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More on the Melbourne protest against Bill to Gag local councilors - video

(Photo of Mary Drost)
The Brumby Government tried to undermine this crucial Melbourne Rally and to avoid criticism by announcing they were modifying their offensive Bill, so the mainstream journalists stayed away. But the alternative press is growing and we will not fall for such simple ploys.

Mt Macedon Ranges under attack by Victorian government

(Photo:Justin Madden, Victorian Planning Minister)
Victorian Planning dictators aim at iconic Macedon Ranges (Hanging Rock region). Where will it end? Call to Victorians and the world ....

We need your help - to help Macedon Ranges.


Revisionist Brumby Planning Dept airbrushes major Planning policy statement

Media leads drive for Unlivable City of 8 million

On September 5, 2008, Victorian newspaper, The Age, ran an article by Cameron Houston and Royce Millar, under the screaming headline, 'City of 8 million 'unlivable'.

The article reported the latest population projections from the Australia Bureau of Statistics. These frightening projections were reported as if they were actual predictions. The article should have generated a number of printable letters to The Age almost immediately.

Surprisingly, on September 7, no reader responses had been published.

US Vice Pres Candidate, Sarah Palin, accused of terrible animal cruelty

Saccharine Republican Valkyrie an immodest advocate for barbarity to wildlife, using jet-fuel.

See also:
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Wins 2008 Rubber Dodo Award in of 17 Sep 08, Sarah Palin's record on environment is abysmal in of 5 Sep 08 by Rick Steiner and readers' comments,
New Orleans: The City That Won't Be Ignored in The Nation of 3 Sep 08 by Naomi Klein. How Democrat Barack Obama has incredibly surrendered critical ground to McCain in New Orleans, in which the the Rebublican Bush administration scandalously mismanaged the relief effort following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Quantock in just released "Planning Backlash" - the movie

Rod Quantock is currently appearing in First Man Standing at Trades Hall in Carlton, 03 9659 5699, but here he is in a stand up role for democracy (which does seem very funny in Victoria) at the Mary Drost-led rally in July.

Oz Wildlife sacrificed as political and economic palliative

The Victorian Government report, "Land and Biodiversity at a time of climate change," was widely seen by Victorian wildlife organisations as a shocker. Here is an excerpt from AWPC Maryland Wilson's searing response.

"Costs order against Blue Wedges a bad sign for democracy" - Greens MP Sue Pennicuik

Sue Pennicuik: "The community is not the enemy and the government would do better listening to what people have to say rather than silencing critics."

SEITA tollway using old data on oil prices

As oil prices rocket above AU$140 per barrel, the Victorian Government proceeds to ram through its expensive road and tunnel building projects premised upon oil costing at most AU$24.20 per barrel against a groundswell of community opposition. Why?

Melbourne protests mass population growth and its profiteers

For his political courage in speaking out against undemocratic, but mainstream media and government endorsed, growth, actor, Geoffrey Rush deserves particular historic recognition from Australians. He launched a new website: Marvellous Melbourne at editor 12 January 2017: Unfortunately, eight years later it is no longer maintained, so we have removed the link. remains one of its memorials. However the problem those optimistic protesters set out to solve has grown every year into a behemoth that threatens many of our institutions and certainly our way of life, all over Australia.

Victorian Government, developers take aim at Devilbend wildlife habitat

Victorian State MP, Neale Burgess, warns public of Gavin Jennings anti-wildlife habitat Bill for voting today in Victorian Parliament

What you can do: Contact Johan Scheffer (johan.scheffer[at] and demand that the bill to be put to Parliament on Thu 26 June be amended to make Devilbend a nature conservation reserve.

Help save West Australian black cockatoo from extinction

University of West Australia may bulldoze 36 hectares rare bushland in Perth city centre, threatening rare black cockatoo restoration program. Wildlife warriors request urgent reinforcement to stop this ecologically depraved and, in editorial view of oil peak and gas crisis, economically senseless plan.

Friends or Currawong need your help to save historic holiday camp

Friends of Currawong are asking you to make your wishes that Camp Currawong be saved known to Minister for Planning by 23 May 2008.

See also Historic NSW holiday retreat for workers' children threatened by developers

High-immigration lobbyist blames high immigration for housing crisis on April Fools Day.

In yet another bizarre twist in the property development lobby's constant pushing for high immigration, one of the strongest advocates of constant immigration increases over the past decade, Ron Silberberg, Managing Director of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) appears to have come out blaming immigration for the housing crisis which his own push for immigration helped to create.

"There has been an uncontrolled expansion of the immigration program," Dr Silberberg told a Senate committee in Canberra, according to an AAP sourced article, "Immigration blamed for housing crisis," in The Sydney Morning Herald, Tuesday April 1, 07:01PM.

Analysts were still unsure whether this was an April Fools joke.

Historic NSW holiday retreat for workers' children threatened by developers

A beautiful and historic holiday retreat for workers' children bought by the NSW union movement back in the '40s in the Ku-ring-gai National Park north of Sydney is threatened by developers, assisted by their bidders at the helm of the NSW government, Premier Morris Iemma, Treasurer Michael Costa and Minister for Planning Frank Sartor. The group Friends of Currawong has launched a public campaign to prevent Camp Currawong being turned into yet another playground for the world's wealthy elite, "something like St Tropez".

Courier Mail provides 'boring', yet unbalanced, coverage of Brisbane City Council elections

Brisbane's Courier Mail newspaper recently posed the question "Have these been the most boring elections?". This triggered an exchange of e-mails which began when Independent Mayoral candidate James Sinnamon wrote an open letter to the Courier Mail's City Hall reporter.

The World is under attack! by Tim Murray, Canadian activist

There is an attitude that, if the truth is shocking, it might turn people off or make them panic. So public messaging is often toned down to a point where no-one even notices what is being said, and therefore no-one stops the bad stuff happening. This is the way activists are told by professionals and government to serve up difficult reports. But Canadian environmental activist and much loved writer, Tim Murray, has this to say:

Complaints about Melbourne 2030: record of submission to Planning Minister 16-8-07

"People were separated onto tables of about 8 people each and if there was sufficient volume of opinion of a particular aspect of Melbourne’s future on any one table then that idea got up and was promoted to the end distillation of ideas. The underlying assumption however was that growth was inevitable rather than a political decision. The politics and policies of engineering growth remained outside the discussion and slow or no growth were not presented as options."


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