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Full unedited video of President al-Assad’s interview by Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes

The full transcript in this article has been republished from the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA). (On occasions, in recent days, it has not always been possible to view SANA from Australia. - Ed) another full interview (behind paywall) (20/1/15), by of the American magazine Foreign Affairs, has been republished as President Assad’s Full Text Interview on American Journal: Israel, Turkey Supports Terrorist Organizations in Syria (26/3/15) on Islamic Invitation Turkey.

In this unedited 57 minute interview, much of the lying narrative which has been fed to the public in recent years as a pretext for the United States' proxy terrorist war and planned military aggression against Syria was put to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by the CBS's Charlie Rose. Examples of this narrative include How Will Syria's Assad Be Held Accountable For Crimes Against Humanity? (28/3/15) by the supposedly liberal, progressive Huffington Post and Thousands in Syria face death as Assad regime prevents aid distribution (28/3/15) republished in the Melbourne Age from the UK Telegraph. Each of the fabrications, such as are to be found in these two articles, which was put to the Syrian President by Charlie Rose, was torn to shreds – a feat even more remarkable, given that English is not even Bashar al-Assad's native tongue.

This interview shows the Syrian President to be a moral and intellectual giant. Nonetheless, even a people so resilient and resourceful as the Syrians, cannot indefinitely defend themselves against hordes of killer sociopaths from every corner of the globe. If Syria is to survive, the people of the United States, Australia and their allies must hold their leaders to account for their shameful actions. Then Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr, for his part, imposed additional sanctions against Syria and expelled the Syrian ambassador in June 2012 using the fraudulent claim that the Syrian government had massacred its own citizens at Houla in May 2012 as a pretext.

Syrian President al-Assad interviewed by CBS News

Update, 10 Sep 2012: Videos of Part 1 and Part 2 of full CBS interview, together with full transcript from President al-Assad's interview with American CBS news of 10 Sep 2013 at SANA, added. Global Research (GR) has similarly published the full transcript and video broadcast. (Highlighting from GR article has been reproduced here.) (This story originally published: 2013-09-10 03:27:34 +1000) See also: What 'dictator' ever willingly faced such media scrutiny? of 1 Jun 2013.

For more than two years, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been demonised by the Western presstitute newsmedia as a brutal dictator, a mass murderer, corrupt and, most recently, a chemical war criminal.

Unlike the serial liars Barack Obama and John Kerry, who have yet to face real questioning by the western 'journalists', Syrian President President Bashar al-Assad, for a brutal and corrupt dictator, has shown himself remarkably willing and able to face critical and probing interviews.

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