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Key targets of Royal Mail sabotaged before privatisation to attract private investors - UK trade unions

Republished from Cuts and price rises caused Mail failures of 23 Nov 2013 on the People's Daily Morning Star. More news about privatisation can be found from the Campaign for public Ownership (CPO), articles against privatisation here on, the Public Banking Institute, and Ellen Brown's Web of Debt, 1, ...

Job cuts and price increases in the lead-up to privatisation were the reason Royal Mail missed key performance targets earlier this year, postal union Unite claimed yesterday.
Postal regulator Ofcom said the recently privatised company missed a requirement to deliver 93 per cent of first-class letters the day after collection, reaching only 91.7 per cent.

ABC markets new privatisation grab of public assets

Back in 2002 the Australian Government owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) surprisingly placed itself in the forefront of efforts to steamroll the public into acceptance of the Howard Government's plans to privatise Telstra.

High Speed Broadband – Rudd Labor and the business of Nation-Building

The Rudd government April 7th 2009 announcement of a plan to finance and construct a massive 'fibre-to-the-node' broadband network -- supplying service to 90% of Australian homes is a remarkable sea change in public policy. This article discusses the financing and timing of this proposal - and the PM's remark that it would ultimately be privatised. (Article by Tristan Ewins, originally published on on 7 Apr 09.)

"The case for re-nationalising Telstra" of 13 Jan 09 also by Tristan Ewins (also on Online Opinion), forum discussions "The broadband revolution" and "Monday Message Board" on, "Other projects will pay for hare-brained scheme" by Kenneth Davidson in the Age of 9 Apr 09,

The Ugly American in Australia

1 July 2005, Telstra share price was AU$5.06. 3.5 years later, Sol Trujillo announced his pending departure [26 February]. With Telstra stock nearing a record LOW on Trujillo's watch - AU$3.68, we're informed that Sol will take with him his AU$13.4-million pay package for this year plus another AU$30-million payout. Plus his eight-digit salary each of the previous three years.

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Keep broadband in public hands - Australian Greens

As Telstra places ever more conditions and demands ever more taxpayer funding in return for its participation in the Labor Government's National BroadBand Network (NBN) program, Western Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam has called to assume a majority stake in the project in order to guarantee that the public interest be safeguarded.

Also published on Original media release of 3 Dec 08 from Scott Ludlam's Web site. See also:, "$5bn more needed on broadband: Telstra" in the Australian IT Section of 4 Dec 08, "Telstra call centres in crisis" in the Australian IT Section of 2 Dec 08, "Telstra cuts widow off from world" in the Toowoomba Chronicle of 30 Nov 08, ...

Staff cuts blamed on sale of Telstra

According to Independent candidate for Calare Gavin Priestley the recent announcement of technical staff redundancies in Telstra highlights a lack of service control created by the Coalition Government’s sale of Telstra. Original article is from the Nyngan Observer.

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