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sustainable development

Climate and Environment initiatives in Oceania under SPREP

Anthony Lecren, the New Caledonian Minister for Sustainable Development and the Chairman of the Pacific Regional Environment Program (SPREP)[1] addressed the Oceania 21 meeting in Phnom Penh last week on 20 September 2013. He spoke of how the Oceania 21 meeting initiative was launched, under the guidance of New Caledonia, last April. This initiative, which represents the first Sustainable Development Summit in the Pacific region, was endorsed by 14 Countries and Territories from the Pacific region. With Melanesian subregion, Micronesian subregion and Polynesian subregion, the program represents an area of 25 million square kilometers. It aims at giving an audible political platform to strengthen joint efforts undertaken in the fields of Sustainable Development and Green Economy.

Rio+ 20 = Hot Air

George Monbiot wrote that Rio+20 is 283 paragraphs of fluff.
If this is the best our world leaders can come up with, what is the solution to our global environmental crises?
We are running out of time ..... does Iceland's arrest of corrupt government officials hold the key?
What can we do next?

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