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kindness to animals

NSW Election 2015: Animal Justice Party wins seat in NSW Upper House

Friday 17 April 2015: The Animal Justice Party has won in a race against the No Land Tax Party for the last seat to be finalised in the New South Wales Upper House. Mark Pearson, a former psychiatric nurse, now holds the seat. What an incredible win for animals everywhere, but especially in New South Wales. Now they have a champion in government with a knowledge of human psychology.

Video: People risk their lives saving animals from devastating Balkans flood

In the Balkans, where floods are the worst on record and about forty people have died, many people are working hard to rescue pets and domestic animals which have become separated from their owners or trapped in the floods. One man has collected fifty dogs. The photo on the left is of a child almost up to his neck in flood-water, holding a puppy above his head. There is also a film of a pet shelter where the local vet sees every newcomer for free and there is a national attempt to reunite pets with their humans. There is even a picture of people feeding pigs on a roof where they put them to be out of the floods.

Investigating Animal Cruelty? Suggested Procedures

This paper was written by Barrie R. Tapp, Senior Investigations for Animal Cruelty Hotline Australia, with the intention of helping you try to understand the frustration and red tape that exists in the animal welfare world whilst trying to help our friends the animals.

Voting for the Animal Justice Party

For the first time ever right across Australia ( except NT and Tas) Australians will at this election have the opportunity to vote for a party dedicated to animals. At a recent presentation by the AJP in Victoria, I found out that their principle policy is 'kindness'.

U.S. Lab Chimps experience freedom and wild space in retirement - film

Embedded video inside. Some of the chimps in this film are over 50 years old and this is the first time in decades that they have been able to touch another chimp or feel grass under their feet.

New Political Party for Australia - high time!

Human exceptionalism, self-centred neoliberalism, its rationalist processes and modern-day production, financial and trading systems have ensured that the cruelty we inflict on non-human animals now permeates most aspects of human life in this country and in many western cultures. We see it in what we eat, what we wear, our health, education, housing, sport and entertainment, our attitude to the environment, employment and industry, research, and commercial development. As humans we can do better. Time for the Animal Justice Party! Republishing on front page as this important article was lost in pre-Xmas crash.

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