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Sam the koala

Sam the koala loses another battle and is euthanased - we are all very sad

We just learned, to our great sadness, that "Sam" the koala who was rescued from a burn-off gone wrong, has been euthanased due to severe structural damage from chlamydia. We salute the carers who looked after her and extend our deep sympathy.

Wildlife also bleed, also feel, also lost their homes

Animal rescuers are digging into their own pockets to feed the many injured wildlife who are being brought out to them in droves by CFA workers and others from the burned forests. The fire-fighters and other rescue workers rely on Help for Wildlife, which receives buggar-all from the Victorian Government, and needs all the help that you can give. Please don't give up on your fellow travellers.
Help for Wildlife: Ph 0417 380 687 Nigel's Animal Rescue: Ph 0427 533 083 You can use your credit card.

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