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environmental vandalism

Video: Brown Mountain trial aftermath - interview with Jill Redwood

Jill Redwood, as coordinator of Environment East Gippsland, conducted a landmark environmental court case that saw her group awarded damages against the Government Forestry corporation, VicForests, who were told to conduct proper investigations for the presence of threatened species in areas they logged and to design and enact plans to safeguard them according to the law. Three years later the Giant Trees Walk on Brown Mountain, which EEG had created in order to develop awareness of the rape of East Gippsland's forests, has been destroyed by persons unknown, equipped with heavy equipment and chainsaws.

Campbell Newman okays Cape Alumina bauxite mine Steve Irwin Reserve Cape York

Campbell Newman is permitting bauxite mining within the original buffer zone of the wild river reserve John Howard gave taxpayer support to after Steve Irwin's death in 2006. Bauxite mining is especially hazardous to tropical wetlands. Australia's Steve Irwin was loved by the world and arguably the most successful wildlife defender of the late 20th and early 21st century, eras not known for their sympathy with nature or democracy. This seems like an environmental and unpatriotic obscenity.

Rees 'State Plan' an edict of fascist exploitation of the NSW environment

The NSW Government 'State Plan' to which all of NSW Government policy hinges, reflects a fettish for short term economic stimulation. To the incumbent Premier Rees, 'jobs, jobs, jobs' can only be good, irrespective of which unsustainable industry they are in, or how short term they may be. The State Plan is all about jobs at all costs. The triple bottom line has gone out the door. Rees' Plan ranks the environment a priority level 4 and deems native forests only valuable for exploitation and utility benefit to humans.

World Rally Australia due to come screaming through Australia's hottest biodiversity spot

A lot of people have concerns about the General Manager of Tweed Shire Council, Mike Rayner, and his Director's role with the controversial World Rally Australia Pty Ltd, due to come screaming through Australia's hottest biodiversity spot, the Green Caldera, where 2/3rds of our species are endangered. Isn't it a conflict of interest to be serving local residents in his capacity at council and also serving a Pty Ltd business and accommodating them in a council building?

See also: "NSW spin doctors find another frog to save" by Alex Mitchell in Crikey of 11 Mar 09, "Kyogle residents fight World Rally motor race" of 7  Mar 09.

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