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Australian overpopulation

Let's take Australia Day to a new level!

The history of Australia as a nation has been brutal to the humans who lived here first, to the animals and birds, and brutal to the landscape. Australia needs a day to stop and reflect on what has been done, where we are now and where we are going. We cannot fix the problem by continuing to do the same thing that caused it. Current discussion about Australia Day focuses on the way colonisation affected and continues to affect the aboriginal population. In addition to the injustices and atrocities, Australian Aborigines have been, and continue to be, overwhelmed by sheer numbers from elsewhere. The non-Aboriginal population born here is now being overwhelmed in the same way. The fast growing population as a whole has ongoing devastating environmental impacts on this land. It has social impacts too, as it enriches a very few members of the growth lobby, while the rest pay for population growth.

Overpopulation and industrial farming - city dweller tells of battery chicken factory night raid

Paul McCartney famously said ‘if slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarian.’ Although I visited a factory farm and not an abattoir (more of a hard labour camp for chickens) and I was already a committed vegan before visiting, the experience certainly cemented my position on animal rights.

Booming housing market leaves first-home buyers behind

Originally published in Miscellaneous Comments. - Ed
The Age reveals that first home buyers made up a record low 12.2 per cent of new housing loan commitments in Victoria in September, a sharp fall from the peak of 31.6 per cent in May 2009.
"I can see the difficulties for young and first home buyers of getting into the market," said shadow treasurer Chris Bowen, who labelled the affordability crisis a serious national issue.

V C A T again - and a resident's disgust with Victoria's injustice system

Another activist writes:

In my voluntary role with WERA [West of Elgar Residents' Association Inc], I have attended hearings on more occasions than I care to remember. Whilst all my experiences were associated with the City of Whitehorse, on ALL those occasions the Council had refused the application. Often the original proposal failed so many of the local planning scheme objectives that it was refused under delegation.

Automatic Earth Tour with Nicole Foss - Writer's Account

On 21st April the writer attended the Automatic Earth Tour in Melbourne, an all day workshop in the Fitzroy Town Hall. The event hosted one international presenter, Nicole Foss, a sustainability expert from Canada and editor of ‘The Automatic Earth’. She was joined by three Australian guest speakers: Adrian Whitehead (founder of Beyond Zero Emissions); Geoff Mosley (Director – Centre for Advancement of the Steady State Economy); Theo Kitchener (founder of neighbourhood sharing website

De-industrialised Geelong to have its population 'sustainably' doubled

The G21Geelong Region Plan – a ‘sustainable growth strategy’ has big plans for Geelong and environs. The areas covered by the plan are Colac, Golden Plains, Greater Geelong, Queenscliffe and Surf Coast.

Over the next 30 to 40 years the current population of 250,000 is expected to double to 500,000. What you can do

Growth corridor woes

Government Growth Policy is not working – an example of one Growth Area municipality struggling under the financial burden of infinite population growth. Other growth corridors are also in stress.

Cardinia Shire is a largely rural municipality about 60 km from Melbourne. A government designated corridor of population growth and housing construction has been absorbing rapid population increase since 2003. The population is predicted to double over the next 10 years. Current Council records indicate that five families per day are moving into the corridor.

SPA Victoria AGM 30 July

Speaker - Bob Birrell: "'Why is immigration running at record high levels when unemployment is increasing?"

Not so happy about Merrifield, new suburb for Melbourne

The recent announcement of yet another new suburb on the outskirts of Melbourne is nothing to celebrate despite its upbeat name of ‘Merrifield’, according to the Victorian and Tasmanian branch of Sustainable Population Australia.

Avoidable human expansion means death for wallabies at Mission Beach Australia

A permit has been issued by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to cull 2,000 Agile Wallabies at Mission Beach along the North Queensland Coast in an area almost pristine not so long ago. Wildlife activists say that there may only be about 500 wallabies there now but a lot more humans.

23 million milestone nothing to celebrate: just a smaller slice of the national pie for everyone

Everyone gets a smaller slice of the national cake and pays more for it. The arrival of Australia’s 23 millionth person tomorrow is no cause for celebration, according to Sustainable Population Australia (SPA).

Scientist Alan Jones: Today Australia's population reaches 23 million - but at what cost?

Today Australia reaches a population of 23 million. If we assess this against the status of our life-support systems, we should be alarmed. Neither Australia nor Earth is ecologically sustainable as shown by our national state of the environment reporting and the estimate that humans are consuming 150% of Earth’s renewable capacity. Population size is one of the underlying drivers of these trends. Should they continue, the implications for future generations are clear.

Sunshine Coast not so sunny for native animals and people with a conscience

On the Sunshine Coast development has destroyed a great deal of the beautiful natural surroundings that attracted people there in the first place. Native animals are being cruelly decimated by starvation and exposure.

Developers seem animated by greed alone, machinally moonscaping lots when buyer uptake has dropped to 1996 levels[1] in Australia, despite constant mass immigration. The developer lobbies have not been able to restimulate demand, even by touting for overseas immigrants and selling property to foreign investors off the plan. (That doesn't stop them charging huge fees for membership.)

Kevin - Big Australia - Rudd adds fuel to UDIA Unsustainable Growth

“Mr. Rudd needs to be severely questioned on the title of his talk but the context makes this unlikely. Were he speaking in parliament or the public realm he might be questioned but his speech on Thursday will be heard at a forum of an industry known for its bias to high population growth with no practical or logical end point.” (Jill Quirk, President, SPAVicTas)

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