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Public Alert - ADI Site - Council to approve 3420 houses Monday night

(Comment available on the following topic - Geoff Brown 0431 222602)

Residents everywhere need to support each other against giant development companies

Penrith Council is set to vote tomorrow night to approve 2 new suburbs totalling 3420 dwellings at the former ADI Site. Council planners are urging councillors to approve the plans.

Residents that have fought a 16 year campaign against the development of property giant Delfin Lend Lease are calling on councillors to defer approval due to the general public having no idea what is going on. Councillors are being asked to hold a series of public meetings so that fair dinkum community consulation takes place


There are multiple problems with the development ranging from environmental, bushfire, traffic, noise, access, provision of parkland. Essentially this development looks like a disaster to us.

Council overshadowed by authoritarian State planners

Council cannot amend or reject the development plans of Delfin without first getting the approval of Planning Minister Kristina Keneally. They must be seen to be advocating on behalf of the public and take this planning mess back to Kristina Keneally. The NSW gov allowed most of the problems with pro developer zonings suggested by Delfin.

Councils report outlining amongst other things the issues raised by public and Government Dept submissions can be found here
You may note want to look at comments about DECC's submission. They have raised concerns about development close to bushland. They are also trying to get out of managing wetlands (featured heavily in the Daily Telegraph) zoned Regional Park by Frank Sartor.

Below are just some of the issues that we notified local residents about this weekend when letterboxing

· 3420 dwellings with apartments up to 8 storeys (PCC 2008 Report) high ruining our landscape. Building blocks as small as 125sq/metres with tiny setbacks
· 10,000 residents meaning 5000 more cars on our choked roads
· 362 hectares of land will be cleared which is largely endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland. Sensitive wetlands home to endangered waterbirds to be surrounded by housing
· The fracturing of a biodiversity corridor which currently links ADI to bushland north of the site. Housing will fracture the existing corridor
· Delfins tree survey identifies a staggering 20,000 trees within the development areas that may potentially be removed
· The entire development is classified as a bushfire prone area
· The Central Precinct is another Glenmore Park and the only access is by one east west road which will cut through the 900 ha bushland area. This is poor planning resulting in a public health and safety issue.
· Bushfire Asset Protection Zones of only 25 metres
· The obliteration of the Northern Rd bushland view
· 4 new roads entering off the Northern Rd
· Housing will surround Xavier College and there will be a road behind it
· Delfin need to provide 19.46 ha of public parkland in the Western Precinct yet they are only offering 15.63. This means Council is allowing them to rip off the public and profit from developing this extra land
· The list goes on and on. More info at

There is still time for Council to fix up this planning mess. Call your local Councillors to demand a public meeting and urge them to defer their decision until they have fixed up the development plans of Delfin Lend Lease. Attend the Council meeting this Monday night at 7pm

Clr Kathryn Presdee 0418 288488, Clr John Thain 0411 427812, Clr Ross Fowler 0419 738484, Clr Ben Goldfinch 0401 678509, Clr Kevin Crameri 0401 995 825, Clr Jim Aitken 0418 288488, Clr Greg Davies 0419 177259, Clr Jackie Greenow 96232366, Clr Mark Davies 0416 085597, Clr Tanya Davies 0421 600 025, Clr Prue Guillaume 0401 678520, Clr Karyn McKeown 0401 995945, Clr Kaylene Allison 0401 995843, Clr Marko Malkoc 0401 678512, Clr Robert Ardill 0401 678505


I received this sad email from Geoff Brown of the ADI Resident's Group. I also note that a bushfire beat-up may have been used to overshadow the issues of democracy, public land and cruelty and extinction of animals. This defeat must increase our understanding of the reality of threats represented by government support of development corporations over democracy. And therefore increase our resistance and solidarity, for there is no-where to run from the growth-lobby.

"Dear friends

Penrith Council last night voted in support of recommendations to adopt the development plans of Delfin Lend Lease. So we have the approval of two more suburbs, 3420 dwellings within 362 ha of land containing vast areas of endangered bushland. Last nights decision becomes official at the next Council meeting once the minutes of last nights meeting are confirmed. So only a recission motion can save the day.

Now that the Precinct Plans are approved it will be a death by a thousand cuts as DA after DA get lodged and rubber stamped. Council has lost its chance now to go back to the Planning Minister in order to get the many problems identified with the plans sorted out.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a story about the bushfire risk at the site.

Thanks for all your support over the years


Geoff Brown on behalf of the ADI Residents Action Group"

Sheila Newman, population sociologist
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The ADI Site at St Marys is a 1500 hectare bushland oasis within western Sydney's suburbia. For 60 years it has been protected by a high security fence. The site's clay and alluvial soils support plants and woodland are very different from Sydney's better known sandstone bushland. There are remains of buildings that used to stand on the old munitions site.

When the Australian Heritage Commission, in 1999, listed over 800ha of the site on the Register of the National Estate, it pointed to its Aboriginal archaeological and social significance, its rare, endangered or uncommon flora and fauna and the presence of the rare Cumberland Plain Woodland. The site shelters the last free-roaming mobs of emus and eastern grey kangaroos in the Sydney basin.

However the Government has plans to place multi-unit housing on the site!

Construction work is due to start on the new suburb of Jordan Springs next month. The development would see hundreds of hectares of the critically endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland bulldozed.

Jordan Springs project director Arthur Ilias told the Press the issues raised by Geoff Brown had already been adequately addressed.

“Delfin Lend Lease has worked with federal, state and local governments, along with other local stakeholders, for more than a decade to achieve a balanced outcome for the Jordan Springs project,” he said.

The "balanced outcome" will be achieved with bulldozers!

If such a sensitive woodland habitat, "green lungs" and archaeologically significant site cannot be protected form the iron grip of developers and investors, it says little of the integrity of our Federal Environment leader, Peter Garrett, and the interests of the Council in profits over patriotism and public interests.

Australia's "green" fertile remnant bushland areas will concreted over and only a shell left of our biodiversity, our arable land, our wildlife and our natural heritage - destroyed by greed and wanton destruction.

Humans are becoming a plague species, worshipping the god of "economic growth"!

I guess Arthur Ilias was talking about a bank balance.
Certainly not any kind of balance of species.
I find it amazing and frightening that so many business people and politicians simply have not the faintest idea of biological ecology and appear to experience no sense of wonder at anything except money.