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Next IPAN Victoria (Peace) Meeting Monday 2 March 2020

Reminder: Next IPAN-Victoria Meeting (Independent and Peaceful Australia Network). Meeting includes People's inquiry on costs and consequences of Australia's involvement in US wars; Public Forum on Killer Robots and Wars; Australian military in the Philippines; 50 years Vietnam commemoration.

Monday 2 March
Level 4
Trades Hall

Proposed Agenda

1. IPAN People's Inquiry - What are the costs and consequences of Australia's involvement in US wars to the people of Australia and around the world. A people's inquiry into the US-Australia Alliance. Military, economic, social, political, environmental.

2. Public Forum - Killer Robots and Wars - Wednesday 18 March, 7pm. MUA. Dr. Joseph Camilleri wil facilitate the Public Forum.

3. July 4 - US independence day.

4. Avalon Air Show activities - Feb - March 2021

5. Australian military in the Philippines

6. 50 years Vietnam War Moratorium commemoration

7. Affiliates' Reports

8. Others

Notes from IPAN-Vic 2 February meeting attached.

Shirley and Patrick
IPAN-Vic. reps.
IPAN national co-ordinating cttee