US and other Anglophone western nations and the EU are looking for a pretext to intervene and threatening crippling sanctions. Further down we might expect EU imposition of a no-fly zone to give them an excuse to invade, as has already happened in Libya. Is the end-objective to isolate Iran for its oil reserves? What's up? Here are some views.


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