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Pets on science diet pebbles by Miss Julia

"My dog doesn’t eat meat! “ declared Ann. “Neither does my cat” declared Sarah in a satisfied tone.

Well, isn’t that amazing? Two different pet animals who do not eat meat, both of species associated with carnivorous habits. I guess I would not worry about this if I only heard it twice, but it seems now that most of the pet cats and dogs I know eat pebble shaped bites of a mysterious substance or mixture which is purported to be perfectly balanced and to provide “everything they need” !

Video: People risk their lives saving animals from devastating Balkans flood

In the Balkans, where floods are the worst on record and about forty people have died, many people are working hard to rescue pets and domestic animals which have become separated from their owners or trapped in the floods. One man has collected fifty dogs. The photo on the left is of a child almost up to his neck in flood-water, holding a puppy above his head. There is also a film of a pet shelter where the local vet sees every newcomer for free and there is a national attempt to reunite pets with their humans. There is even a picture of people feeding pigs on a roof where they put them to be out of the floods.

Dogs on barbies 'not pets'?

Animal lovers in New Zealand want the law to be changed to make it illegal for people to eat their pets. The move follows an incident in Auckland in which a Tongan family was caught barbequing their dog.

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