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Victorian fires 2009

The Sheahans and Mitchell Shire Council - Fire-breakers or law-breakers?

Andrew Bolt's story, "Green rules, black forests" is one of many mainstream media sources to keep alive the legend of the brave Sheehans' fight for justice and safety against their philistine greenie neighbours. But there is even more to that story than the press have so-far published. Read on...

Wilsons Promontory – DSE fire management risking local extinctions

Over two weeks since lightning struck the east coast of Wilsons Promontory on the Cathedral Range just north of Sealers Cove, most of the northern half of ‘the Prom’ has been burnt. The Victorian Country Fire Authority (CFA) website reports 23,000 hectares burnt out. The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) website shows the following map of the burn (shaded area below). The fire has burnt the Cathedral Range, along the east coastline right across and along the Corner Inlet shoreline to Millers Landing.

Nearly half of Wilsons Promontory burnt due to CFA neglect

On 13th February, the fire on Wilson's Promontory was almost extinguished. However, Victoria's Country Fire Authority, seemingly unconcerned with preserving the dwindling remnants of our natural bushland where human lives and property are not threatened, failed to act to extinguish the blaze. As a result, almost 50% of our precious Prom has been burnt out.

See also: "Crews unable to slow Wilsons Promontory blaze" on ABC online on 17 Feb 09, "Huge blaze threatens the very heart of the Prom" in the Age of 19 Feb 09.

Heatwave-hundreds dead - Government population policy made water & power shortages worse

The ministers, planners and economists involved in overshooting our power and water supply should be suspended from employment and publicly placed on trial for gross negligence towards Victorians' welfare, contributing to death and suffering.

Urgent moratorium on ALL AUSTRALIAN NATIVE ANIMAL KILLING needed (due to fires/floods)

There are far too many threats to our native animals' existence. The recent bushfires and floods have decimated wildlife in two states. It's time for our government to change its policy of giving licences to kill 'protected' wildlife and regarding them as 'renewable resources to harvest sustainably.' We call for a moratorium on the killing of ALL Australian native animals. Australia has the worst record in the world of wildlife extinctions. Time to change our attitude and our laws before we lose them all. Without biodiversity we will perish.

Poor Wilsons Promontory

Containing the largest coastal wilderness area in Victoria, but massively scarred by a 700 hectare fire in 2005 due to a prescribed burn that escaped (again).

Now again, just four years hence, the Prom is suffering a massive blaze out to 11,000 hectares, having burned from coast to coast across the more remote northern section of the Promontory.

No lives, no homes so no priority!

Fun4paws ask for pause in public response due to overload

An overwhelming response has been received from people wishing to volunteer to provide temporary emergency care for displaced animals (well over 10,000 emails and 500 calls per day). We will be in touch if an animal becomes available in your area. As we have limited email and phone capacity, we ask you to consult our website - to see if we require more carers before contacting us. Many thanks.

Victorian Bush-fires: ABC 7.30 Report ignores facts, creates scapegoats

Bodies are still being found, the Royal Commission still has no terms of reference and yet the ABC is pointing the finger at the environment movement and the Greens! Friday night's 7.30 Report failed to show that the most 'managed' forests were the worst hit, instead giving the opposite, wrong impression and blaming 'greens'.

From a Victorian bush-fire correspondent:

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Anyone with knowledge of the areas affected most by the fires who heard the 7.30 report on fire Friday night (13 Feb '09) would have to be on blood pressure medication now.

Responding to incorrect fire information by joining the debate

Entering the bushfire debate can be a useful, educational experience. These fires provide a great opportunity for conservation advancement. We must challenge the misinformation from the mainstream media. (Article by Paul.)

Comments on recent fire-management in bush-fire areas

This is a short sharp account of the various kinds of forests affected in the fires, locations, their prior fire management, and the impact of this. It concludes succinctly with observations about disturbed landscapes.

Wildlife also bleed, also feel, also lost their homes

Animal rescuers are digging into their own pockets to feed the many injured wildlife who are being brought out to them in droves by CFA workers and others from the burned forests. The fire-fighters and other rescue workers rely on Help for Wildlife, which receives buggar-all from the Victorian Government, and needs all the help that you can give. Please don't give up on your fellow travellers.
Help for Wildlife: Ph 0417 380 687 Nigel's Animal Rescue: Ph 0427 533 083 You can use your credit card.

Important Wildhaven Shelter in St Andrews NE Victoria perished needs rebuilding

Vital link in wildlife rehab destroyed by fires in St Andrews, NE Victoria. All animal inhabitants were lost, but, with donations, it can be rebuilt. Heaven knows we need it now.

The real cause of Victoria's raging bush fires

While people blame greenies, global warming and arsonists for the fires devastating Victoria, there is a more obvious cause that for some reason, people don't want to admit - European farming techniques are turning our country into a desert ..... time to change our diets, or we can expect more fires until there is nothing left!

Greens, logging, forest fires and malaria

Just got another email about who's supposedly to blame for the forest fires. Looks to me like the mainstream press is out to stir people up again and put them off voting for Greens or defending forests and wildlife. The latest email even accused 'Greens' of causing deaths from malaria by saying that DDT is bad. These 'anti-greens' never get it right, do they? Malaria is exacerbated by clearing forests, which they are in favour of...

Wildlife response team need food & donations for fuel- Kinglake/Healesville

Help for Wildlife Response team need feed such as hay to provide food for starving wildlife and donations for fuel to carry out the extensive search and rescue needed to help these animals. Then they need donations and medical supplies for the months of future care required by those wallabies, kangaroos and other native animals that have survived these terrible fires.
Help for Wildlife: Ph 0417 380 687 Nigel's Animal Rescue: Ph 0427 533 083

Animal Bushfire victims food help & food transport urgently needed at Kilmore, Victoria

Contact Shelley on 0408 126 530
Hay for horses and cattle, plus rugs and medical supplies are urgently needed and vehicles to transport them - trucks preferably.
Report on the area follows:

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Rebuilding after the bush-fire holocaust

"I am fast starting to think that all the things that make a house energy inefficient also make it more prone to bush fire destruction." Mike Stasse, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Consultant, and qualified Building Energy Rating Assessor, writes about the pit-falls of design-fashion in homes. Mike designed and built his own house and is entirely self-sufficient.

See also: "Fire bunkers could have helped in the Victorian fires" of 10 Feb 09

Fire bunkers could have helped in the Victorian fires

A 'fire-bunker' is similar to those made to shelter from fire in war. It works in bush-fires too. If they had been used as extensively as they once were, hundreds of lives could have been saved. However, if the bunker is not built properly and not built below ground level, it could be a death trap.

Important: See, also, article "How misconceptions about bushfire bunkers may cost lives", which disputes some of the content of this article and comments.


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