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Campbell Newman

KoalaTracker Design Competition to help save koalas

Here is a report from KoalaTracker headquarters about the terrible situation for koalas in Queensland. The Queensland government is reclearing land only recently regained for the environment. Wildlife activists are having to fight for the poorest secondary growth land because nothing else is available for koalas to live on. Humane Society International is of the opinion that a new Queensland Bill exposes hundreds of thousands of hectares of currently protected regrowth and remnant vegetation to clearing. The situation is urgent and shocking ...

Campbell Newman's claimed economic foundations

Economically moronic or grossly ideological? Which description best fits the Cando Newman government's excuse for massive and cruel job losses and public service cuts? Here is an expose of Queensland Treasury's base and baseless rationale for austerity.

Miscellaneous comments from 1 June 2012

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Campbell Newman okays Cape Alumina bauxite mine Steve Irwin Reserve Cape York

Campbell Newman is permitting bauxite mining within the original buffer zone of the wild river reserve John Howard gave taxpayer support to after Steve Irwin's death in 2006. Bauxite mining is especially hazardous to tropical wetlands. Australia's Steve Irwin was loved by the world and arguably the most successful wildlife defender of the late 20th and early 21st century, eras not known for their sympathy with nature or democracy. This seems like an environmental and unpatriotic obscenity.

Calls to 'Bomb' and 'Cull' Flying Foxes

Why do humans think they own the planet? Are we as a species so ignorant of basic ecology that we would continuously deprive the very creatures who make the forest of anywhere to roost? It is frightening to watch this attitude balloon into what could potentially be not only suicidal but ecocidal.

Car tunnels and air quality

Get ready to wind up your windows, hold your breath and pay your $4 toll, you're about to head into the Clem Jones Gas Chamber.

Save Brisbane's historic Howard Smith Wharves

Unless we act now, Brisbane stands to lose a piece of prime, heritage-listed inner city parkland. Lord Mayor Campbell Newman now plans to take the parkland adjacent to the Howard Smith Wharves away from the public forever to make room for a giant hotel underneath and beside the Story Bridge.
Includes: Appendix: Countering Campbell Newman's spin
What you can do: Visit, ...

Brisbane's housing unaffordability crisis spun by ABC to promote property lobby interests

Almost invariably reporting of Australia's acute housing unaffordability crisis does not inform the public of its causes, nor help it to arrive at a solution. The ABC's report No relief in sight for Brisbane's renters of 20 June 08 is no exception.

See also: Rent gouging threatens Brisbane inner city retail community of 8 Mar 08

Yet another article, this time on the ABC's online news service, No relief in sight for Brisbane's renters of 20 June 08 provides yet further confirmation that the polices promoting rapid population growth by all levels of government in Brisbane - local, state and federal - are recklessly harmful to many of Brisbane's existing inhabitants.

Residents vow to stop destruction of their community with civil disobedience, if necessary

“The opposition of local communities on both sides of the river to the Lord Mayor’s ill conceived toll bridge proposal has been clearly and repeatedly expressed, most forcefully in thousands of public submissions during the now notorious project consultation process.”

Stop the Hale Street Bridge Alliance Media Release, 1 Jun 08

More chickens of population growth come home to roost in Queensland

"One of the questions that is not put in the political process by either side of politics, let alone answered, is: Towards what are we striving to grow?" - Brendan Nelson.
for more, read "When growth turns into a monster" by Ross Gittins

Had the promises of the growth merchants over past decades been realised, Queenslanders, having had their population more than double from 2 million in 1972 to its current 4,258,351, would today be enjoying a blissful carefree existence together with unprecedented prosperity. Somehow, it has turned out differently and, almost every day, Queenslanders are greeted in the Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper with ever more stories which chronicle their declining quality of life.

Courier Mail provides 'boring', yet unbalanced, coverage of Brisbane City Council elections

Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper recently posed the question "Have these been the most boring elections?". This triggered an exchange of e-mails which began when Independent Mayoral candidate James Sinnamon wrote an open letter to the Courier Mail's City Hall reporter.

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