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media lies

Sean Hannity beats the drum for war against Iran

US corporate media is either pro-Republican or pro-Democrat and they are nearly always in violent disagreement, except on the subject of war. Both sides love war. Here is a rabid example, dated 19 September 2019, from Sean Hannity, of Fox news. (The video is only embedded here for the record. Most visitors probably won't choose to put themselves through all of Hannity's war-mongering tirade.) Surprisingly, the only mainstream US journalist who seems to be against war is also on Fox - Tucker Carlson.

How can you tell whether Russia has invaded Ukraine?

by Dmitri Orlov. Previously published by Paul Craig Roberts, Information Clearing House, DarkPolitricks and Conspiracy Analyst on 1 Sep 2014.

Also by Dmitri Orlov: Orlov on the Ukraine (29/8/14), Saving Face (29/7/14), Collapse and Systemic Failure at All Levels Coming to U.S. (19/3/14), Collapse and Systemic Failure at All Levels Coming to U.S. (19/3/14), Ukraine-Crimea Update and U.S. on Suicide Watch (19/3/14), Dmitri Orlov highlights the Crimean "crisis" and the Western bias (12/3/14), On western engineered fascist coup d'etat in Ukraine: "U.S. citizens are being systematically conditioned to hate Vladimir Putin" (2/3/14)

This article includes embedded Youtube video of the Donetsk Republic Council of Ministers, which is also included in the article The Donetsk National Republic states the facts about its conflict with the Kiev regime (31/8/14) on candobetter.

"If you think that Russia is sending its regular units here, then let me tell you something. If Russia was sending its regular troops, we wouldn't be talking about the battle of Elenovka here. We'd be talking about a battle of Kiev or a possible capture of Lvov."

Washington and mainstream media pile lie upon lie about Ukraine and Russia

See also: Fabricated “Russian Invasion”: Big Lies Risk Confrontation with Russia (29/8/14) by Stephen Lendman on Global Research.

This article published as Washington piles lie upon lie by Paul Craig Roberts was published earlier on and Global Research.

Yesterday, Friday 29 August at 7:00PM the ABC news reported that there was "satellite evidence" of Russian armour and soldiers going over the border and that the Russian government had lied about it. It also claimed that "former and serving Russian army soldiers" were fighting in Ukraine alongside the rebels. Whilst the online version of the same story is a little more more circumspect, public opinion tends to be more affected by live audio visual reporting. This report is part of the current avalanche of 'reporting' of the Ukraine crisis by the mainstream media, which is barely a day old. Other 'reports' about Ukraine include:

Ukraine accuses Russia of 'direct invasion' after aid convoy crosses border without permission (ABC), Ukraine crisis: NATO condemns Russia's 'illegal' military action; says Moscow continues to disregard obligations (ABC), US openly accuses Russia of sending combat troops to Ukraine (SMH), NATO says Russia blatantly violating Ukraine sovereignty, Ukraine crisis: T-72 tank shoots hole in Russian denial (BBC), Alarm over Russian troops in Ukraine (Sky News), Exclusive - Over 100 Russian soldiers killed in single Ukraine battle - Russian rights activists (Reuters), What does Russia tell the mothers of soldiers killed in Ukraine? Not much. (Washington Post), Russia has up to 100 battle tanks fighting in Ukraine, UK believes (The Guardian), Relatives of Russian Soldiers Captured by Ukraine Demand Answers (New York Times), Ukraine Accuses Russia of Invasion, West to Consider Sanctions, Obama rules out military response to Russian moves in Ukraine (LA Times), Ukraine crisis: Obama blames Russia for violence (BBC), Obama Blames Russia For Violence In Ukraine; Calls Moves 'Incursion' (NPR), Russia Lies About Invading Ukraine as It Invades Ukraine (Daily Beast), Russia sends tanks and troops into Ukraine, seizes a strategic town

Decriminalizing Bashar al Assad: towards a more effective anti-war movement

This article by Carlos Martinez was previously published in Global Research on 26 Sep 2013 and Syria 360° on 26 Sep 2013. See also: Bashar al-Assad wins the battle of communication of 24 Sep 2013 by Wassim Raad on Voltaire Net.

On 10 April 1993, one of the greatest heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle, Chris Hani, was gunned down by a neo-fascist in an attempt to disrupt the seemingly inexorable process of bringing majority rule to South Africa. Although direct legal culpability for this tragic assassination belonged to only two men — a Polish immigrant by the name of Janusz Walus 1 2 and a senior Conservative Party MP named Clive Derby-Lewis — the crime formed part of a much wider onslaught against the ANC and its allies. ...

Tony Cartalucci, James Corbett, Michel Chossudovsky demolish mainstream media chemical weapons lies against Syria

In March 2011 'roving' Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, then in the Middle East called for the establishment of a so-called "no-fly zone" over Libya. This helped prepare the groundwork for NATO's subsequent invasion of Libya. The Australian government, whose delegate to the United Nations currently holds the office of President of the United Nations' Security Council, has supported United States as it has waged a proxy terrorist war against Syria that has already cost 100,000 deaths in two and a half years. The hostility towards Syria by the previous 'Labor' Government, which was voted out of office on 7 September, is apparently to be continued by the new Liberal/National Coalition Government according to the new Foreign Minister, Senator Julie Bishop.

Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Lendman: Obama and Kerry declare that Amerika stands for war and is proud of it

Paul Craig Roberts, Stephen Lendman: Obama and Kerry Declare that Amerika Stands for War and is Proud of It

This article was first published on and on Information Clearing House 8 Sep 2013. See also: A brief for animals of 5 June 2013, Nature's Capital Is The Limiting Resource of 24 Jan 2013

Guest column by the distinguished commentator and radio host Stephen Lendman:

Syria has agreed to the Russian proposal to give up its chemical weapons, but the war criminal and totally isolated obama regime, the scum of the earth, says it will attack Syria regardless.

How will the world respond to the Amerikan Third Reich, the worst threat to truth, justice, peace, and humanity that the world has ever experienced? Will the world submit to rule by an outlaw state whose corrupt government represents no one but the Israel Lobby?

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