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Rees 'State Plan' an edict of fascist exploitation of the NSW environment

The NSW Government 'State Plan' to which all of NSW Government policy hinges, reflects a fettish for short term economic stimulation. To the incumbent Premier Rees, 'jobs, jobs, jobs' can only be good, irrespective of which unsustainable industry they are in, or how short term they may be. The State Plan is all about jobs at all costs. The triple bottom line has gone out the door. Rees Plan ranks the environment a priority level 4 and deems native forests only valuable for exploitation and their utility benefit to humans. [SOURCE: ]

Read Priority E4 (the '4' means it is ranked 4th): "Better outcomes for native vegetation, biodiversity, land, rivers, and coastal waterways. A healthy environment provides the basis for our primary industries, tourism and recreational activities.". It is all about how to utilise the natural environment, not to protect it.