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phony human rights organisations

Syria: 'Human Rights Watch', key player in the manufacture of propaganda for war and foreign intervention

Pro-government rally, Damascus, March 2011
By Tim Anderson and Mazen al-Akhras. First published on Global Research, 1 Feb 2014. See also Tim Anderson on Syria - Two interviews: Channel 7 bias and the Real Deal, 23 Jan 2014 by Sheila Newman.
Dr Tim Anderson shows how the group 'Human Rights Watch', far from upholding human rights around the world, has, instead, by falsely claiming that governments, such as the Syrian and Venezuelan governments, are guilty of human rights abuses, has provided fraudulent casüs bellorum for the United States government to wage war against the people of these countries. In Syria's case up to 130,000, according to one estimate, have died since March 2011 as a consequence.

Decriminalizing Bashar al Assad: towards a more effective anti-war movement

This article by Carlos Martinez was previously published in Global Research on 26 Sep 2013 and Syria 360° on 26 Sep 2013. See also: Bashar al-Assad wins the battle of communication of 24 Sep 2013 by Wassim Raad on Voltaire Net.

On 10 April 1993, one of the greatest heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle, Chris Hani, was gunned down by a neo-fascist in an attempt to disrupt the seemingly inexorable process of bringing majority rule to South Africa. Although direct legal culpability for this tragic assassination belonged to only two men — a Polish immigrant by the name of Janusz Walus 1 2 and a senior Conservative Party MP named Clive Derby-Lewis — the crime formed part of a much wider onslaught against the ANC and its allies. ...

Istanbul university students foil attempt to hold activity in support of terrorists

Adapted from Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) story Istanbul University Students Foil Efforts to Hold Activity to Support Terrorist groups of 4 April 2013. See also: World must unite to help Syria avoid Iraq's fate

ISTANBUL, (SANA) - Istanbul university students foiled on Thursday efforts of the Turkish Red Crescent and the jurists youth club to establish an activity under the pretext of "collecting humanitarian aids to the Syrian people" which really aims to support the armed terrorist groups in Syria.

Amnesty International, Avaaz helping to kill Syrians

Amnesty International, which covered for NATO's 2011 invasion of Libya in which at least 30,000 died, and another 50,000 were wounded has also been covering for NATO's current proxy war against Syria with fabrications and distortions. Amnesty's lies can easily be seen by comparing their reports with the facts of the Syrian conflict such as which are to be found on alternate news sites such as Global Research, Veterans Today and and even a leading German newspaper.

The embedded Youtube report from the Syrian Girl shows how Amnesty and Avaaz are only demanding that the side to the conflict, which which happens to enjoy the support of the overwhelming majority of Syrians, ceases violence.

See also: Michael Moore pushes NATO propaganda against Syria of 28 June, Young Syrian patriot fights corporate media lies against her homeland of 10 May.

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