Jeff Kennett

Jeff Kennett's Legacy

Kennett's legacy to Victorians has been no Victorian on the public payroll has a secure job, their employment can disappear a the stroke of a pen.

The local council is staffed by compulsory part timers and town planners lurch from 3 month contract to 3 month contract leading to no continuity of planning decisions and less than fearless and forthright planning decisions.

Local council services for the less well off in the community are provided by part time staff so that programs for the elderly are haphazard.

Teachers can spend up to 10 years on contract applying for their job and 50 others in the area every 6 months.

Patients in private hospitals as well as public hospitals are in the tender care of nurses who were hired at the start of the shift who don't know their way around today's workplace.

Because we still have employer based superannuation schemes older workers are not able to find meaningful permanent work.

In short Kennett's reforms were a disaster for working women and state public servants in Victoria throwing them out of secure employment and forcing those who were retrenched to continue in casual work or face a poverty stricken old age.

I think the rent seekers are those leeches in the financial services sector.